Everything you should know about Stardew valley egg hunt

stardew valley egg hunt

In Stardew Valley, the annual Egg Festival is the first event of the year. For the Egg Festival in Stardew Valley, there is a clear connection between eggs and the event’s theme. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get first place in the egg hunt; you’ll still get something. For several festivals, you can win gifts by completing minigames, such as Egg Festival and the others (including the Night Market and Stardew Valley Fair). Throughout the game’s four seasons, various celebrations occur in Pelican Town. Stardew valley egg hunt most competitive festival is a community staple. Players can participate in the annual Egg Hunt at this event. They can spend some time shopping at a sales booth before getting into the thick of things at the main event.

The First Festival of the Year

Pelican Town in Stardew Valley hosts several festivals throughout the year. There are four festivals in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. In Stardew Valley, the Egg Festival is the first event of the year. The game automatically considers animals fed on festival days, so things are different today. So that they don’t miss the event because they don’t have time to do all their daily chores.

Explanation of the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt

There’s a race to collect as many eggs as possible at the Egg Festival, which pits you against the villagers. If you don’t collect nine eggs in the chosen time, Abigail will win. The ideal strategy for this task is to head south and collect the eggs that spread across the cemetery.

Finally, take the ones near the entrance to the sewers and the river’s edge.” Finally, make your way around the back of Lewis’ house to find two more eggs that should be sufficient for you to win the competition. You’ll get a Straw Hat if you win the egg hunt for the first time, and you’ll get 1,000g if you win again.

 How Does The Egg Hunt Work?

There’s a booth selling event-specific merchandise, and you can strike up conversations with the locals in various ways. However, there’s no denying that the Egg Hunt is the festival’s most prominent feature. The eggs have been paint and hidden throughout the city in multiple colors. As many eggs as possible in a given amount of time is the competition’s goal. As many eggs as possible must be found in the allotted time of 50 seconds by each of the participants.

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 Approximately how many eggs do you require?

A few of the villagers will participate in the stardew valley egg hunt. In multiplayer mode, things get even more intense. Egg Hunt eggs must be strewn over Pelican Town so that everyone can find one.

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 Stardew Valley’s 10 Best Gifts – Where to Find Them All

Stardew valley egg hunt can be ongoing as soon as the player has finished socializing and shopping with Mayor Lewis. Once the hunt begins, players will no longer be able to interact with the villagers or purchase anything from the merchants. Players will be sent home as soon as the hunt is over. Before starting the main event, players should complete any outstanding tasks.

Egg Hunt Route & Details:

Talking to Mayor Lewis will get the Egg Hunt ongoing stardew valley egg hunt participants must first be aware of the rules; as many different colored eggs as possible must be collected in the allotted time of 50 seconds. The quantity of eggs required is directly proportional to the number of players. Solo players give a time constraint to collect all nine eggs. Two individuals require six eggs, while three people require five.

In Pelican Town, 27 eggs can be found in the city’s central area. It’s a similar story with the eggs. The following is a list of every egg’s location:

  • Harvey’s clinic has an egg in the parking lot.
  • Another egg can be found by visiting Pierre’s shop and looking outside the stand.
  • On the western side of the main square, you’ll find an egg next to a large tree.
  • Players can find an egg near the trash can on the east side of 1 River Road.
  • You can find an egg hidden behind this bush close to Demetrius and Harvey.
  • The large tree near Sebastian, which is directly outside the main Egg Festival ground, has an egg for players to find.
  • There is an egg in the top right corner of 1 Willow Lane’s south side.
  • A bench and bushes yield an egg at the southeast corner of the Egg Festival grounds.
  • At any one time, there are a minimum of four eggs to be found in the cemeteries. Behind a tombstone, under a limb on the south side, in a bush on the north side, and out on the west side are a few more to be found.
  • In South 2 Willow Lane, you’ll find another egg in the right alley.
  • The egg can be found in Mayor Lewis’s Manor on the southeast side.
  • Searching behind the Mayor’s truck may also yield an egg.
  • There is a hidden egg in the sewers near the Riverbank. ‘
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What You Need to Know About Stardew Valley?

This year’s Egg Festival is the first of two such gatherings deliberate for the season. Stardew Valley’s version of Easter is celebrate on the 13th day of spring. The stardew valley egg hunt is the festival’s centerpiece, but players can take advantage of the opportunity to socialize. When: 9 a.m.–2: pm, players can arrive at the plaza at any time; the event runs until 10: pm.

Getting Ready for the Hunt

 There will be no hunt when you arrive at the festival. Instead, players will be able to roam the streets of Pelican Town and mingle with the locals. The plaza deck celebrates the colorful eggs people will search for, with food tables and other colorful decorations.

Pierre, who works nearby, has a booth where players can buy various items, the most important of which is a packet of Strawberry Seeds. It is only possible to plant the seeds at this time of year, and they take eight days to mature. After maturing, they continue to produce strawberries. Before the summer, players who plant these seeds on or before June 16 will be able to reap two harvests out of them. The complete set of items is as follows:

  • Flamingo on the lawn (400 gold)
  • Rabbit Plush Toy (2,000 gold)
  • Seeds of Strawberries (100 gold)
  • Plant of the Season (350 gold, two variants)
  • Bright and Vibrant Ensemble (500 gold)
  • It’s a pastel banner (1,000 gold)
  • Intricately carved Pitchfork (1,000 gold)


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The Winner’s Circle

If this is the player’s first time winning the Egg Hunt, they will receive a Straw Hat as a prize for collecting the most eggs. Those who have previously won the Egg Hunt will instead receive 1,000 gold. If you’re playing with others, the one with the most eggs wins. Players who collect equal amounts of eggs and a tie are awarded prizes, whether it’s a hat or gold.

What Happens if You Don’t Make the Finals?

Players lose if they fail to collect sufficient eggs to be declared the winner. Abigail will always win the Egg Hunt in this situation. If a player wins their first Egg Hunt, they will only be able to win a Straw Hat the following year. Playing a multiplayer game and having one player distract Abigail while everyone else collects eggs and wins the competition with ease is a strategy that many fans have used.

How Long Until the End?

There is nothing better than a good night’s sleep after a long day of egg hunting and shopping at The Booth. So, how is it possible for the player to leave the Egg Fest? This event will be over as soon as the player decides to meet with Mayor Lewis following the Egg Hunt. After the event, the player will return to their farm, and the in-game clock will reset to 10 p.m. A new Egg Festival will be held each year in the town.


Stardew Valley hosts an annual Egg Festival. To celebrate the yearly Egg Festival, every villager gathers together for a massive egg hunt. The yearly Egg Festival is the first event you’ll encounter in Stardew Valley. A stardew valley egg hunt is one of the many springtime activities at this event.

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