4 Most Exciting VR Games You Should Try

VR Games

We’re used to PC games, and even the most fascinating slots available with a PlayAmo casino login aren’t as exciting as they were two years ago. In virtual reality, games are perceived differently. When shooting a machine gun, you have to aim as if the weapon were really in your hands, and the horror games become even scarier because the enemies appear right in front of your eyes.

For those who are not familiar with the world of VR games, we have collected the most amazing projects for different virtual reality systems.

Half-Life: Alyx

The plot of the game takes place before Half-Life 2. The main characters, Alyx Vance and her father, are just beginning the fight against the Alliance – an alien empire that has taken over the Earth. Alix goes in search of the Alliance’s superweapons, hoping to prevent the invaders from taking advantage of them.

The graphics in Half-Life: Alyx are especially impressive. It’s one of the most realistic games in VR, not only visually but also in terms of the design of the locations and the world.

On your way to the destination, you will have to shoot off enemies, sometimes participate in dialogues and solve simple puzzles. For example, to hack into alien machinery, you must connect the wiring lines with special gravitational gloves.

In Half-Life: Alyx, you can pick up almost any object, take off the headcrab’s face, draw the sun on the wall with a marker, smash a wooden box with something heavy. All of these mechanics are implemented in conventional games, but it is one thing to do it with a keyboard, mouse or gamepad, and another thing – moving your hands and head. You can fully immerse yourself in the process with Valve Index, whose controllers can accurately recognize the movements of all five fingers.

In Half-Life: Alyx, there are three ways to move: by teleport, smooth movement, and using the analog stick. When teleporting, you get less bumpy in your helmet, and it also adds dynamics to the game – the other modes of movement are much slower.

Beat Saber

There’s no story in the game, the main objective is to rhythmically slash two lightsabers into cubic objects that appear to the beat of the music. Tracks can be chosen from a free set, and sets with songs by famous artists such as Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, Green Day, Billie Eilish and many others are also sold.

Controllers in your hands turn into lightsabers. The rules are simple: you have to cut the cubes with your sword and dodge obstacles. For the passage of the levels give points, their number depends on how accurately you managed to cut the cubes in time with the music

Beat Saber has an online mode, if one got bored and wanted to compete with other players – the winner will be the one who earns more points. The online arena accommodates up to five players.

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission is a 3D virtual reality platformer. In the story, the hero gets to know the little bots in space when they are attacked by an evil monster. It breaks the ship, and the bots are scattered to different worlds. You need to collect all the bots, and at the same time fight huge bosses and fix the ship.

Graphics in the game are colorful, reminiscent of the cartoon. Together with the bots you will visit the beach, underwater, on the huge plants, on the rocks among the lava and many other places. Locations are multilevel, and it can be difficult to find bots on them.

You play as a robot observer. Use the gamepad to control the little bot, and you only move your head. You’ll have to dodge the slime flying to your face and look around often, so as not to miss the missions and bots. You can also smash enemies with your forehead and blow into a huge dandelion. The camera automatically moves forward with your little partner, and you can’t go back.

The gamepad in your hands is displayed in the game and becomes an important gameplay element. In the story you collect all the bots in a virtual copy of the gamepad, and you can modify it, for example, you can let the rope out so the robot can get on the platform by it.

Lone Echo

The assistant robot works on the Kronos II space station. It fell into a spatial anomaly and malfunctioned. First you have to fix the equipment on the station, and then you have to save people, repair alien ships and solve the mystery of the anomaly.

The main feature of Lone Echo: the action takes place in weightlessness – you can grasp the objects with your hands and push off the walls. It will seem that you really were in space. The game process consists of puzzles, for example, you have to scan the space, find the fuse and put it in place.

The multiplayer part of Echo Arena is a separate mini-game in which two teams of three players play in a large space arena. The task of each team is to drive the disc into the gates of their opponents. The action takes place in weightlessness, so you have to bounce off objects or other players.

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