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About Stardew Valley

If you are looking for some outstanding Stardew Valley hardwood cultivation tips and info, then make sure that you read the whole article. Moreover, we are also listing an exciting pack of Stardew Valley tips that you must try out in 2022! Before we dig into the details of hardwood harvesting and more, let us first know more about the game.

Stardew Valley is a 2-D farming game where one gets to cultivate his/her own farm. This game can surely help you use the creative aspect of the brain. As the player starts from nothing from the beginning, the possibilities of expansion become infinite!

You can add your own unique/personal touch to the entire game by cultivating and managing your farm in your own style. However, there are some constant threats to your developing farms too! By these annoying intruders, Stardew valley does not lack any bit of excitement. Moreover, with the wise useage 

What About Harvesting?

Well, as we mentioned above, in order to sustain and build a farm of your own in Stardew valley, you have to make up everything from scratch. In a way, the format and function of this game are similar to Minecraft. As you already might be aware, in Minecraft, you have to make everything from scratch too.

This is why the issue of harvesting and crafting comes up. To build good-quality huts and houses in the farm area or plot, you need to use a lot of Hardwood. Players can easily get the regular wood around the farm, but it is not as good as the hard one. Hardwood is a bit difficult to find and harvest.

However, the new players of this game are not aware of how to make any. Hence, here are some tips that will help you obtain Hardwood in stardew valleys so that you can build a remarkable farm.

How to craft Hardwood in Stardew Valley?

stardew valley hardwood


Let us discuss some points and check out some easy tips so that you can get Hardwood easily and that too in sufficient amounts.

Large Trees

One of the major keys to getting Hardwood in this awesome game is with the help of large and dense trees. For example, players should always keep an eye out for the Mahogany trees as they are an excellent source of high-quality hardwood. With the recent update and the map, the developers of Valley have made these trees available throughout. There are various scattered areas in which you can find these huge trees.

 Now, to get the Hardwood in good amounts, it is advised that you start a small harvesting forest of such trees. To do that, you need to cut down the humongous trees in the Stardew farm with the help of a regular tree cutting ax. Once you there are chopped down nicely, you have to collect the Hardwood and also take up the seeds of Mahogany trees. With these seeds, you can build a small green belt so that you get a constant source of Hardwood.

Smart Usage

Just like in Minecraft, Stardew Valley also requires a lot of mixing on the crafting table to make more stuff by a combination of things. A rookie mistake that a lot of players make is that they invest a lot of Hardwood in useless items that may not come in handy. This can slow down your progress as a farmer. Moreover, as you know, you’ll need to fight off a lot of intruders that may come into your area. These slimy monsters are capable enough to destroy a lot of your crops and may even damage the property. Hence, if you invest all the Hardwood in infrastructure, only then may you become defenseless. So, the right thing to do here is to use the Hardwood wisely.

Right Locations

After the new update of Stardew Valley, the developers have brought a lot of new hidden forests that one can explore now. So, instead of roaming around aimlessly in the dark and dense forest, it is important to scout at the right places.

Things to make from Hardwood-

Stardew Valley: How to Get Hardwood


There are several items that you can make with Hardwood in the world of Stardew Valley.

  Cheese Press    
• 10 Hardwood
• 45 Wood
• 45 Stone
• 1 Copper Bar
  Oil Maker
• 20 Hardwood
• 50 Slime
• 1 Gold Bar
  Hardwood Fence
• 1 Hardwood
  Cork Bobber      
• 5 Hardwood
• 10 Wood
• 10 Slime
  Worm Bin
• 25 Hardwood
• 1 Gold Bar
• 1 Iron Bar
• 50 Fiber
Warp Totem: Beach
• 1 Hardwood
• 2 Coral
• 10 Fiber
  Warp Totem: Farm
Warp Totem: Mountains
• 1 Hardwood
• 1 Honey
• 20 Fiber
• 1 Hardwood
• 1 Iron Bar
• 25 Stone
  Warp Totem: Desert
• 2 Hardwood
• 1 Coconut
• 4 Iridium Ore
  Warp Totem: Island
• 5 Hardwood
• 1 Dragon Tooth
• 1 Ginger
  Rain Totem
• 1 Hardwood
• 1 Truffle Oil
• 5 Pine Tar
  Stump Brazier
• 5 Hardwood
• 1 Coal
  Carved Brazier
• 10 Hardwood
• 1 Coal
• 1 Hardwood
• 20 Wood
  Ostrich Incubator
• 50 Hardwood
• 50 Bone Fragment
• 20 Cinter Shard
  Heavy Tapper
• 30 Hardwood
• 1 Radioactive Bar
• 30 Hardwood
• 20 Solar Essence
• 3 Gold Bar
• Ten Hardwood
• One Iridium Bar
• One Radioactive Bar



This is the list that will help you to segregate the Hardwood that you pile up in your inventory. With the help of this chart, you can easily decide what items to craft so that your stardew valley farm is in its best condition!



With such important and incredible info, you can easily gather all the Hardwood you want! There are various phenomenal uses of Hardwood. As we mentioned above, don’t try to utilize all the Hardwood in useless things. Make sure that you form a solid farm and also keep your guards up with the help of this strong item.             

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