Know 11 best games to play in the car and make your trip time more exciting

Know 11 best games to play in the car and make your trip time more exciting

Road trips are full of fun! When you set off for a road trip, you just welcome the lost vigor! But when the roads are too long and you need to spend a lot of time, it may make you feel bored! And it becomes a challenge when you kids with you. There are some games to play in the car with kids to keep them energized all the time. 

Planning a road trip is challenging. Good road trip pictures on social sites really excite us to arrange one for us. But if you missed to plan it in the right way, you will not be able to enjoy it a bit! Along with the food, drink, camera, you should also plan something for unexpected boring times. 

It is not that only children get irritated to stay a long time inside the car but also adults feel the same. If you are traveling with kids or having any kind of long road trip, this article is going to best help you. Today, we are here with the best mobile games that you can actually play inside the car while traveling. 

After days of research, we have prepared a long list of games to play in the car. So, take a bowl of popcorn or your favorite snack, start digesting the best game apps. 

A list of best games to play in the car

Road Trip Travel Games

As the name says it is one of the most liked road trip travel games. In this amazing mobile game app, you will get instructions for a lot of games such as 21 questions, ispy, and even the ABC game. We can say that here classic games come with new twists and that simply wipes away our boredom. 

There is another best fact and that is these games are designed for all games. So, if you have kids with you, you don’t need to search for separate games for them. 

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This amazing game app comes with timers, gas calculators, score checking tools, and so many other features. So many exciting things just in a box! What more do we need to make road trips more exciting! 

Wheels on the Bus

Do you want to make the travel time of your little one more exciting? Do you want to let her/him play a mobile game? So, do you want to let her/him play a non-addictive game while on the road trip? If all your answers are YES, Wheels on the Bus is meant for your child! 

We can call this game app an actual virtual activity center. This game app is packed with the best features. From coloring the objects to exploring singalong songs- you will get everything in this box. 

A lot of parents prefer this type of game for their children. This game is beautifully colorful, interactive, and educational at the same time. 

World Atlas 

This is another game option on today’s list that is meant for both children and adults. This is basically an educational game app. Here you have to answer various general knowledge-based questions. The fun quiz mode will eliminate all your tiredness. 

The road you are following you can learn more things about that road and share that with your family. It will help you to teach your children more things about that road. They will learn, enjoy, and forget all the inconveniences instantly. 

Rory’s story cube 

This app is amazing! Why? It gives us a chance to explore and embrace the creative taste and ability of our kids. This is basically a storytelling app with nine dices and 54 images. By using these 9 dices and 54 images, children can create their own tales. 

This amazing mobile game app is available in various languages and very easy to access. While traveling in cars for a long time, you can really explore how creative your little ones are actually. They will get a chance to mix their imagination and prepare a dream story. 

Trivia crack 

If you or your children are fans of quiz and trivia games, this app will be a great pick. According to the users, this is the most amazing quiz and trivia game available today. This game comes with various levels so that you can set the best one based on the players’ age. 

It is not that only children can enjoy this game. Adults can also enjoy at the same level. Here, you will be able to test your knowledge of various topics. Here, you will get questions from various topics such as science, art, geography, history, entertainment, culture, sports, and history. 

You can play this game individually or you can team up inside the game and enjoy it together. 

Mad Libs 

This is another knowledge checking game on the list. It is also popular as one of the best games to play in the car app. Here, you can compete with your co-traveler inside the car. This game basically checks your grammar knowledge and skills. 

We can say that this game is amazing for teenagers. They can install this game on their devices and make the time fly. While checking grammar skills, they will forget about all the road stress and learn new things easily. 


This game app is truly addictive and kills time even without making us realize it! You can play this game alone or with all your friends and family members inside the car. This is also a multi-device game. And that’s rare you know. You can play with two to eight members at a go. 

In order to play this game, collaboration is the key thing. If you can unite well, this game is only meant for you. This game comes with effective and easy information. You just follow the instruction and win it easily. 

Sing! Karaoke 

This game app is all about connecting the world through music! Singing the songs that make you happy is actually a treat to your mind. And that you can easily do while road tripping. Crossing miles and miles with the favorite songs is truly a refreshment we all are in search of. 

Your can sing according to your heart and in front of your favorite audience with this app. Signing can be fun too! And that has been proven by this amazing app. In order to enjoy karaoke time, all you need to do is just install the app. Accessing the app is very easy and even a child can easily do it. 

Heads Up

Heads Up is another gem game on today’s list. This game is designed for all ages. On the back seat of the car, you can easily play this game with your family members. This is an amazing time-killing game also. 

Here, all you need to do is just guess the words based on the clues provided on the phone screen. You will easily forget about traveling anxieties or other discomforts while playing this game. 

According to regular players of Heads Up, it is a simple as well as a truly collaborative fun game. Any person from any age group can join you and you all can enjoy it truly. 

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From the unique name of this game, you can guess the theme of this game. Yes, here you have come with a word after seeing two pictures. This is an amazing road trip as well as a great road trip game. We can say that this game is quite simple. 

Here, you will get two pictures as a clue and you have to come up with a meaningful word. You will also get scrambled letters under the pictures so that you can guess the answer fast. 

This is an amazing game that you can play alone or team up with your friends and family while traveling. 

Fun Run 3

If you are running with a family data pack, this game is meant for you. Fun Run 3 is an amazing multiplayer game that you can play while traveling. This is also known as one of the best board games to play in the car. 

You will get pretty simple touch controls. Here, all you need to do is jump and down to successfully slide or duck. You will be able to challenge 3 other players who are online at the same time. 

The motto of this game is the better you place, the more score you will earn. So, without delay, you should download the games to play in the car with kids and make your road trip time refreshing. 


These are the top 11 games to play in the car with kids. Without waiting for more, you should download the best ones and get ready to play during the trip. We will suggest not get completely engaged in mobile games while road trip. You should stay aware always and play accordingly. 

That’s all for today! We will come again with another exciting game article! Stay Tuned!

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