What are the most popular online slots games in 2020?

online slots games

So far, 2020 has been an intense box of surprises. Things take sudden turns each month, and it is hard to keep up. As for lottery enthusiasts, the scenarios hardly changed. They instantly switched over to the online mode, and it shows. Find about the most popular online slots games in 2020.

Starburst is one of the most popular online slots games that relate to the lottery. Therefore 2020 didn’t alter much for the lottery industry and its customers. So, here’s a list of some of the most popular online slots games in 2020. 

Starburst is one of the most popular paid online games

Starburst is not a regular online slot game that involves spins and treats. It is a whole package that perfectly intertwined the classic candy crush saga concepts with the foundation of slot games. 

  • It is reckoned as the NetEnts classic video-based online slot game. 
  • The game reflects on the retro arcade vibes with reels stacked with jewels. 
  • The focal point of this entire game setup is the wild symbol. 
  • The wild symbols on Starburst hold the highest game significance. 
  • When discovered within the first, second, or third reel, they give out an enormous bonus. 
  • You will then have three more chances to respin. 

All in all, this game hits the sweet spot between gambling, fantasy, and classic arcade roots with a set of:

  • Five reels 
  • Ten pay lines 
  • Several shades of bright colors 
  • And a perfect soundtrack. 

No wonder Starburst is one of the most popular online slots games. This game hits the apex of adventure and fun. 

Reactoonz conquered the second spot

Online slot games are really going out of their way to draw in new consumers. The current online slot games capture a theme, and the entire slot procedure revolves around that very theme.

These theme-based additives encompass both the adventures of the slot hand and the backstories or roots of the theme they settled upon. This way can spice up their interests through a fun game night of slot lottery. The same goes for the Reactoonz slot game. 

  • This slot game revolves around the areas of physics. 
  • Here you as a player remain in possession of a high charged particle that is highly equipped to generate energy. 
  • There is a neutral block called the reactor in the midst of the levels. Here two or more strange elements react to produce something funny. 
  • The gaming field of this game is a solid 7×7, where incredibly long chain reactions lead to huge profits. 
  • The default bet starts at minimal prices of 20 cents per spin. However, you can manually fix the bet rates depending on your bank statements. 
  • The highest you can go is 100 dollars per spin. 
  • As you click the start button, a bulk of particles would fall off the screen into the playing field. 
  • If you happen to score five identical elements either vertically or horizontally, you score your victory. 
  • Conversely, your particles will either react, bombard, or simply slide down a row below to create room for other elements. 
  • This combination and recombination would go on until you score a payout. 

Next comes the wildernesses of Wolf Gold 

Wolf gold captures the golden phase of the woods and the wild. The game is a cornucopia of retro jackpot slots, classic wilderness vibes, and progressive styles. So, if you are avidly fond of nature and its wilderness and at the same time relish the good old jackpot slots, wolf gold is your holy ground. 

  • This game was first launched in 2017 with a wood-oriented theme. 
  • The game flawlessly reflects on the American wilderness with the twist of American slot games. 
  • It was released by a reputed game designing software brand Pragmatic Play. 
  • Although this lags a tad bit on the graphic and animation portions, the entire game storyline compensates for it. 
  • This year the game bagged the position of third most played slot game in the world. 
  • The outdated aesthetics of this game surprisingly attract more gamers as they exude classic feelings. 
  • Moreover, the game offers significant opportunities to score victories. 

The game is a spectacular hub of simple graphics, interfaces, and sweet rewards. Additionally, to keep the players charmed, the game developers extend three levels:

  • Mini: Maximum profit earned here is 7500 dollars. 
  • Major: Maximum profit earned here is 25,000 dollars. 
  • Mega: Maximum profit earned here is 250,000 dollars. 


Casinos have been famous pathways for past times and thrill generations. As lottery enthusiasts put it: the rolls of the reels flush adrenaline in them, and that’s what they like. 

And when things took a solemn turn this year, those rolling casinos abruptly shut down. That was when online slot games expanded their market reach. They served as a magical trail that can help people conjure Las Vegas in their devices. And maybe that’s why Starburst is one of the most popular paid online games in 2020.

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