5 Blackjack Strategies To Make Money

Blackjack Strategies

Your visit to the casino is incomplete if you haven’t played Blackjack. Whether it is an online casino or a regular one, Blackjack is the most popular and high rated game. The only thing that makes it the king of all the games is it can bind its players. The other advantage of this one is, it can make the gamblers play and earn at the same time. Yes! one can earn a sound amount of money, simply by playing Blackjack. These blackjack strategies will help you to make moeny.

However, when it comes to playing the game no one wants to lose It, and considering the same, we have brought 5 significant strategies to make you win your blackjack game. At India Casino, you can practice for free and polish your skills of playing this game.

With casinos, you can’t always predict the game as some of the games are truly luck-based. However, some of them still have tricks to win and while learning the same anyone can earn good money. One such trick based game is Blackjack. You just have to keep the points in your mind and practice the tracks and you can easily become the master of Blackjack. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s have a look at these strategies and learn how you can make every game of blackjack fall into your lap. 

5 Blackjack Strategies To Make Money

1. Card Counting:

BlackJack is an old school casino game that is newly introduced by online casinos. The only thing which makes Blackjack so much common is it is the game that can help you win in a long run. Card counting is a strategy to make a losing game of Blackjack a winning one. The basic trick of card counting is to have a check on the remaining card. One just has to assign a + 1 or -1 value to the lower cards followed by the higher cards. 

Now you have to put a check on the cards which have been getting the death. Once you see a lower card you have to reduce that card from the deck and once you see a higher card you have to reduce it from the deck too. If the deck is giving out fewer aces or 10s then you can certainly increase the amount of your bad as the probability of you winning the game increases. But if the Deck is losing the a says you have to either stop waiting or reduce the amount of bat to save yourself from losing the game.

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You just have to assign a -1 value to the aces, jacks, queens, Kings and 10s. If the values are positive your probability of winning the game will increase and if the value is negative you may lose the game. This will help you stay alert so that you won’t face a bigger loss but when you are on the winning side you can make your victory enormous by betting a big amount.

2. Double After Split:

Double after flat is a very good strategy for those who want to win in the longer run. Usually, when the casino allows you to double down once you split the aces, it helps you make a bigger win in the game. Here before you join the table you should always read the rule book so that you can play with the casino allowing you to double after the split. 

Sometimes the casinos complicate the rule so that the users do not understand it. In this circumstance, you should go ahead and ask the manager for clarification, before you join any table. Many casinos do not allow this strategy as this one gives the player a clear-cut remaining move. So whenever you will find this strategy you should go ahead and grab it. 

3. Free Practice:

‘Practice makes a man perfect’, is not just a quote but a reality. Even in the case of blood Jack the more your practice the more you win. Practice helps you understand the game in a better way and also helps you make your strategy. There are many online casinos where you can practice for free without losing money and gaining the only experience. Once you think that your game is improved you can certainly go ahead and hit the floor. 

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4. Splitting Aces:

Splitting Aces is one of the very well known Blackjack strategies. The trick is based on the general fact that most casinos allow you to split your aces once while playing the game. Wherein if you get one ace while splitting, they will not allow you to split again. The probability of you winning the game increases with the number of aces splitting. Mostly the casinos let you split it twice or thrice. 

5. The Soft 17 Strategy:

Soft 17 is amongst the very well known strategies of Blackjack. Dealers usually begin the games with one card facing up and one card facing down. Once the player confirms their decision the dealer faces down the card. In this situation, when the total of the dealer is 17 the players take another card. However, when it is a hard 17 or the dealer’s total is 18 or higher, they do not take one. 

At this point, whether the dealer will hit or stand is completely up to the rules of the casino. You read the rules mentioned in the rule book of the table. Usually, the dealer standing on soft 17 converts the game on your side, then a dealer hitting on it. If you want to stay with this strategy of Blackjack then all you have to do is select the table depending upon the stand and hit the rules mentioned on it.

Conclusion: Blackjack is a popular name and hence it has many tracks which can take you closer to winning the game. However, if you want to fall the game in your lap then you have to learn the above-mentioned tips and tricks and also you can practice for free at India Casino. This will help you become a well trained and undisputed king of Blackjack. 

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