Tips and tricks you need to know before playing Resident Evil 2

resident evil 2 safe codes

The classic combinations work in the new version of Resident Evil 2. Green Plant + Red Plant (enhances health recovery) and Green Plant + Blue Plant (improves health and cures poisoning). The combination of a plant of each color also works – with a magical effect of recovery of life and healing of alter states. But this time, the mixture of a red herb and a blue herb adds to the catalog of useful ointments. This combination cures the poison and makes us immune to new toxins for a time resident evil 2 safe codes.

 Things you should learn before you start playing Resident Evil 2 Remake

  1. Density before shooting

Focus at the target for a few seconds, and the target will “close.” However, not only will the accuracy improve, but the projectile will do more damage to each monster. Every time you move suddenly, you lose this concentration and need to aim again.

  1. Each monster, weakness

Like popular culture, zombies fall with headshots. Sewer monsters have a weak point, yellow eye (only visible after a few hits). And on their side, the plant men at the NEST Institute have a series of light bulbs scatter throughout their bodies that they can explode with bullets.

Some weapons are more useful against certain creatures. However, use acid grenades and flamethrowers on vegetables. Grenades and flaming cartridges are great for killing zombies.

  1. Time affects range

Keep in mind that the search may take longer in the first round, but over time it will affect the rating and the item that unlocks at the end. Ratings range from B (lowest) to S + (highest achievable rank), with time depending on the character and A / B settings.

Resident Evil 2 every code, combination, and solution for every safe, dial lock, and puzzle - Polygon


  1. Licker is blind

The most dangerous creatures in Resident Evil 2 safe codes, Licker, is blind and sound-guide. Therefore, they can avoid some (very painful) confrontations if they walk slowly beside him.

  1. Equip secondary weapons

The secondary weapons (knives, grenades, and stun grenades) can be use in two different ways. When you attack (hold the L1 button and press R2) or, as a last resort, zombies attack us. You should always equip one of these weapons to avoid unexpected bites.

  1. Save ammo

The Resident Evil 2 edition integrates this important element of the original survival horror. There are many conflicts that can be avoid by running—especially crawling zombies and Cerberus. There is no point in wasting ammo on Mr. X.

  1. Save the game as much as possible.

Resident Evil includes an auto-save feature, but in Normal and Hardcore modes, you need to use a classic keyboard. Since the save data this time is not limit by the ink cartridge, it is convenient to save the game every time it passes through the machine. In addition, the storage room is a safe room that does not allow zombies to enter, so you can take a break.

  1. Use the box to sort items.
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Inventory management is one of the playable elements that make recreating Resident Evil 2 much more difficult on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Don’t be afraid to put away your weapons and ammo, as items in the trunk can be collect elsewhere. In other words, you can sort the objects by class to make it easier to navigate the menu.

  1. What items can be discarded from inventory

If despite all these tips to play Resident Evil 2, you have reach a key object with a full inventory, you have two options: go back to a trunk and make a hole or discard something that you carry. Items that have already been fully used appear with a red tick (small) in a corner in the inventory. They can be discarded without fear. On the other hand, before throwing any object, test the combinations (between plants, ammunition, or gunpowder). To make room.

If it is inevitable to discard something, wooden planks, blue plants, flash grenades, or small gunpowder are “the weakest rival.”

  1. Explore all things

Some objects contain written keys at the base, which are hidden mechanisms in themselves or hide key information to solve some puzzles. In other words you can say when you pick up a rare item (from photo frame to mug), it’s best to rotate it to reveal everything hidden. So you can save a lot of unnecessary walking.

  1. Check the map often

During the development of Resident Evil 2, they can get lost. Although they tour the Raccoon City police station, the sewers, and the Umbrella Corporation laboratory several times, they can always lose sight of a door that opens with a certain key or where the safes were. Luckily they can immediately consult the map (on PS4, by pressing the touch panel) and see what is in each room. Those that they have not gone through, or those that they are exploring, are shown in a different color.

  1. Wooden planks

Throughout the game, they find a series of tables surrounded by police tape. It is one of the novelties of the Resident Evil 2 remake and allows us to block the passage of the undead through the broken windows. It is not essential to cover the windows to move forward, but it makes things a lot easier. The windows that allow zombies to pass are not very numerous throughout the game, so it is best to use the boards with the first one that they come across.

  1. Create ammunition

In Resident Evil 2, they find three types of gunpowder scattered around the stage (in the lockers and on some tables and cabinets).


Quality (white with Claire, yellow with Leon)


Gunpowder canisters can be combined in pairs to create different types of ammunition, as follows:

  1. Leon
  • Normal + normal: pistol ammo
  • Normal + quality: shotgun shells
  • Quality + quality: magnum ammunition
  1. Claire
  • Normal + normal: pistol ammo
  • Normal + quality: acid pomegranates
  • Quality + quality: submachine gun ammo

How to open all safes in Resident Evil 2 Remake

They are going to make you expert petty thieves, and if you don’t want to waste more time than necessary in Resident Evil 2 safe codes, In other words they will help you open the safes. They usually hide juicy rewards, and ammo in Raccoon City is often as scarce as health.

How to open the safe in the sewers of Resident Evil 2? - Resident Evil 2 Guide |


  1. Police Station, West Office
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The first safe in the game has its combination on the second floor of the police station, specifically in the STARS offices. The safe, meanwhile, is located in the West Office located on the first floor. After that, there are a few zombies along the way, yes.

  • Combination: 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left.
  • Reward: Fanny packs so that both characters can increase their inventory space.
  • Resident Evil 2 gore
  1. Waiting room, Police Station

The second safe is located on the second floor of the police station, on the east side of the building. In the observation room, after that they will find the combination in an internal document of the RPD

  • Combination: 6 Left, 2 Right, 11 Left.
  • Rewards: High Capacity Magazine for Claire’s JMP HP3 and Silencer for Leon’s Pistol.
  1. Pool treatment room, Sewerage

Where: Resident Evil 2 safe codes is found when the story is in its final stretch. They see the combination after crossing the door in the monitor room, crossing the river, and turning right when possible to enter the pool treatment room, where they will easily see the safe. It has an extreme security measure. Well, no. Therefore, the code is painted in chalk on the right side of the box.

  • Combination: 2 Left, 12 Right, 8 Left.
  • Rewards: Booster compressor for Claire’s SLS 6th and stock for Leon’s shotgun.

How to open all lockers in Resident Evil 2 Remake

  1. Men’s locker room, Police Station
  • Combination: CAP.
  • Rewards: Ammo for Claire’s Grenade Launcher and Ammo for Leon’s Shotgun.
  1. Third-floor locker room, police station
  • Combination: DCM.
  • Rewards: Claire’s SGM ammo and Leon’s Magnum ammo.
  • resident Evil two remake
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  1. Sewer control room
  • Combination: SZF.
  • Rewards: Claire’s SGM ammo and Leon’s Magnum ammo.
  • Codes and keys for all mechanisms of Resident Evil 2 Remake
  1. Solution to the lion statue in Resident Evil 2 Remake
  • Location: Main hall.
  • Combination or solution: Lion, Branch, Bird.
  • Content: Emblem of the lion resident evil 2 safe codes.
  1. Initial assignment to a rookie at West Wing offices
  • Location: West Wing.
  • Combination or solution: Left lock: NED, Right lock: MRG.
  • Contents: High-capacity charger.
  1. Lost keys on the security deposit control panel

  • Location: Security deposit room.
  • Combination or solution: You will enter several codes, but you will need spare keys 1 and 2 to enter them since buttons 2 and 3 are missing.
  • Content: Leon will receive ammunition and Claire a combat knife.
  1. Solution to the unicorn statue in Resident Evil 2 Remake
  • Location: Living room.
  • Combination or solution: Fish, Scorpion, Vessel.
  • Contents: Unicorn Emblem.
  • resident Evil two remake
  1. Solution to the maiden statue in Resident Evil 2 Remake
  • Location: Warehouse, West.
  • Combination or solution: Woman, Bow, Snake.
  • Contents: Maiden Emblem.
  1. Solution to code 1 of the Greenhouse control room
  • Location: Greenhouse control room.
  • Combination or solution: F, ll (lowercase double L), and F.
  • Content: Unlock ladder in Greenhouse up to B2.
  • resident Evil two remake
  1. Solution to code 2 of the Greenhouse control room
  • Location: Greenhouse control room.
  • Combination or solution: Two L’s, I’s, a large circle over a small square, and a thicker I.

Contents: Unlocks the Dispersion Unit and the Testing Laboratory.

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