Evolution of Rhyhorn – How does Rhyhorn evolve?

Evolution of Rhyhorn

We have all been big-time fans of Pikachu at one point when it comes to Pokemon. However, with the time and evolution of Pokemon in the gaming industry, other Pokemon, such as Rhyhorn, have built a a high-end fan following. That’s right! Evolution of Rhyhorn is one of the most awaited moments for Pokemon Go players. Yet, of course, amateur players often remain spared of this moment. Do you also want to learn how Rhyhorn evolves? If yes, then you have commenced to the perfect game-loving and learning platform. 

Today, we are presenting a brief guide for Pokemon Go (game) fanatics and all the Rhyhorn fan-following out there. In this guide, you will learn amazing and hidden details about Rhyhorn’s evolution. Can’t wait to know. Let’s get started —

What kind of POKEMON is Rhyhorn? 

To begin with, Pokemon is originally a Japanese franchise. Surprisingly enough, in Japanese, Pokemon actually stands for “Pocket Monsters.” Jaw-dropping, huh? Well! Here’s a fun fact for you. In the original Japanese gaming magazine, the name for Rhyhorn is “Saidon.” 

Henceforth, Saidon or Rhyhorn is a first-generation Pocket Monster from Pokemon. According to the details, Rhyhorn, as the name suggests, is a fictional gaming character originally inspired by “Rhinoceros.” Although Rhinoceros is quite big in real life, Rhyhorn, on the contrary,, is small. It is gray in color. Further ahead, like turtles, Rhyhorn also has a hard-rock pointy shell on his back. 

It is worth mentioning that Rhyhorn is the first version (beginning) version of himself. In the further generations of Pokemon, the Evolution of Rhyhorn is mesmerizing. For instance, in the second version (evolution of Rhyhorn into Rhydon), he/she grows a long, thick gray-colored tail. Additionally, Rhydon has the ability to bipedal (walk on two legs like human beings). That’s rare among Pokemon Gaming characters. 

Among all Pokemons, Rhyhorn is loved amongst fans for his/strength yet small outlook. Did you know? Rhyhorn is only 3’3″ tall. In comparison to the smallest Generation 1 Pokemon, Rhyhorn is quite big. At the same time, the largest pokemon Gen 1 is 24 feet. Unbelievable, right? Yet, of course, the strengths of Rhyhorn make up perfectly for his small body size. Want to know what these strengths are? Check them out below — 

Strengths of Rhyhorn — Evolution of Rhyhorn is better or not? 

For the most part, Rhyhorn is one of the very less complex Pokemon. How? Well! Rhyhorn is known among rare pokemon with similar primary and secondary types. For example, Rhyhorn’s major type is “Ground.” On the contrary, the secondary type is “Rock.” Both are solid and tangible.

Here are some of the most significant powers of Rhyhorn that can help you in the game —

  • Strength against Electricity — Did you know? Because Rhyhorn has a big hard rock shell on its back, it cannot be harmed using electricity. Thus, electric-type pokemon such as Pikachu, Magneton, and Zapdos cannot win against him in confrontations. 
  •  Fire — Without a doubt, fire is yet another component that has no damaging impact on Rock. Thus, your Rhyhorn is safe. Not only this, but the evolution of Rhyhorn is also safe against fire attacks. 
  • Poison — Do you ever feel like poisonous pokemon are the worst? Well! You can choose Rhyhorn because he/she cannot be harmed using poison. 
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Apart from the three above-mentioned elements, Rhyhorn or Evolution of Rhyhorn (Rhydon) are also strengthful against Rock and Flying Pokemon. 

At the same time, your favorite Pokemon, Rhyhorn (Evolution of Rhyhorn — Rhydon), also comes with some limitations of weaknesses. Keeping these in mind can help you win against your enemies in Pokemon GO on many levels. What are these limitations? Let’s find out: 

Limitations of Rhyhorn (Evolution of Rhyhorn – Rhydon)

  • When it comes to the first weakness, Rhyhorn is weak against water because the water slowly but surely erodes away Rock. As previously mentioned, Rockshell is a big part of Rhyhorn physically. 
  • Another noteworthy weakness of Rhyhorn is Steel. Anything that is as hard as steel (such as a hammer) can break a rock into hundreds of small pieces. On the contrary, Rock is mildly damaging to steel. 
  • Moving ahead! The grass is the third weakness of Rhyhorn. To learn about this, we will not go into many scientific details. But plants hold power to soak in nutrients from rocks. As a result, Rock loses its solidness with time. This is why, Rhyhorn (or rhydon, the evolution of rhyhorn) is weak against grass. 

What is the Evolution of Rhyhorn? 

Finally! Rhyhorn Generation 1 Pokemon is now evolved. What has it evolved to? You are going to find out today. 

To begin with, the latest evolved version of Rhyhorn is called Rhydon. In a Japanese gaming magazine, this Pokemon is originally acknowledged as Saidon. Now, when it comes to physical appearance and powers, Rhyhorn and Evolution of Rhyhorn (Rhydon) are quite similar. For example, Rhydon also has a rock-hard shell on its back, which is stronger. 

Rhydon is also gray in color. He/she has two sharp teeth in the front that can damage any form of enemy. Here’s a fun fact: did you know? Rhydon’s male has longer drilling horns than females. That’s right! Rhydon holds power to drill deep into a rock. Think what the evolution of Rhyhorn (Rhydon) will do to its enemies. 

Now, if you think that is it for Rhyhorn’s evolution, we would like to inform you that all the bipedal walk of Rhydon blinds you. To the reader’s surprise, Rhydon (Evolution of Rhyhorn) itself has an evolved version. For the reader’s information, the evolution of Rhydon is called Rhyperior. He/She is not simply gray but mixed. In the original Japanese gaming magazine, Rhyperior is called Poseidon. 

Surprisingly enough, the Rhyperior has Rock hard shells not just on the back but on the front as well. These are orange/reddish in color. Further ahead, Rhyperior (Evolution of Rhydon/Rhyhorn Gen IV) has two horns. Without a doubt, Rhyperior is stronger and feared more than Rhyhorn and Rhydon. 

How does Evolution of Rhyhorn work? 

As mentioned above, the Evolution of Rhyhorn is acknowledged as Rhydon or Saidon. For the most part, it takes to complete 42 levels of the Pokemon Game in order for the evolution of rhyhorn to work. For example, when you complete 42 levels successfully, Rhyhorn will automatically turn or evolve into Rhydon. With this evolution, you will also achieve some additional powers which were not in Rhyhorn. What are these powers? Let’s find out — 

  • Rhyhorn is small (3’3″) only. On the contrary, Rhydon (evolution of Rhyhorn is 6’2″). That means he/she is almost double in height. This gives power over the opponent. 
  • Due to Rhyhorn’s small size, it can only punch holes in rocks. Rhydon can punch or drill big holes in boulders (10.1 diameters rocks). 
  • Did you know? Rhydon (Evolution of Rhyhorn) has Rock Head Ability. Originally introduced in Pokemon Generation III, Rock Head Ability protects Pokemon like Rhyhorn/Rhydon from recoil damage. For the reader’s information, recoil damage is a type of damage that the Pokemon receives while attacking the opponent. Thanks to Rhydon’s big-time rock head, recoil damage is avoided. 
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Steps to follow for Evolution of Rhyhorn into Rhydon

In the event, you are wondering what steps/challenges you need to overcome for the evolution of Rhyhorn into Rhydon, don’t worry! It is quite easy. For your reference, the proper steps are provided below — 

Step 1: Start the Pokemon Game

In this step, we advise you to play the Pokemon Game. Choose Rhyhorn as your mainstream pocket monster. 

Step 2: Reach Level 42

Yes! The evolution of Rhyhorn into Rhydon will take upto 42 levels. Hence, keep playing till you reach this level. Once you enter level 42, you will see Rhyhorn’s evolved version, a.k.a. Rhydon. 

Only two steps and the evolution of Rhyhorn will be done! It is that easy. Want to make your game more challenging and fun? To do that, you can also accomplish the evolution of Rhydon into Rhyperior. 

Steps to follow for Evolution of Rhydon into Rhyperior

To begin with the evolution process of Rhydon into Rhyperior, we advise you to follow the steps provided below —

STEP 1 – Evolution of Rhyhorn 

It is crucial to note that if you are just starting the game on level 1, you will have Rhyhorn. According to the chronology, Rhyhorn first evolves into Rhydon. Then, Rhydon evolved into Rhyperior. Thus, in the first step, successfully accomplish level 1 to level 42. As mentioned above, when you accomplish level 42, Rhyhorn will automatically transform into Rhydon. 

STEP 2: Impart the “Protector” item

This step is very easy and straightforward. When your Rhyhorn has evolved into Rhydon, you can impart a protector item to Rhydon in order to complete 50% of its evolution process. It is also pivotal to mention that you may have to collect the protector item first. Its location is “228, Iron Island.” You can collect it when you reach this location in the Pokemon open world. 

On the contrary, you can also purchase the protector item in the event that you don’t want to collect it from Iron Island. Or if you are searching for a shortcut. The protector item costs 1400 points. 

STEP 3: Trade the Pokemon

In this last step, you will trade Rhydon. As a result, it will transform into Rhyperior. These steps are mainly applicable in Pokemon Legend Arceus gameplay. 


Pokemon Legend Arceus gameplay players often question whether the evolution of Rhyhorn is worth it! Well! To answer this, we would say — Rhyhorn vs. Rhydon; both have their advantages as well as limitations. For example, Rhyhorn being small in size (3’3″), moves faster. Whereas, Rhydon’s speed is slow in comparison. Yet, of course, since at level 42, Rhyhorn’s evolution is automatic, you cannot do anything about it. 


With that being said, we understand that you have successfully learned how the evolution of Rhyhorn works! We are glad that you have come so far with us. You can keep our page in your bookmark for quick access and exploration for information on other pokemon, trending gameplays, e-gaming championships, and more. Thank you!

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