Overseas adventure way to enjoy the true thrill of adventure

Overseas adventure travel - A way to enjoy the true thrill of adventure

Traveling is part and parcel of life as it gives us the scope to know nature and its variation in the best possible way. One such branch of traveling is adventure travel. It has two sub-branches. Likewise, One is domestic adventure travel, and the other one is overseas adventure travel.

What is adventure travel?

Adventure travel is part of niche tourism. If you are an adventure traveler, then you need to travel with a certain degree of risk. Special skills and physical efforts are must to become a successful adventure traveler. Similarly, Enough planning is required when you want to set out for an adventure trip abroad.

The craze of adventure travel is now at peak. Likewise, The constant increase in the number of travelers showing interest in adventure trips. The industry is expanding at a rapid speed and hopes to continue at the same pace.


Difference between domestic and overseas adventure travel?

  • Similarly, When you travel to adventure spots within your nation, its domestic travel. When the national border crossed for adventure to it is an overseas trip.
  • National ID and domestic tickets are enough for domestic adventure travel. similarly, for international adventure travel, you need a passport, visa, flight tickets, travel insurance. Medical insurance and many other things.
  • Domestic adventure travels are low-risk ones compared to overseas travel. Similarly, the main reason is that you know the people of your nation. You can communicate in case of emergency needs.

You know the differences now and must identify the similarities. The need for adventure kits and accessories are a must for both types of adventure travels. similarly, The physical condition needs to be sound to set out for adventure trips. The help of an adventure guide is a must for any type of trip as it has risk.

Tips for planning overseas adventure trips:

Selection of overseas adventure destination to travel.

There are many places for adventure travel across the globe. Every location has a different set of surprises to offer. What do you expect from your adventure trip? Decide it, and them shortlist location that suits your taste and expectations.


The budget of travel for each shortlisted destination

There is some specific budget for you that you want to invest in for the trip. Now select from the shortlisted location which fits your budget parameter.

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Check passports, visas, and special documentation

You know your travel destination by now and so time to take care of other documents. Check the expiry date of the passport. 3 to 6 months’ validity is a must from trip end dates. Apply for the visas after knowing the mandatory requirements. Look for special documents required, if any, for the destination you wish to travel. Arrange for the same.

Health and safety parameters

Safety comes first. Search on the advisory websites and find the safe spots to explore for adventure. Meet your doctor or specialist for medical certificates and health check-ups. Specific destinations ask for medical documents like Yellow Fever vaccination for entering Tanzania.

Plan the overseas adventures spots you wish to cover

You know the destination you are visiting for the trip. Prepare a list of the popular adventure spots that are must cover in the tour. Search for Overseas Adventure Travel reviews of your chosen destination. YouTube videos of adventure travelers can also be an excellent guide for you.

Book the flight tickets

Flight booking in advance is very important to get the best price. You can choose a travel agent for the reservation or can book trough recognized travel sites. Plan your days and check on which period the flight rates are low. Find airlines to your selected destination offering deals and discounts. This will help to save money on your travel tickets. Take note of baggage and adventure equipment charges by airlines.

Buy overseas adventure travel insurance

Insurance is a must for any foreign travel, both casual or adventure. Buying insurance gives a feel of unwanted expenses, but still is no less critical. We don’t want to believe that anything worst can happen to us. But if it happens, what will you do? You need a shield of protection. Travel and medical insurance offer it. Check the insurance coverage details before you buy them.

Carry enough international currency and world debit or credit card

How does it feel when you visit the ATM of a foreign destination and realize your card has a withdrawal problem? It’s bad we know. Carry more than one card with international withdrawal validity. Buy enough international currency to carry with you.

Overseas adventure travel - A way to enjoy the true thrill of adventure


Make your travel itinerary

Design your basic itinerary with routes using My Maps by Google. You can consult with others in the travel group. This will make the trip fulfilled and full of excitement. Similarly, Share the itinerary with your closed one at home. This will keep you updated where you are in case of any emergency.

Luggage packing

The most important step for your Overseas Adventure Travel 2020 is luggage. similarly, Not only clothes but medicines and adventure kits are important to pack. And You need to keep a separate bag for currency, cards, passport, and mobile. 

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Keep copies of ID and other travel documents for safety. similarly, Pack your plug adaptor and power output. Order for a destination SIM card. Don’t forget to carry your camera for adventure shoots.

Which is the best season for Overseas Travels?

Firstly, decide the purpose of overseas travel. similarly, If its family vacation, then for some destination summers are best. Well. Likewise, if the purpose is an adventure trip, you need to note the weather and climatic condition of the place.

Likewise, Do you know that mid-February to mid-April is the global low season for overseas travel? Yes, it’s true. Like, hotels and flights are cheap during this period, and you can plan travel in this period. similarly, If you have any personal preference, then you can choose your season for foreign trips.

Popular destinations for overseas adventure travel

Likewise, Adventure travel can be in various forms. It varies depending on the interest of the traveler and the geography of the destination. Similarly, We picked some of the best destinations worth visiting for adventure thrill. Check Overseas Adventure Travel news. Likewise, Get information from YouTube, magazines, newspapers, and TV channels for more travel information.


For travelers in love with Scuba diving can enjoy it at Lady Elliot Island. similarly, the adventurous experience of hiking Tasmania’s Bay of Fires gives a thrilling experience. Likewise, Experience a new feeling while swimming under beautiful waterfalls located in The Kimberley.


This destination offers so many treats to the adventure lovers. You can enjoy Fly-fishing in Patagonia, followed by estancias horse riding. Want to learn skiing? If yes, then visit Francis Mallmann’s private island for a thrilling experience.

New Zealand:

Similarly, explore the rugged Southern snow-capped Alps. similarly, It will make you feel blessed as a traveler. Likewise, take a tour of the West Coast rainforests. You will experience the wilderness of the destination. similarly, Try rafting on the North Island rivers of New Zealand. Similarly, Don’t miss the chance of enjoying Queensland bungee jumping.

Overseas adventure travel - A way to enjoy the true thrill of adventure



Likewise, Slide down from the waterfalls in the Samothraki. Similarly, it will be your best adventure experience. Visit Crete for diving at WWII wreckage off the coast. Equally, After that, Trekkers will not mind climbing high to witness the killer and iconic views on Kalymnos.


Likewise, Explore the Capri’s caves and the grottos while boating. Similarly, how can you miss skiing at Cortina d’Ampezzo? Head towards the haunting Christ of the Abyss statue at San Fruttuoso for scuba diving.


Likewise, are you choosing Brazil as your adventure travel destination? Similarly, try boating to explore Iguazú Falls is a must for you. Equally, enjoy riding of dune buggies at Natal for a thrilling experience. Try snorkeling in the Fernando de Noronha.

Apart from the above destinations, select Sri Lanka, Botswana, or Peru for your adventure trip.

What type of adventure trip to choose?

You can pick a small group tour solo trip for adventure trips. The pros and cons are there for every touring type. You need to analyze what suits you best and your priorities to decide the tour type.

Book the packages from the renowned travel agencies only. It will give you the advantage of a well-planned trip. Do you want customized group tour adventure plans? If yes, then discuss the same with your travel planner. The packages are designed as per your needs to give the best adventure experience to you.

Plan your adventure trip today of the chosen destination in 2020 for the best experience.

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