How to play solitaire? – A complete solitaire game guide to win

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Solitaire is always a popular game that people prefer to play. Regardless of age and gender, people like to play solitaire when they get some free time. If you play offline, you must require a game partner to play this game. And sometimes that seems impossible. When you get some free time, your friends or family members may not be accessible at that time. Then you may think that how to play solitaire now!

The answer is to play solitaire online. Yes, the online solitaire game is not a new thing. Lots of people enjoy online solitaire today. But no matter it is online or offline, there are some rules to play this game. If you do not know those rules, you may not play this game. So, today, we have decided to let you all know how to play solitaire online. All the rules, master card plans, move, and lots of related things we will discuss today. So, let’s get prepared to know how to play solitaire on the computer or online-

You may know that in a solitaire setting, we get a total of 52 cards. There are some versions of this game. And not all the versions require all the menus at the same time. The classic version of solitaire is known as Klondike, and you can play this game version with 52 cards. Today we will also discuss the types of solitaire and how to play them.

How to Play Solitaire – Types of Solitaire game

When you have friends with you or family members, you can easily play all the versions of solitaire offline without any hassle. Now you can also enjoy all these versions online with friends. So, in order to know before how to play solitaire online, let’s understand the types of it as you are going to play them soon-

  • Klondike Solitaire- According to Klondike Solitaire expert Holger, creator of “Klondike Solitaire is a great alternative to the classic solitaire, where you turn three cards at a time. You still get to challenge yourself and develop your strategic muscles, but playing the game is a more laid-back experience than the classic card game.
  • Spider Solitaire- This is another popular game version, and you will also get this one with Windows. In this version, you have to face different and challenging game levels. The difficulty will rise when you see that the higher number of suits and decks are also increasing. This version is popular because a person can play this game alone without any partner. So, if you are a beginner, you can start with this version and slowly become a pro.

Free cell

  • – This is another popular version of solitaire. The free cell version was created by Paul All file. In this solitaire game version, one is required to apply a thought as well as strategies. Open cell solitaire game starts with a tableau of 52 cards in eight piles. Just like the Klondike version, you have to move the cards in ascending order towards the four foundation slots on top.

Apart from these popular solitaire versions, there are some other versions people love to play. Some of those versions are Scorpion, Forty Thieves, Pyramid, Yukon, and so on.

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These are the popular solitaire game versions that you can actually play online today. We have already said that regardless the age and gender, anyone can play these games. Now we are going to discuss the dealing of cards and master moves. If you can learn these things properly, it will not be difficult to win. Even these rules will share tips for how to play solitaire for kids. When it comes to kids, we can say that it is not an addictive game.

As a parent letting your kid play an online game is a matter or worry. But in the case of solitaire, there is very little chance of addiction. But the child will actually start to think better. So, without any worry, you can let your child play this online solitaire game, but you should limit the time. Along with this, you should check the gaming sites as well. If it is a child, check the areas and keep your kid away from any gambling site.

How to make dealings of cards in the online solitaire game

  • No matter it is an online or offline regime, you have to deal with seven piles of cards. You will notice that in the first round, experts deal with the first, and the left-most solitaire card is dealt face up. And the rest six cards dealt face down. You should follow this rule always. You can call it the starting process of the solitaire game.
  • In the second round, we see that the second pile receives a face-up card. And the remaining five cards will deal face down.
  • In the same way, in the third round, we will see that the dealing will start with a face-up card. And the rest four cards will be dealt face down.
  • In the same way, the next piles will continue. Once all the seven piles have one face-up card on top, you can move to the next part. You may have seen that the number of cards in each bank decreases from right to left.
  • Now, you have to place the remaining twenty-four cards in a deck. But you should make sure you have set them separately from the seven cards or piles.
  • Now, you have to imagine that there are seven empty slots above those seven decks. You will use those slots in order to create the foundation piles.

How to Play Solitaire – How can you win this game of solitaire?

Well, now we have reached the most critical part of this guide. You may know all moves and everything about piles. Yet you cannot say that you will surely win. In order to win a game, you need to have a solid strategy. And that’s why we are giving you some tips as well as the idea of master moves. By following these rules, you can easily win any solitaire game online or offline.

According to experts, in order to win the solitaire game, a player should create foundation piles for each suit. You know about those four imaginary slots above the seven decks. Now you can start the foundation by placing aces of each claim.


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Master moves you can have in the game of Solitaire 

So, now you can understand that it is time to complete those four suits of cards. And for that, you have to move some cards smartly. So, when it comes to moving the solitaire cards, you can follow below three rules. Actually, these are the only three rules valid in the solitaire regime.

  • Move the solitaire cards among the seven decks- here, one can move the face-up cards among those seven piles. One should place a smaller scorecard below a card that has one score higher. And the color of the card should be different. For your ease, we can say that you can place a card with six hearts below a card with seven clubs.
  • Move the cards from seven decks to the foundation piles- now you have one aim in this solitaire game. And that is completing each foundation pile. In this stage, you can quickly move cards from the seven decks to the foundation pile.
  • Move the cards from the deck- It is the third and last way of moving the solitaire cards. Here you can reveal a card at a time from the place of leftover twenty-four cards. You can add the revealed card to the seven piles or just add to the foundation piles. If your revealed card cannot be moved anywhere, you can reveal the next card on top of it. Once all the cards in the decks will be revealed, the pile will be flipped and generate a face-down deck again.

Other important rules you should follow to win the solitaire game

When it comes to how to play solitaire and win easily, you should follow the basic as well as advanced rules also. A win-win move can be ruined if you follow an improper way. So, let’s check the rest rules below-

  • When you are moving cards towards the seven piles- you can place the smaller score card below the one rank higher score card of a different color.
  • When you notice one pile is empty- in that empty place, you can place only a King card. And later, you can set the consecutive cards score or rank wise.
  • No more moves in the file- If you cannot make any move from the piles, sorry you have just lost the game!

These are the fundamental and master rules and moves that you can actually follow to win a solitaire game. So, when it comes to how to play solitaire, you just follow these rules and place your next move. Not obeying a rue can be the reason for losing. So, it will be better if you take the required time to think and place cards smartly.

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