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Immediately following the conclusion of Metroid II, Samus finds a friendly Metroid hatchling and brings it to Ceres Station for further study. After Metroid destroys Planet Zebes, fearsome Space Pirates from Planet Zebes attack the station just as she is about to leave. Samus returns to investigate and discovers that the station has been decommissioned and is now deserted super metroid walkthrough.

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At certain points, you’ll have a choice to make. Non-linear games were not the norm before Super Metroid came up.

Super Metroid Walkthrough –Ceres Space Center

An elevator will take you to Ceres Station in Super Metroid walkthrough after the opening cinematic has finished narrating the events leading to the game’s release. Descend the steps and turn right through the train station to reach your destination. You’ll finally meet your first foe at the end of the game.

Once initiated, a self-destruct sequence will begin after Ridley leaves, and you have one minute to get out. Let your feet do the running and jumping for you.

On the planet Zebes.

Your ship will land and release you after a short sequence in super metroid walkthrough. Even if you’re an expert Wall Jumper, you’ll run into a Green Door on your way to the right, so turn left instead. The Blue Door is where you’ll find the rest of us.

Everything in this area is barren of adversaries, so you’ll be able to explore super metroid walkthrough at your own pace. After passing a small opening that you can’t fit through, turn left and follow the room down until it stops moving. It is possible to enter only one door on either side of the shaft as you make your way down; you won’t be able to do anything in that area, so exit through the door at the bottom.

Make your way to the bottom of the new room, which resembles the first game’s escape hole. As long as you’re clinging on to a wall, you won’t have a problem falling. Go through the door when you get to the bottom. There will be an elevator at the end of the long, winding road ahead; take it.

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Criteria 1

The room is now lit up and filled with that familiar elevator music on your way up. The bad news is that this isn’t good news for you—exit to the left.

Gray Space Pirates will be your first regular foes. Their strikes inflict heavy damage for this stage in the game, but a single shot from your beam weapon will bring them down. Then, through the now-flashing Metal Door to your left, escape the area after defeating them all.

The Space Pirates must be defeated or avoided to get to the top of the old escape hole, where you will find a door, you can enter. As soon as you’ve got the Red Door open on your right, you’ll be able to walk across the room, shooting at Mellows and Reo and entering the door on the other side. In this picture, you can see the Criteria Map Computer, a useful tool that will display the majority of Criteria’s map. Return to the previous room by going around the Mellows.

There is still no way out of the Blue Door across the shaft, so continue your ascent. A Save Unit is hidden behind a Morphing Ball path-blocked Blue Door. However, return to the top of the shaft whenever you’re ready to continue.

Criteria 2

It’s time to revisit the Morphing Ball path we bypassed earlier. It’s time to put it to use. Make your way through the door by slamming into the breach. Rolling around in The Mellows is a lot of fun. The Red Door can be opened, but don’t enter just yet. Instead, use your Missiles. Enter the building when you’re ready.

In this instance, the door does not close properly after you, instead of remaining ajar. Weird. When you’re trying to raid an enemy planet, that can’t signify anything good. Be prepared with the bombs.

As soon as you grab the Bombs, a Metal Door will close behind you, squeezing you inside the little space. The Chozo Statue will begin to crumble and then stand upright at this point. However, keep your Missiles handy because you won’t be able to hurt them until it starts walking. The chart above shows that he has 800 hit points.

Criteria 3

Torizo prefers to move about the room via walking. He’s under attack from several directions of a super metroid walkthrough. With his arms swinging, he creates an energy trail that can be seen when you’re close to him. Aside from that, he can jump back to a wall and begin throwing energy cutters at you. However, as long as he isn’t too far apart, you should be able to jump over or roll under them before he throws another salvo. You may even utilize the Wall Jump technique to avoid them, as he can’t throw that far. Finally, he can firebomb at you, which will drop Missiles and Energy if you shoot them.

Super Metroid Retro Review | A Timeless Classic

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Go back the way you came after the combat and collect any Missile/Energy pickups. Retrace your steps back to where you first encountered the Mellows. You’ll need to be an expert at Wall Jumping to get out, so make your way to the right side and use a Bomb.

Saving on the Starship will also fully replenish your Energy and Missiles, so I suggest doing so now. When you’re finished, return to the door opposite the Map Computer corridor you’ve been avoiding. Missile Tank 03 is yours as a reward for completing the mission. In the room with the doors, return to the upper left portion and head to the topmost section. Isn’t it weird how the texture of the blocks on the left-hand wall looks? To continue, you’ll have to Bomb your way through these obstacles. Go through the door when you’ve done so.

As you down the hill, avoid or kill the Wavers and Geemers that stand in your way. This tank adds 100 units to your maximum Energy and entirely refills it, so you’ll find it at the bottom. Awesome! Go through the door once you’ve obtained the Energy Tank.

Super Metroid Walkthrough – Brinstar

Brinstar is your latest stopover. One might expect to see insects and plant enemies in Brinstar. There was a Morphing Ball and the first two Missile Tanks collected in a different section of Brinstar, but now we’re ready to take on the real Brinstar.

Make your way to the ground floor after the elevator has stopped. Take the left door first when you get to the first two Red Doors. The Small Sidehopper is far more hazardous than the two Zeelas you’ll encounter. While your beam may take care of the Small Sidehopper, a Missile is a better option due to its speed and great damage (20 energy points each hit). After you’ve dealt with the first two opponents, head toward the wall to the right of the room. To enter the entrance, bomb the wall. Brinstar’s Map Computer—is where you’ll find a big area; having a detailed map of Brinstar will be useful. There is only one way to open the Metal Door if you have defeated all preceding room’s adversaries.

Super Metroid Walkthrough –The exploitation of sock ball as a sport.

You can “mock ball” across the room if you’re willing to take advantage of a flaw (under the dropping poles; if you fail, you can leave the room and return to reset them). It’s possible to avoid the following mini-boss by obtaining Reserve Tank 2, which gives you an additional 100 units of Energy and two Missile Tanks. You’ll also get your first Super Missile Tank, Super Missile Tank 03, which will allow you to skip the next mini-boss. Since this is a glitch and a difficult task, this guide will proceed if you have not completed it.

Return to the elevator room after you’re finished.

You might be able to track down a Save Unit in the following screen’s Red Door on the left. Please continue to the end of the room after using it.

It is possible to discover two red entryways at the foot of the stairs. When a Firefly is killed, the room gets darker; killing too many of them will make it nearly difficult to see. It’s a short walk from here to the Missile Charge Unit. Return to the shaft and use the right-hand Red Door to continue. If you need to charge up, do so.


You’ll now be in a vast room, so brace yourself. Make your way to the right and down the hallway for now. Wall Jumping proficiency is required to reach Missile Tank 20, just below where you begin the game; if not, continue down, defeating or evading the Reos. 05 Missile Tank could be located in the lower left-hand corner. You can enter a remote region by exploding the two bricks shown on the right. You can charge your beam to deliver 60 points of damage, three times the typical output, and use this against bosses if you’ve run out of Missiles and Super Missiles with the Charge Beam.

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