9 winning chess moves and rules to win like a pro

9 winning chess moves and rules to win like a pro

Chess is interesting! This is one of the most popular games that people, regardless of age and gender, prefer to play. We have seen that in order to set master chess moves, experts even spend a lot of time. This game is quite a brainstorming! Chess experts say that when it comes to winning the game, understanding the chess moves is essential.

Understanding or setting master chess moves can be possible only when you correctly understand the mechanism of the Chess game. There is no age bar to learning this game. If you are in search of a way to skip the monotonous world, have some real escape, play Chess today. You do not need to be a pro from the very first step. But you can play well and beat the competitor easily if you follow this blog. Below, we are going to discuss the winning chess moves along with other tricks that simply help a player to win. We have seen that expert players have been using these moves and skills over the years to win the game.

Without doing more ado, we are merely jumping into the best chess moves names, rules, and tricks that ensure the success of a player. No matter that you are just a beginner or a pro, these tips are going to help you for sure-

Rule 1: Understand the Chess moves

At the first move, you have to understand that chess pieces can move only towards a certain way. You may know this fact. But for your ease, we are giving an example here. A pawn can walk straight ahead. But it cannot attack the competitor on an angle. Here the rule is-at a time you can apply one square. Apart from this, a Knight’s move is always L-shaped. When it comes to a bishop, it can make angle movement more than square at a single time. The castle can move in a straight line. The most powerful chess piece, the queen can move in any direction for any number of squares. But you cannot apply two courses with the queen in one move. These are some basic rules that you may already know, but yet it is going to help a beginner.

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Rule 2: Start the game with a Pawn

When it comes to playing chess moves to win, we can suggest you start with a pawn. You can move this one in front of the queen or king two squares forward. I mean, when it is the opening move, the limitation is just two squares. In this way, you can make a way to create significant pathways for your bishop and king to enter the game. They can adequately move on an angle. But they cannot go out onto the chess battlefield if the pawns are in the way. This is one of the most straightforward yet ignorable chess moves that can change the game from the very first move. Yet some players fail to recognize this unique opportunity and end up by creating a substantial mess.

Rule 3: Let your Bishops and Knights play first

This is a simple thing, yet some players miss to maintain! You can imagine the Chessboard as a real battlefield. You know that King or Queen does not fight at the frontline from the very first move. It is not a winning strategy. And that’s why in the same way, we suggest you let your bishops and knights play first. Experts suggest that before moving your queen or king, you have to move your knights as well as bishops. The kind and Queen will be saved to play as the master chess moves later to win the game. You have to play knights and bishops towards the center of the chess battlefield. These chess pieces need to be out from behind the pawns to make a strong attack.

Rule 4: Don’t forget to look at your back

When it is your turn, you have to always think from the shoe of your opponent. You have to ensure that there is any trap for you to capture your entire chess pieces or not! And after that, you can plan your own game strategy. Checking all the possibilities is essential at this stage. Apart from this, you have to play special chess moves to threaten the opponent’s king. But we will suggest you to always double-check your steps before placing a move. You should ensure that your chess moves are not leaving something unprotected for you.

Rule 5: Do not waste time and moves

This is a simple thing, yet many players fail to understand. You have pieces in your hand that does not mean you can play them randomly. Making too many moves unnecessarily is not something going to help you to win the game. When it comes to chess moves to win, you also remember that too many pawn moves can simply make the game difficult for you. Along with this, you also have to refrain yourself from picking off too many pawn moves of your opponent.

How to Checkmate in 3 Moves in Chess: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Image Credit: https://www.wikihow.com/Checkmate-in-3-Moves-in-Chess

Rule 6: play your castle early (chess moves)

When it comes to playing special chess moves to win, playing the castle early is one of them. Experts say that this is one of the special chess moves that help one to play the king with full-on safety. And it also brings the rook into the game. If you get a situation like all squares are between your rook and the king is unoccupied, you can move the king. The king will move two squares towards the rook, and the rook will move to the square on the king’s other side. Here if your competitor neglects to castle, you will be able to bring an attack on the opponent’s king. Experts say that this is one of the special chess moves that let you move more than one chess piece in turn.

Rule 7: launch the attack during the middle-game

At this stage, you may have brought all the knights and bishops into the game and castled properly. And now the middle-game begins! When it comes to the middle-game, you have to be in search of opportunities always to capture the men of your opponent. Here you can choose any unprotected chess piece of your opponent. But you have to think that what is going to happen with you, I mean, will you get picked off after the move! At this stage, your main aim is to find the opportunities and play the chess moves to bring launch maximum attack on your enemy king.

Rule 8: play pieces wisely

When it is a chess game, you know that you will lose some pieces as well as get some pieces from your opponent. And here you have to understand what is going to add points for you and what is making you lose points. You can follow the below score range to understand which one to save and which one to let go of!

Rook: 5 points

Queen: 9 points

Knight: 3 Points

Bishop: 3 points

Pawn: 1 point

Now you can understand that in order to save a rook or a bishop, losing a pawn will not the matter that much rather would be a smart decision.

Rule 9: No hurry in chess moves, please

Just after finding an opportunity, if you make a hurry and play that move- it will be something silly. Yes, we know that you are excited after finding an opportunity. But that does not mean you have to play that move instantly. Keep that opportunity in your hand and think for something better. This is the ultimate rule of the thought process of a chess champion. We have discussed with a lot of champs, and they said that during the early stages of their career, they had made this kind of mistake. And that’s why we are asking you to refrain from all these silly mistakes and think like a pro.

These are the top 9 rules that can change the game rather than take your game to the next level and ensure your chance to win the game. These are the best rules that every professional maintain while they are playing casually or professionally. As a beginner, you, too, can practice these rules and best chess moves to win. You have to turn these rules into your habit; otherwise, winning a game will be tough.

When you enter the end-game stage, your pawns become more important. Here a pawn can get the chance to become a queen. So, you always try to run a pawn to the farthest row away from your place so that it can successfully become a queen. In this way, you can make the game absolutely easy for you. Lastly, chess is just a game, so do not get too much addicted. Practice the rules and master the chess moves! Like a King or Queen, accept both wins or lose as the parts of the game!

Stay Sporty!

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