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Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough is one of the most exciting and mainstream challenges of the definitive edition of the Ori Game Series. If you are an experienced gamer, you must know that Ori is a spirit who is lost, and your goal is to find a way for Ori to make it to the spirit tree, which is his home. Additionally, the forest is on the verge of damage. However, there are multiple skill trees in the forest that can help you attain the skills of Ori in order to successfully walkthrough the dying forest. Isn’t it thrilling? 

To begin with, the player handles the character of Ori first-handedly. So, while you are entertaining this game, you must think of yourself as Ori, who has lost his memory and no longer remembers a perfect-fit way to the spirit tree. Since it is a huge blind forest, there are many twisty and tricky turns in the game. Hence, we can say that there are numerous of wrong ways to go in the game, but only one “walkthrough” is valid in order to win it. 

For the most part, Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough Guide presented by us today follows stepwise instructions that will help you win the game. So, without any further ado, let’s get started: 

What is Ori and The Blind Forest Gameplay all about? Is it an easy game? 

More often than not, gamers consider Ori and The Blind Forest to be an easy game based only on the roots of its storyline. However, it is quite the opposite. Ori and The Blind Forest is a heavily challenging game where “Ori”, the main character, has forgotten the way back to his home (spirit tree). The game design is so innovative that it may take the player to successfully pass through 14 different locations in the forest in a definitive manner in order to win. 

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

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There are over 31 definitive locations on the Ori and The Blind Forest Map. Thus, it is finely challenging for the player to come across the right location at the right time in the right manner. Sounds thrilling? Not only this, but going through the forest for Ori is not that simple. Because Kuro, the villain in the storyline, wants to kill Ori. 

Kuro is a mother bat whose children were killed by the immense light of the Spirit Tree. Under the influence of rage, Kuro attacked the spirit Tree years ago, and it has lost all its light. Henceforth, making it difficult for spirits to find it. Now, spirits were trying to overcome the doings of Kuro and restore the light of Spirit Tree. As a consequence, Kuro killed all the spirits one-by-one, and now only Ori is left behind. Kuro’s solo motive is to kill Ori and protect him from saving the Spirit Tree.

With such a unique plotline, Ori and The Blind Forest Game series is worth a shot. The Following walkthrough guide for Ori and The Blind Forest will help you complete the game with certain success. 

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough Guide for Players

Before you begin the walkthrough, make sure that you have attained basic skills from the Skill Tree. The reason being, all the locations in the Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough are dangerous, and you may encounter enemies there. Henceforth, be ready to attack when your first instinct of danger hits: 

STEP 1: Sunken Glades

When you irrupt into the game, you will find Ori/yourself in the middle of nowhere and sitting on a wooden log. To begin the ori and the blind forest walkthrough, follow the steps: 

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How to collect Spirit Light containers in Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough?

  • Jump off the wooden log.
  • Now, start walking in the west direction. 
  • Enter the next cave. 
  • Here, you will find a Spirit Light Container. 
  • Collect this container.
  • Your Spirit Light Bar will full-up by 100%. 
  • Spirit light allows you to predict how much area of the forest you have covered. 

Now, drop down in order to leave the cave. It is time to carry on with your journey in the west direction. Here, you will find a swampy lake you need to pass through. Jump on the logs to pass it. On the other verge of the lake, there is an energy cell. Collect it. 

How to collect keystones in the game? 

Now, follow the new steps: 

  • As you collect the energy cell. A creature will follow you. 
  • Quickly stand aside from the creature’s direction, and it will bolt into the wall and die. 
  • Continue in the mentioned direction as above. 
  • Continue walking, and you will find a log fallen onto the ground. 
  • Under this huge log, you will find another Spirit Light Container. Collect it. 
  • After so, take a step back and jump onto the log. 
  • On the log, you will find a small/tiny light. Collect it as it is the light of the Spirit Tree. 
  • Throw this light on creatures to kill them. 
  • Start heading in the east direction while killing creatures on the way. 
  • Stop when you have reached the Spirit Well. 
  • Bounce in the well, and it will unlock further locations for you.
  • Now, leave the well and hop on the blue pad and make your way deep into the cave. 
  • Now, remove the big rock on your way and hit the light which will deliver the keystone to you. 

Again, jump in the west direction to find another keystone. 

How to find Map Stone in the Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough? 

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  • Keep walking.
  • Now, do you see a gate under you?
  • Jump down and open this gate. It is called the Spirit Gate. 
  • While you enter through the gate, jump on mushrooms, and they will deliver life cells to you. 
  • Keep walking in the west direction and drop down to the huge log. Continue walking to the west. 
  • Here, you will find an Ancestral Tree. Collect the ability to “jump walls” from this tree. 
  • Now, climb the wall in front of you and attain an energy cell. 
  • Further, go back in the east direction and reenter the spirit gate to reach the Spirit Caravans. 
  • Collect Spirit Light containers on the way. You will now reach the secret arena of Sunken Glades. 
  • Then, a keystone on the passing of the swinging spikes. 
  • Another Spirit Light Container on the tree. 
  • Keep going in the east direction until you come across a wooden log. 
  • Jump and obtain the map stone fragment. 
  • Again, keep walking in the east direction under the log to find the map stone and grab it. 
  • Join map stone fragments and map stone to disclose the map for the entire sunken glades arena. 

Now, go in the “right” direction as you jump across the wooden log. Here, you will come across the Energy Gate. Avoid it because it is not yet time to open it. Walk your way to the Spirit Gate in the west. Enter the gate and keep walking till you reach the end of it. 

STEP 2: Hollow Groove – Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough 

From the step one guidelines, you must have learned how to collect all the light-enabling items on the way, jump, go east or west, and so on. Thus, in these next instructions, we are not mentioning all the collectables that will be on your way. You can collect as much as you find: 

  • In Hollow Grove, Ori is sitting on a log already. 
  • Jump off the log and keep walking towards the east direction. 
  • Let the enemy ram into the huge, breakable rock on your way. 
  • Keep heading in the east direction and hop on the lever.
  • Pull the lever to downgrade the height of logs. 
  • Collect the Spirit Light Container.
  • Avoid bumping or breaking walls as you will find yourself in Sunken Glades again. 
  • Instead, jump on the wall and keep walking in the west direction. 
  • Collect “Charge flame” from the Ancestral Tree.
  • Head in the east now. 
  • Jump on top of the tree. 
  • Kill the enemy blob and break the wall to continue walking in the east. 
  • Keep breaking walls to achieve goods on your way. 
  • Kill the spider.
  • Now, pass the purple water body. 
  • On the other side of the lake, bounce on the pad to reach the top and collect map stone. 
  • Bounce on another tree to collect map stone fragments.
  • Join them to disclose the Hollow Groove fully. 
  • Head in the east direction to find Thornfelt Swamp. 
  • Save your game when you finally reach the Spirit well. 
  • From here, use the map stone to jump up the wall. 
  • Head east to finish this level. 

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Please note that this is a strict set of instructions if you come across any wall that is unknown or contains no sign. Do not crush it, as it may take you back to the previous level. 

STEP 3: Moon Grotto

Once you finish the level above, you will find yourself on the Gino tree. However, for the time being, you need to take another path that is as follows: 

  • Start searching for the water vein. 
  • Keep walking in the east direction. 
  • Drop down the height and continue in the west from then and there.
  • Attack creatures on the way and keep collecting Spirit Light Containers. 
  • Do you observe Gumo? Follow him in the west direction. 
  • Save the game progress. 
  • Now, go down and head to the east. 
  • Further, bolt up two laser beams to protect yourself. 
  • When the laser is close to completely bolt up, jump into the gap between plants (health).
  • Walk to the east and find the Spirit Well.
  • Using the power of Spirit well regenerates your health. 
  • Gumo will come behind you. 
  • Steer clear of his way, so he goes into the hideout.
  • Follow him to his secret hideout area. 
  • Do you see pillars as you jump on the spikes in the hideout? 
  • Use this pillar to reach map stone fragments. 
  • Kill Gumo and head east to collect the keystone. 
  • Collect map stone and reveal the Moon Grotto completely. 
  • Head to the east and keep collecting items until you find Gumo again.
  • Follow him, and he will give you water veins. 
  • Head to the Spirit Well to successfully complete this level. 

STEP 4: Gino Tree – Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

At this level, your mainstream goal is to climb the Gino Tree. Thus, you can begin the process right away by using portals on the side to reach the top of the tree. Please note that each portal contains a different set of hanging blocks on both the left and right sides. The best strategy is to jump onto the bounce pads in order to avoid spikes that are dangerous. 

Use fireballs to break barriers on your way to the first log. Most sections of the tree may be guarded by creatures. You have to kill the creature in order to enter the next door or section. In the second portal, there are multiple keystones to collect. After that, reach the Ancestral Tree from where you can collect abilities to kill enemies, break walls, etc… It is called the BASH Ability. 

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

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Collect Energy Cell, Spirit Light COntainer, and Life Cell until you reach the open the door to the Spirit Well. Here, save the game progress. As you enter, you will find a way to the heart of the Gino tree, where you will find many enemies. Once you kill all enemies, you collect the element of water. It is time to escape the Gino Tree, which is a hectic and most tricky job. 

Use the steps in a versa form to climb down the tree. Keep collecting secrets on the way, but you will also have to encounter enemies. So, it is advised to take your heyday because if you rush through it, the enemy may willingly harm you. 

STEP 5: Thornfelt Swamp

This is yet another tricky location in the game but quite amusing for gamers who love new challenges. In the preface, you will find yourself in the middle of Map Stone and Spirit Gate. Under that, there’s a lake. Jump into the lake and enter the first tunnel on your left. In the tunnel, jump to catch a spike and activate the charge flame. It will lower the water pressure and ease the challenge. 

Make your pathway to the Map Stone Fragments, which is in the lake. In the meantime, keep collecting keystones, Spirit Light Container, etc., that come in your way. Collect the Map Stone from where you begin. 

Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough

Image credit: Moon Studios and the Verge

Head towards the Spirit Gate and open it. Enemies may attack you here, so stay alert. Now, obtain skills from the Ancestral Tree and move on towards the Spirit Well. Here, you will find a hollow groove across you. Go left and jump to a higher pathway. Do you encounter a wall yet? If yes, break the wall, and you will enter the next location – Valley of the Wind. 

STEP 6: How to walkthrough the Valley of the Wind? 

As the name suggests, Ori and the Valley of the wind is a bit much. In the beginning, you may easily cover 50% of the Valley but get confused about what to do next? Thus, it begins walking towards the first log that is nearest to you. Stomp on it to break. Start collecting keystones and Spirit Light Containers. As you stomp on the second log, a door will open on the left side. From there, collect the items and climb on the top of the wall nearby. 

Continue killing spiders using BASH ability. At last, you will come across Kuro, the main antagonist of the story, Ori and The Blind Forest Walkthrough. Scare Kuro away by attacking it 4-5 times. Reach the Spirit well and save your progress. From here, find your way to the Misty Woods. 


What to do next? 

Step six is not the last but least tricky walkthrough of Ori and the Blind Forest. In the upcoming steps, you need to pass over the Misty Woods and then return to the Valley. From the Valley of Wind again, find your way to the Forlorn Ruins. Then, visit the Sorrow Pass, Road to Mount horu, Mount Horu mainstream, Black Root Burrows, and Lost Grove. 

Please note that the one and only strategy that you can follow in this game is – Collect the collectables, kill the enemy, find Spirit Gate/Well, Map Stone Fragment, Map Stone, and lantern to complete each destination successfully. 

Alongside, if you are in a hurry to finish the game, you can definitely avoid collectables, but then it will be complex for you to kill the enemy. 


Q: What is Ori and the blind forest?

A: Ori and the blind forest is a 2D platform-adventure Metroidvania video game developed by Moon Studios and published by Microsoft Studios.

Q: How to play Ori and the blind forest?

A: You can play Ori and the blind forest by buying and downloading the game from Steam or other platforms, and using a controller, keyboard, and mouse to control Ori and his companion Sein

Q: Is Ori and the blind forest safe and appropriate?

A: Ori and the blind forest is safe and appropriate for most players, as it contains no explicit or violent content.

Q: What are the benefits of playing Ori and the blind forest?

A: Playing Ori and the blind forest can have benefits, such as improving your reflexes, problem-solving, and creativity, enjoying a beautiful and immersive art and music, and experiencing a touching and meaningful story and message.

Q: What are some versions and sequels of Ori and the blind forest?

A: Some versions and sequels of Ori and the blind forest are Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition, which is a 2016 remastered version of the game with improved graphics and features, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which is a 2020 direct sequel of the game that follows Ori’s new adventure.

The game is now available for all platform players – Xbox, PS5, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, and more. For more details and insights on Ori and the blind forest walkthrough strategies, keep us in your bookmarks. We will deliver you an update very soon. Thank you!

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