3 Ways to Stimulate Early Learning with Kids

Teaching Kids Teamwork

As a parent you want what is best for your child. Most of us aren’t born good learners, we must acquire this skill as we go along. Although your individual personality plays a part in it, nurturing your child to learn from a young age helps them to progress faster as they grow. Learning should not be limited to the classroom; it must be constant outside the walls of a school. Here are some ways to Stimulate early learning for your child at a young age. 

Your child can learn from the environment around them, and this can start at a young age. Before they begin preschool, you can design their nursery room in a way that stimulates their mind and gets them thinking. Simple items such as baby mobiles for cots can improve young kids fine motor skills and let them learn colours and different kinds of animals. You’ll find a range of good baby products at CMC Gold and other stores online. 

When purchasing new toys, look for items that are educational. Try to read to them as young as possible, this will help to improve their vocabulary. It also helps their brain process new concepts and formal communication. Make their playroom and bedroom as stimulating as possible. 

  • Embrace Technology

Many parents are afraid of technology and when it comes to their kids, they don’t like them spending too much time on a computer or tablet. Although too much time spent online isn’t good for anyone, there are many apps and learning resources that are incredibly beneficial for kids. Online tools can be used to teach young kids basic things such as English vocabulary, Geography, and Maths. If you are using games and other resources online, keep some of these tips in mind. 

  • Use technology to explore material in the context of human interactions, supported by an adult. 
  • Passive screen time won’t teach young children anything and there is no research to suggest it does. 
  • Use digital images to teach kids about animals, objects in the environment and other people. 
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Early learners should only use technology tools with adults who are willing to guide and direct their learning. 

  • Encourage Autonomy 

Trying to control everything a child does is not a good way to promote learning. When it comes to their formal education, all they experience is control. The teacher tells them what to do and they must do it. If you do the same with young kids, there is a good chance they’ll withdraw from their learning and rebel against the system. You must respect their opinions even when you don’t agree with them. Early childhood autonomy should be encouraged to stimulate early learning.

There are many strategies to motivate your child to learn. Any kid who receives the right motivation can become a good learner. As a parent, you can start them off at a young age. You can add features to a nursery room that encourages learning and improves their motor skills, and you can use technology to support and guide independent learning.

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