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Welcome to the extraordinary world of AWP players in Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), where tactical precision reigns supreme. In this comprehensive summary, we’ll delve into what the AWP is, its roles, playstyles, tactics, tips & tricks to achieve better results as an AWPer, and many more.

We’ve designed our guide on the CS2 game with a user-friendly structure in mind, ensuring it’s easy to follow and navigate.

Let’s not waste any time and delve right in, shall we?

What is the AWP in Counter-Strike 2?

The AWP, which stands for “Arctic Warfare Police”, is the most iconic weapon in Counter-Strike. This bolt-action sniper rifle has left an indelible mark on the game’s history thanks to its exceptional power, accuracy, and distinctive characteristics that set it apart from other firearms within the game.

Over the years, the game has witnessed numerous unforgettable moments, including Coldzera’s clutching jump shot on Mirage against Liquid, S1mple’s remarkable no-scope shots on Cache against Fnatic, and Fnatic’s strategic AWP stacking on mid against Envyus, among many other fantastic moments.

I’m sure many people have imagined themselves playing like KennyS or other famous players, wanting to understand where the enemies are, how to peek when to be aggressive or cautious, and much more. This guide aims to help you learn various aspects of becoming a better AWP player so that you can enhance your skills.

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Let’s start by examining the primary roles of an AWP player.

AWP Roles in CS

In Counter Strike 2, AWPing can be categorized into three pivotal roles: long-range specialists who excel in holding angles. These entry fraggers lead to aggressive pushes and map control, which dictate the flow of the game with strategic positioning and information gathering.


The primary role of an AWP player is to excel in long-range sniping. They use the AWP’s powerful scope to hold down specific angles and eliminate enemies from a distance. Their precision and accuracy make them a formidable force when engaging opponents at long sightlines.

Entry Fragger

AWP players often take on the role of the “entry fragger.” In this role, they are responsible for securing the initial kill in a round, giving their team a crucial advantage by starting the round with a numerical superiority.

Map control

AWPers can utilize their long-range capabilities to deny enemies map control. By holding key positions or sightlines, they force opponents to take less favorable routes or stay hidden. This restricts enemy movement and limits their options, making it easier for the AWP player’s team to anticipate and respond to enemy actions.

Next, we’ll explore the different styles of an AWP player.

Types of AWPers in Counter Strike 2

In Counter-Strike, AWPers can be grouped into distinct types based on their playstyles: aggressive, passive, and hybrid. Understanding these styles is vital for players and teams to develop effective strategies, starting with:

Aggressive style

Aggressive opping is by far the hardest thing to pull off consistently, but it’s the most fun and puts you directly in the spotlight. When you are aggressive, you don’t want to give freedom to your opponents, but instead, you stop them before they even try to do anything.

Playing this style requires a strong sense of the game knowledge, as you’ll need to make quick decisions that can determine whether you win or lose a round. Making the right calls and hitting your shots is crucial in this play-style.

Passive style

Unlike its aggressive equivalent, the passive opping style isn’t about peeking but rather about carefully picking the right angles to hold. This playstyle relies more on patience and holding a good angle, getting one, falling back, and switching your position, making this playstyle very smart.

Mastering this style doesn’t require amazing aiming skills. However, it requires some good angle knowledge and when to fall back. It is recommended to learn this style before you switch to aggressive, although it’s not mandatory. Many professional players favor the passive style because it’s a safer and more dependable approach.

Hybrid style

This style combines elements from both the aggressive and passive styles. It’s undoubtedly the most challenging style to execute because it demands constant thinking, adaptation, and decision-making to determine the best approach.

In the professional scene, only S1mple and ZywOo have truly mastered this play-style, making it highly discouraged for learning, even after accumulating thousands of hours of experience.

Down below, we will see the Pros and Cons of being an AWPer in CS.

Pros & Cons of using the AWP

Much like the previously mentioned roles, in CS2, AWPers adopt distinct styles, each with its unique characteristics and advantages. These styles include the aggressive approach, where players actively seek engagements; the passive style focuses on holding positions and angles patiently; and the hybrid style, which combines elements of both aggression and passivity to adapt to various in-game situations and team strategies.


One-shot Kill: The AWP is capable of killing an enemy with a single shot to the chest or above, making it a deadly weapon in the hands of a skilled player.

Long Range: It excels at long-range engagements, allowing you to hold angles and pick off enemies from a safe distance.

Penetration: Bullets fired from the AWP can penetrate multiple enemies or thin walls, potentially taking out multiple opponents with a single shot.


Expensive: The AWP is one of the most expensive weapons in Counter-Strike, and buying it can leave you with limited money for grenades, armor, or other equipment.

Slow Rate of Fire: The AWP has a slow rate of fire, which means you need to make each shot count. Missing can be costly.

Heavy and Slow Movement: While holding the AWP, your movement speed is significantly reduced, making you an easier target for opponents.

When should you buy AWP in Counter Strike 2?

Let’s explore when it’s advantageous to pick up an AWP in different in-game scenarios. These scenarios include a full buy, where your team has substantial resources, and a force buy, where you have limited funds but opt for the AWP due to its game-changing potential.

Full buy

When you have sufficient money, and no one else on your team is using the AWP, a full buy involves purchasing the AWP along with armor, grenades, and possibly a pistol or defuse kit for the CT side. Deciding when to buy the AWP depends on your team’s economy, your role, the map, and the enemy economy, ensuring effective utilization for a strategic advantage.

Force buy

When you feel that the match is slipping away and there’s a need for a drastic move, a force buy involves purchasing only the AWP, without armor or utilities, which can leave you vulnerable. This high-risk strategy can be a last-ditch effort to turn the game around when you are losing and short on money, but it’s crucial to make this decision wisely, as it carries significant risks.

Let’s dive below and see how you can improve your skills.

Tips & Tricks

Based on our experience and from many other top players, here are the best tips & tricks to improve your CS2 awping skills.

source: games atlas cs:go tips & tricks

Outsmart the enemies

You should alter your position as frequently as possible. Avoid picking the same spot or angle. The main goal is to consistently catch your opponents off guard and force them to adapt to your gameplay.

Learn how to peek & position

As an AWP player in Counter-Strike, mastering peeking and positioning is crucial. Always shoulder peek first to gather information without exposing yourself fully. Find angles that provide cover and limit enemy vision. Use crouching and strafing to stay unpredictable while peeking. Lastly, practice crosshair placement to quickly line up shots when you peek.

Knowledge of the map

Understanding all competitive maps benefits not just AWPers but all players. Each map has key positions where CT or T can gain a significant advantage, making map knowledge crucial for success in Counter-Strike. It helps all players improve their gameplay, including AWPers who can position themself and peek better, ultimately contributing to their team’s victories.

Practice with AWP

The long process starts with practicing your shots. There are numerous ways to practice with the AWP in Counter-Strike 2, such as Deathmatch (DM), Workshop maps, and many more. This process enhances not only your AWP abilities but also your overall consistency as a player.

AWP Movement

Be careful when you are using the AWP because your movement is reduced significantly. When you are scoped in, the movement is further reduced, making you an easy target if you are not holding the right angle.

Don’t forget you have a pistol

In close-range fights, switching to your pistol is essential. When dealing with opponents using SMGs or pistols, the AWP’s limited mobility can be a disadvantage. This is because those with SMGs and pistols can move and shoot more easily, making it harder for you to land precise shots.

Using your pistol in these situations can help you even the odds by allowing you to maintain better mobility while engaging your adversaries.

The Truth about Quickswitch in Counter-Strike 2

Quick switching in Counter-Strike DOESN’T PROVIDE ANY ADVANTAGE! While some players still do it out of habit, it’s been tested and confirmed that quick switching doesn’t reduce reload times. So, whether you quick-switch or not, don’t worry too much about it; focus on your gameplay instead.

This wraps up everything regarding our guide on How to become a better AWP Player in CS2, so it’s time to check out our final thoughts.


In this CS 2 guide, we’ve delved into the roles of AWPers, explored various playstyles, and weighed the pros and cons. Now, it’s time for you to put that knowledge into practice. To become a better player, choose an AWP role and playstyle that resonates with you.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach; the key is finding what works best for you. So, embrace the advice, but in the end, how you wield the AWP is your choice and your journey to improvement begins with your decisions and actions.

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