7 Essential Tips For Content Production


A good inbound marketing strategy aims to attract the target audience through the production of blog content. After all, practically everyone turns to Google whenever they need to get information.  Even now many students seek google to learn how to write good essays if you are the one in those we are here to help you with some tricks, now back to our topic.

Check out the main tips to educate, gain authority, influence the purchase decision and win the consumer’s heart!

  1. Consider the persona above all

Before the internet existed, it was not possible to segment the public as it is today. A billboard, for example, is seen by everyone who passed by a certain location, while advertisements printed in newspapers and magazines were subject to much more generalized segmentations.

Now, with the resources of technology, it is possible to know the preferences of each one, as well as their age group, profession, education level, and many other details.

From this data, you can link all the information for the creation of the personas to build a profile of potential buyers. This is essential for any business, as it is not enough to publish: the message needs to be seen by the right people for the results to be satisfactory.

  1. Customize the text language

The blog is a less formal environment that requires a dynamic reading format. In this sense, the language of the articles must be light, objective and persuasive – however, this can change according to the style of the target audience that you want to reach.

For example, a blog about women’s fashion has a different context than a blog about politics. The second, necessarily, need a more formal tone even because of the seriousness of the subjects covered. In that case, an uncompromising sense of humor does not match.

Also, another fact that influences the way of writing is the very personality of your brand. How do you want people to see you? Like someone who is stripped down, cheerful, helpful, intelligent, centered, fun? Aim for your goals.

  1. Think about the size and scannability of the article
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How many words do you consider ideal for an article? 500, 1000, 1500 words? Bloggers and marketing experts are always analyzing the best way to transmit information. However, one thing is certain: the text size is only relevant if the content is really good.

According to Neil Patel, one of the best marketing experts, the longest content is perfect for presenting in-depth information. Content marketing plays a vital role in the success of a business. This type of post conveys a perception of quality. However, most people do not read in full.

They usually “scan” the text for the passages considered most relevant. Therefore, as important as worrying about the size of the text is to make it scannable that use objective intertitles and short paragraphs to facilitate reading.

  1. Make agenda planning

The texts that will be published on your blog cannot have random themes: all posts are made based on what your audience wants to know. It is also important that the guidelines make a connection with your product or service, even if indirectly.

To better understand, let’s imagine that you have just set up a virtual pet products store: accessories, feed, medicines, hygiene products, and others. If people are researching how to prevent or treat a specific disease in dogs, this topic has great potential to attract traffic to your blog, right?

Make a forecast of how many weekly or monthly posts you plan to make available to keep the sequence of posts organized. The tip is to program in advance, as you need to observe the problems that the persona is facing at different stages of the purchase.

  1. Publish educational content to blog
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The educational material is useful for the consumer, as it helps to clarify doubts and teaches. Also, people are more likely to subscribe to your newsletter to receive new content. With that, you have a frequent relationship and can make a sales approach at the right time.

It is important to note that articles are just one of the formats: it is also possible to produce materials such as videos, podcasts, spreadsheets, infographics, glossaries or more technical texts. The important thing is that they are by the persona’s expectations and the goals that your company wants to achieve.

  1. Invest in SEO for the blog to be well-positioned in search engines

For a link to be shown on the first page of Google results, it is necessary for addition to writing relevant texts, of course, to apply correct SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) techniques, that is, a set of practices that aims to facilitate access to the articles of your blog.

One of these practices is the use of keywords in the title, intertitle, description of the subject and others. These words are identified from the knowledge of the persona and the themes he is interested in knowing.

  1. Be creative when producing CTAs

CTA or Call-to-Action calls to action that aims to encourage the user to take action since he does not always do this alone. “Share with your friends”, “download it right now” and “click here” are some very widespread examples of CTA.

Be careful not to overdo the amount, as too many calls can make the person confused and make them not answer any. Focus on the goal and create a nice CTA, well-positioned and able to seduce the reader to take the next step.



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