Raid shadow legends guide: All you need to know about raid shadow legends tier list and winning tips

Raid shadow legends tier list and winning tips All you need to know about

Raid Shadow Legends! The name hints at something really unique as well as enjoyable. Raid: Shadow Legends is known as a freemium mobile game. Over a short span of time, this game has earned a lot of popularity. Today, we are going to concentrate on the raid shadow legends tier list and more. 

Plarium Games is the developer as well as the publisher of this amazing game. If you prefer to play role-playing games, Raid Shadow Legends can be your cup of tea too. We can call it a mighty and meaty strategy role-playing game. The bunches of discovers and masters make this game truly enjoyable. 

While playing this game, you will meet lots of modes, champions, and so many other things. It may seem a bit confusing for you. And that’s why today, we are here with an effective raid shadow legends guide. 

The game may seem a bit difficult for a beginner. Or we can say that if you are trying to continue without proper information, the game will not be that attractive. In order to make everything more enjoyable and easy to understand, keep reading this article. 

Different modes, a lot of champions, and so many other things are there to take the game to the next level. We can make you enjoy this game more with our well-researched guide.

Raid Shadow Legends | Tier List by pro player and streamer

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In the below section, we are going to share some essential tips and tricks so that you can play Raid shadow legends like a true legend.

So, without more ado, let’s explore those magic tips and tricks-

Choose the best starter in Raid: Shadow Legends wisely 

The game starts by offering you the opportunity to choose your champion. Choosing the best champion is a bit difficult. Here, you will get four options to choose from. All the options will be from a rare level. And that’s why a lot of players find it difficult to make a wise champion decision.
From our experience, we can say that choosing either Kael or Athel will be the best choice for you. It will let you enjoy the game to the best level.

Check the affinity system properly 

When you will start exploring the champions in the list, you will also notice the affinity system. Each of the champions comes with an affinity system. From the affinity system, you will easily understand their strengths and weaknesses. It will also help you to make a quick comparison and pick the strongest one based on the requirements. 

Generally, there are three affinities such as Force, magic, and spirit. The magic affinity is strong against Spirit and weak against Force. On the other hand, Spirit is strong against Force and weak against the magic affinity. The Force affinity is strong against Magic and weak against the Spirit affinity. 

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Apart from these popular three affinities, you will also notice void. The void is different than these affinities. The void is equally strong in all situations. We can say that there will be no special counter for a void champion. But according to expert players, Void is not that strong against any other affinity. 

Do not skip the Dailies 

We have seen that a lot of beginners try to skip dailies. We will suggest you should not do the same. If you do the Dailies, you will realize that these do not consume a lot of time. When you perform dailies rightly, you get rewards that worth your time. 

According to expert players, even if you do not have the required time for developing the game each day, you should spend some time on dailies. In this step, all you do is gather the required resources. And these resources are going to help you in the near future. 

Keep a hold on to Epic, Void, and Legendary champions 

You can take a look at the raid shadow legends tier list and decide which champions you want. From the list, you will better understand each champion and plan a rough strategy. But there are some champions who are hard to hold on to. 

Epic, Void, or Legendary champion are really hard to keep holding on to. So, if you get them, we will suggest you should hold on to them.

Raid shadow legends tier list: Masteries 

Just by using the scroll resource, it will be possible to customize your chosen champion via a series of upgrades such as Masteries. With Epic or legendary champions, Masteries is going to help you. But if you try to treat this one as a common one, it will simply waste your time. 

  • If you are equipped with masteries, you will be able to unlock upgrades easily. I mean you will get three sections for unlocking such as Offence, Defense, and Support. 
  • In order to unlock all these, you will require SCrolls. You can easily buy these scrolls from the store or earn them. In order to earn, you have to raid the Minotaur’s Labyrinth.  
  • In order to make the champions more focused and responsible, we find Masteries a great way. 

Raid shadow legends tier list: Gems, Energy, and Silver 

Without using the currency, we cannot get the complete enjoyment of this game. And that’s why now we are going to share more about silver, gems, and energy. 

We can use Silver for the up-gradation of Artifacts as well as summoning new champions

We can use the Gems for the unlocking and upgrading of the mine. In this way, we can collect more gems. More gems will help us to buy Ancient Shards and other currencies. 

Tier List | RAID - Codex

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You can buy Gem for actual cash-money in the shop 

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On top of all these things, there is Energy. While using energy you have to be a bit more careful. If you cannot use energy in the right way, you will not get benefitted. Energy refills are available in the shop for gems. And you can easily avail of it whenever you need it. 

You can earn really a good deal of all these currencies via regular quests and challenges. So, while playing daily quests and challenges, you have to be more sincere.

Apart from this, you can easily buy potions, XP boosts, and even Clan Boss Keys from the shop. 

Raid shadow legends guide: Game Modes 

This game is rich with lots of amazing game modes. You can explore various modes and earn vital currencies in these modes. You can use these vital currencies for the up-gradation of your champions. Below, we are going to list down some of the popular game modes- 

Campaign- It is the central story. Here you will meet a variety of difficult stages. And here you have to liberate Teleria from the shadow. 

Dungeons- during the dungeon game mode, the player has to face two weaves of enemies even before facing the final boss. Here you have to remember a thing and that is Dungeon bosses are more critical. Champion bosses are also critical but dungeons are comparatively more critical. 

Clan boss- here you need to join a Clan for this and then you have to buy a Clan boss key. It will equip you right so that you can easily win against a fearsome opponent. 

Arena- here, you are going to face a real fight! I mean you can fight with other players here and win the fight. If you win, you will earn a good reward accordingly. 

Raid shadow legends gear guide: Combat 

Initially fighting a battle in this game is easy and straightforward. But the more you continue the more complicated it becomes. We have prepared some tips for you so that you can win easily. 

You need to use buffs and debuffs effectively. You may notice that some attacks and abilities properly buff your units or debuff the enemy. Without any doubt, applying debuff at the right time can make you win the fight easily. 

You should unlock some masteries. Unlocked masteries will help you in getting unique advantages against some particular opponents. 

Both attacks and abilities come with some cooldowns. And you should not neglect them. Using them strategically against a specific enemy can actually make you win. 

Good combat is not possible without synergy. It helps you to combine abilities into effective combos. So, when you are exploring the party’s abilities, you should give some attention to synergy too. 


After a long discussion on the raid shadow legends tier list, we have reached the conclusion. The more you know about this game the more you can play. I hope, these tips, tricks, and information are going to help you. 

You can share your experience with this article in our comment section. We always love to hear back from our readers. If you have different opinions, you can let us know that too in our comment section.

That’s all for today! 

We will come again with another exciting game article! Stay tuned with us!

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