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World of Warcraft

Ultimate World of Warcraft can be called a nostalgic nightmare. If you are acquainted with the long hours of expecting to level up in Ultimate World of Warcraft Classic Gold expansions then you might not be surprised to the leveling time in the game. If you are not a pro player, you will most likely end up spending the majority of the time in WoW Classic Gold instead of reaching the endgame. 

It will probably take you a much longer span to hit the level 60. Thus, here is a guide on how to make the most of your game time and level up faster:

  1. Accept the fact that it will take long:

An average player will require at least six to seven full days worth of game time for reaching level 60. And by seven full days, the meaning was not that you need to play for 24- hours without sleeping, eating, or doing other activities. What we intended is that it will take a total of 168+ hours to reach the level.

Since getting to the endgame is far-fetched if you are just beginning, it is better than you play while watching any movie or a TV show simultaneously on another system.

Make sure you do not get too overboard and burn in its zeal. The game in itself is a marathon and not a sprint. Pace yourself up accordingly. 

2. You can try a leveling add-on:

You might feel that an add on is against the experience of playing ultimate World of Warcraft Classic Gold. But, you should know that an add on can substantially increase your leveling speed. 

In the game, you will not be able to figure where to pick items for the quests, or the monsters that you need to kill. It is recommended to read the quest text and decipher it with the help of your map.

Instead, you can ignore all the above processes and let an add-on decide your destination and the items to be picked up.

The Azeroth Auto Pilot- Classic is recommended as it keeps track of your requirements and tells your destination such that you can maximize the in-game time.

You must be wondering how to install the add-ons. Installing them has never been easier before. All you need to do is download the Twitch app, then click Mods and then select World of Warcraft. You need to change the game version to WoW Classic Gold and begin your search for add-ons. 

3.You can ignore the class quests:

In the game, the classes often contain flavored quests having their specific roles providing unique abilities. But you do not need to do it as soon as you get a new class quest. 

Class quests often throw you off your groove, but that is acceptable at times. The ability that you achieve will help you speed up ultimately. 

But at other times, the adventure goes to waste since you stay at your current level. 

4. You need proper prioritization of your questing:

In WoW Classic, several neutral zones can be used by any group. Also, there are regions where it is specified to particular factions. You should stick your zones wherever possible. 

While questing through these zones you get several benefits. If you are not in heavy faction servers like Horde or Alliance, you will most probably find a rather smaller population in your zones. Thus, you will waste lesser time waiting for your enemies to appear and kill them. 

If you are under a PvP server, the chance of run-ins with enemy players also reduces, thus wasting less time defending yourself from your enemies. And the lesser time you waste being dead or defending, the more you can utilize to complete your quests.

5. Go through the dungeons:

The dungeons in the WoW Classic Gold are a worthy way of boosting your experience and saving yourself from the craziness of questing. Make a group out of your friends or choose from the randoms in the general chat and complete as many dungeons as possible.

For players under the Horde server, they will be accessible to the RageFire Chasm at level 13 in Orgrimmar. But the Alliance server players will have to wait to get to level 17 and play Deadmines in Westfall. 

The process of leveling is overall time consuming, but it can be peaceful at the same time. 

6. Try to log out while being at cities and inns:

Inns and cities are mostly the relaxation points. They are the safe places away from dangerous wolves and man-eating Morlocks. Logging out at an inn or a city helps you gather ‘Rested exp’ while being away. These ‘Rested exp’ helps you to double your monster kill EXP and the total amount collected. This means that on your return, you are most likely to get a nice little bonus.

7. Maintain a budget:

If there is any hurdle which is the hardest to cross in WoW Classic Gold, it has to be making money. It seems that the game was intentionally designed to make your in-game wallet void. Newer skill ranks and flight costs would be building and wiping your wallet gradually. Your first mount is most likely enough to bankrupt you. 

Thus, learning to earn and maintain a budget will prove essential throughout the game.

It is to be remembered that you do not need to spend on every new rank, spell, or ability that you witness in the game. They are not only expensive but are not worth the cost of purchasing one mount to overcome a 1% damage boost. The cost of purchasing often costs more than the amount that one mount would save.

8. First Aids are a necessity

Almost each crowd in WoW Classic is capable of dropping fabrics like linen. Items like these can be created into Bandages. Generally, the bandages are cheap as well as effective in healing and greatly reduce the downtime during fights. 

They might not be as effective as taking meals, but they are comparatively cheaper and fast. It is a must-have tool for every player.

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