8 relaxing and time-killing games to play when bored in 2021

games to play when bored

In the world of pace and rush, having time at the hand is a blessing. When we have adequate time, we can plan amazing outings for us. But sometimes we do not get free time in the way we want. Sometimes we get stuck at home and cannot go outside for fun. Or sometimes, we have to wait for hours to receive or meet someone. This kind of free time is pretty much frustrating games to play when bored. 

But we can make this kind of free as well as a boring time full of fun and excitement. How?-Just by letting you know the best games to play when bored! Playing online video games or offline is without any doubt a great pleasure.

There are a lot of people irrespective of age and gender who prefer video games to play when bored. Actually playing such games gives complete freshness to your mind. Today, for your ease, we have prepared a long list of games to play when bored. All the listed games are not only exciting but also make you learn so many new things. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the name and details of the best games

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Top 8 games to play when bored

  • Daymare Town Series 

The name of the game hints at mystery! Who does not love to explore mystery via games! Daymare Town Series is all about a great collection of mystery puzzle. It has been crafted by Mateusz Skutnik. According to the players, the best things about this game are the amazing artwork and music. 

The combination of artwork and music creates an awkward environment that indicates a weird kind of horror. Here, as the game player, you have to escape the awkward town. Escaping the town is full of excitement and you will meet new twists frequently. 

This game will just erase all other tensions from your mind. and you can concentrate more on this game. This game is not only an amazing stress buster but also a great time killer. 

You will not even realize how many hours you have spent to enjoy the game. So, if you are getting bored, play it today!

  • Karoshi Suicide Salaryman 

This is an old yet gold option in the list. We have seen that there are a lot of people who want to spend free time on innovative things. But when you are stuck at home and you have nothing to experiment with, you can play this one. This game is all about finding out innovative ways to kill yourself. 

Yes, you have read it right that you have to find the best ways to kill yourself. This game is not only innovative but also different than other available games in the market. The leading character of this game is Karoshi. And you can guess it from the name of the game. 

Here, you will play as Karoshi. Karoshi is actually a disgruntled office worker. In the entire game, you will just keep finding innovative ways to commit suicide. The game will offer you a total of 50 lives. The game is interesting as well as innovative. 

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In order to play this game, you have to think well and keep an eye for detail. You will not be distracted by any other thoughts (stress or tension). 

  • Crash planning 

You are stuck at home and want to kill hours, you can install any kind of game and play it. But it is not that you get bored only at home. You can get bored in the office too.

Boring meetings or waiting for clients’ call is similarly boring and makes you irritated. But your boring office time can also be refreshing as well as exciting!

How? you need to do is just installing the Crash planning game. You may think that playing a game in the office is risky and your boss can catch you red-handed. But the best fact is that you can play this game even without letting anyone know about it. 

The game screen looks like an Office excel sheet and no one can recognize that you are playing a game. Someone from far will see that you are concentrating on the sheet and performing your work. 

Playing this game is super easy. All you need to do is just align the similar colored boxes and they will vanish automatically. In order to play this game, you do not need to put any extra effort or concentration. It is an amazing time-killing game where you do not need to concentrate deeply. 

  • Snow line

Santa comes once a year! But what if Santa comes for you every day and takes all your stress away! Yes, that is absolutely possible with the amazing game snow line. It is not that in order to kill boring time, you always need to play games that need full concentration. 

Playing some easy games like Snow Line will not only wipe away all your stress but also bring back vigor. In order to relax without getting bored, playing such light games is actually helpful. 

In order to play this game and to enjoy it at the best level, all you need to do is just draw some snow lines on the screen! The process is so effortless that you will enjoy as well as relax at the same time. 

Here you need to be careful about only one thing and that is the slope you craft while playing. And it takes the sleigh forward and makes you continue the game. 

  • The Maze 

Have you heard about the famous book The Maze by Christopher Manson? This amazing game is based on this book and gives an ample amount of excitement. 

The game is simple and quite straightforward. It will not only let you kill the boring time but also refresh your mind at the same time. 

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The game will be presented in front of you just like the book. The simple text format will make everything easy for you. Each page will open a door in the Maze. It will lead you towards more door openings on different pages in the book. 

Here as a player all you need to do is just discover your way to page number one to the 45th number page. You have to back where you have started in the shortest route. That’s all about the game. It is a simple yet mind refreshing game option for you. 

  • Type Racer 

Do you prefer to play on your computer keyboard? Do you prefer to test your typing speed?  It does not only let you test your typing speed but also improves your typing speed. The improved speed will definitely help you in your job and study. 

Here you will mainly get a very small passage to type out a or some words in the short possible time. Here, you can also race against other players online and enjoy the pace of your fingers.

So, if you are getting bored at your home and nothing to do, you can definitely play this excellent game. 

This game will not only kill your boring time but also improve your skills. You should forget all your anxiety and stress and focus solely on your typing speed.

  • Gold Panic

This is another simple yet mind-blowing game on our list of the games to play when bored at home. If you like to play maze-like games, you will definitely like this game too. The gameplay or story of this game is simple yet keeps players engaged properly. 

Here, as a player, all you need to do is just dig a proper path inside a mine and collect gold. Players say that this game seems a package of endless fun and excitement. It feels like you are getting richer in every step inside the mine. 

  • Trivia Machine 

There are so many video games to play when bored but testing your own knowledge is always better. 

This Trivia Machine game will give you many levels and fields to choose from and check your knowledge. Each level I mean scholar, elementary, or genius-level will say more about your knowledge in different fields. 

Here you will get amazing fields to choose from such as music, movies, history, science, and so on.


This is the complete list of 8 games to play when bored online/offline at home or anywhere else. Playing games is no doubt a great time-killing job. But choosing the right game requires proper research and we have done that for you. 

We do not suggest playing games that unnecessarily excite your mind in a negative way. So, it will be always better if you do proper research on the games before you download and start playing. 

So, that’s all for today! We will come again with another exciting blog on games! Till then stay tuned!

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