How to safely store your baseball cards


Storage of baseball cards is an overlooked aspect when it comes to managing baseball card collection. You may have spent decades collecting cards, but if you can’t store them well, you may end up losing them, or they get spoilt, and that’s a huge loss.

That’s why you must adopt the best storage mechanisms to ensure your cards last long. In this article, you get a few tips on the best way to store baseball cards. Here, you’ll see some details on some of the most famous baseball cardholders. 

Trading card sleeves

 This is the first thing that any card collector is introduced to when they start collecting. If you’ve your cards laying anywhere anyhow, a penny sleeve is a mandatory holder for you. These are pretty cheap, flexible, and work perfectly with any other card storage case. All you need is to decide the many you need depending on the collections you have, and then buy. The cards are protected from dust, minor/ major surface damage, debris, and such when moving the cards around with penny sleeves.

The plastic penny sleeves are quite affordable, with each pack going at $2, and each pack has 100 sleeves, which means a 1000 sleeves pack will cost you just a mere $20.

The sleeves are also flexible as they’re made of plastic. The penny sleeve is the first place you put your cards before getting them to a top loader. This ensures the cards don’t shift around in the Top loader case. 

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Top loaders

This is quite a popular case used for storing baseball cards. They are durable, stack pretty well, and are pretty affordable. 

They are affordable. With ten cents, you can get a count of 100 top loaders.  

They’re also sturdy. Unlike the penny sleeves, Top loaders are made of hard plastic, and their sturdy exterior makes it a standard way of shipping trading cards and can hold these over time

The Top loaders take minimum space. These are not larger than the standard baseball size; thus, they square up and stack well, and you can stick them pretty well inside a box without taking much space. 

Card savers

A card saver is more of an ‘in-between’ of a penny sleeve and a top loader. It’s sturdier than what you get in a penny sleeve, a bit more flexible than a Top Loader. 

It’s easy to load. The ‘lip’ on the top of the card saver makes expanding, opening, and inserting the trading card easy

When you want to grade your cards with PSA, card savers are the best option for you. Buy a stack and surround the card saver with pieces of cardboard taped together for shipping. 

Team bags

This card storage facility was designed to store multiple cards and is an excellent way of loosely storing multiple cards in a ‘team set.’ The team bag protects cards that are stored together from scratching each other. They’re extra security for Top Loaders and protect the card collections from scratch.

Collecting cards can take years before you’ve stack enough to boast about. Thus when you have them, you have to protect them using the best mechanisms, and the above are some of the perfect storage strategies. 

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