Dragon Slayer 2: 10 Steps to Walkthrough and Win the Quest rewards easily

Dragon Slayer 2

Dragon Slayer 2 is the sequel of one of the most prominent quest gaming series in history. Without a doubt, this free-to-play quest is the most challenging one you will experience in a long time. To the reader’s surprise, after the success of Dragon Slayer Part One, where players walk through the game to slay Elvarg, part two, released in 2018, has come out a bit strong. For players who have not experienced Dragon Slayer I, we suggest that you complete part one first, as it will help you understand the plot at a better level. In the event that you want to experience Dragon Slayer 2, which definitely has modern graphic Experience, sound, and visualization to offer, here’s a glimpse of its plot. 

Ahead of the plot, in this reading, we offer you a 10 step walkthrough guide to win this quest. So, let’s get started: 

What is the plot of Dragon Slayer 2? 

When you begin the quest Dragon Slayer 2, you will dive into the game, and your main goal stands to slay the dragon as the title suggests. However, where to start? Who is your friend? And who is your foe? It may be different to comprehend at first. But, the plot explanation will help you put 2 and 2 together. 

To begin with, the story of Dragon Slayer 2 revolves around the city called karamja. It was a part of an island called Crandor island. The most fearful part of this island was that it had a volcano right in the middle. Henceforth, if any volcano had erupted, it would have taken the entire island with it. However, that did not happen. Instead, Elvarg, the dragon happened!

During an unfortunate hour in the past, Dragon Elvarg attacked the city Karamja and was entirely destroyed. Without a doubt, the citizens of the city burned to death. Only three wizards survived the Elvarg attack, a.k.a. Thalzar, Melzar, and Lozar. 

Dragon Slayer 2

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In order to protect people from Elvarg’s cruel power, the wizards tore the map of the Crandore into three pieces. Further ahead, hide each piece beyond the capability of those who cannot take on and complete the challenge. 

Thus, in the Dragon Slayer 2 walkthrough, your journey will begin by taking a boat to Crandore. But, before that, you have to complete quests in order to attain all the map pieces. 

Because the dragon’s main power is the fire element, you will also have to complete quests in order to attain weapons (shields) to protect against dragon fire. Similarly, each quest in Dragon Slayer 2 gives away some type of advantage. 

At last, the player goes to the Crandor and slays the dragon. 

How to complete Dragon Slayer 2 Quests? 10 Steps to Walkthrough the Game

For the most part, when you first enter the game, the quest will not be unlocked right away. You have to earn them. For example, to begin the journey of quests in Dragon Slayer 2, you will have to earn at least 200 quest points. Keeping that in mind, let’s skip to the steps: 

#Step 1: Investigate Elvarg!

This step does not involve any type of combat or decision-making. It is simply the beginning so you can relax. When you enter the game view Dragon Slayer 2, you will be at premises called Myth Guild. On the outside, you will see a person. Talk to him. He will inform you to talk to Jones. Further ahead, Dallas Jones will entertain you with the investigation of Elvarg, the dragon who destroyed the city in Dragon Slayer Part I. 

Now, you will travel to the lair. There is an old and ancient laboratory. While searching in the library, you will come across a few notes. Read them. 

Next, there comes combat between you and the level 100 spawn that was recently unshelled. Defeat the spawn and move on! Once the spawn is dead, check the mural he came from. There will be a note mentioning “Lithkren.” Viewing this name, Jones and you (player) will take on the journey to the island where Lithkren lives.

Quest 1 is partly complete here. 

#Step 2: House on the Hill

To begin with, this is going to be an entertaining step. That’s right! Because you get to explore the entire house (fort) of a dragonkin. According to the legends, Dragonkin is people who believe that they were dragons in their previous life. Now, there are 24 pieces of the map to Fossil Island in this house. And Fossil Island is where Lithkeren lives. So, you have found all the pieces. 

Dragon Slayer 2

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Here is the list of locations for all the pieces: 

  • Inside the chest (map pieces present: five)
  • Inside the chest (story: top) (map pieces present: three)
  • inside/around the briar on the back of the house (map pieces present: seven)
  • Go east > find mushtree > go inside (map pieces present: five)
  • Go to the staircase inside the house > find a bump of Fungi > look inside (map pieces present: four)

Now, take all the pieces and put them anywhere. Jones and you will have to craft a complete map out of these pieces like a puzzle. Once you have the map to the fossil island ready, it is time to construct a boat. Or, how would you sail there? 

For the boat, you will require to talk to Jardic, who is nearby the shore outside the fort. Collect the following items as Jardic said that you need to construct one. Items you need will be oak planks (8), nails (12), and swamps (10). Take all the equipment to the Mushroom forest. There you will find sufficient space to build a boat. 

#Step 3: Lithkeren on the Fossil Island

Is your boat construction complete? Waste no time, come aboard on the boat and head to the North Direction. Now, on the boat itself, you will have to complete a few short quests. On the boat, you will find a staircase that will take you down. There, you will witness a trapdoor. Now, go down into the door. There, you will find Dallas, help him open the door to the dorm. 

Now, inside the dorm, there’s a quest for you. It is to find Bob The Cat. Who is he? Well! Let’s find out in the next quest. 

#Step 4: Find Bob The Cat

This is going to be challenging but hang on! The Dragon Slayer 2 guide will walk through it. To do so, you will require catspeak from the items you have. In the event you do not have it, there’s a long way to find bob the cat. That is:

  • Stand by the Anvils which are present in West Varrock. 
  • Keep hopping worlds until you find a cat. 

Image credit: OSRS Wiki

Now that you find the cat, it will simply be a cat because he has no recollection of his previous life. According to our research, in a previous life, Bob The Cat was indeed Robert The Strong – a ranger. He was not any ranger but a special one who had information about the Dragon key. But, because Bob is simply a cat now, he doesn’t know anything about his previous life. 

However, there’s someone who can help him in the magical world. And that is – Theoneiromancer who is on the lunar aisle. He has the power to restore Bob’s memories as Robert the Strong. 

In this step, there’s also Sphinx, who you think will help Bob. But, no. So, you can skip that. 

#Step 5: Oneiromancer – path to Robert the Strong

This quest is very simple. All you need to do is get through to the Lunar Isle. There, Oneiromancer is present. What is Oneiromancer? It is a spiritual head from the Greeks called the Moon clan. According to the legend, Oneiromancer has the power to deviate based on one’s dream. 

Thus, once you reach the Oneiromancer, all you need to do is create a potion for which you will have to add the following ingredients together: 

  • Take a dream vial.
  • Fill it with water. 
  • Goutweed (available in items)
  • Ground Astral Rune

Now, the dream potion is ready. The next step is lighting the brazier in the west direction of the Oneiromancer. At last, pour the potion on Oneiromancer. As a result, Bob The Cat will have memories back of life as Robert the Strong. 

#Step 6: Get the Dragon Key in Dragon Slayer 2

It is crucial to note that the dragon key is an essential part of the game. So, here’s how to get it:

Please note that in a previous life, Robert the Strong and his war friends hid the pieces of keys in different sacred premises to keep them away from falling into the wrong hands. Here are those locations: 

  • Karajan Temple is residing in the Kharazi Jungle – in the CenterPoint of the maze.


  • The second piece of key is difficult to find because Tristan (Robert’s ally) never told him the hiding place of the second piece. Tristan is no longer alive, but their descendants are. You meet his decedent, but they refuse to deliver the piece. Ava will create a magical orb that will help to locate the piece in the Mort Myre Swamp. 

Image credit: OSRS Wiki

  • To attain the third piece of the key, you will have to combat the Dragon Vorkanth, who is the guardian of the key. Once you kill the dragon using a dragon shield, take a journey back to the laboratory of dragonkin. There, the key you took from Dragon Vargoth will unlock a room that has the actual piece. 


  • Last but not least, the fourth piece of the key is inside the Shayzien Crypts. To reach there, go to the Arceuus Library > converse with Archie > Imerominia will tell you about the Camorra’s key > take a journey to Amelia of Shayzien > go deep into the crypt. 

#Step 7: Recuperate Dragon Key pieces into one final key in Dragon Slayer 2

This step is not as effortless as it sounds practical. To do so, follow the steps given below:

  • Take a journey to the ancient cavern. 
  • There are three dragon structures present. 
  • Complete a puzzle in order to set these structures on fire. 
  • Access the anvil and use the dragon key pieces on it. 
  • The final dragon key will recuperate. 

Do you remember? Lithkeren was trying to open a door back on the boat. This dragon key is the key to that door. So, it is time to go back to the door and finally open what’s behind it! 

#Step 8: Meet the Dragons behind the door

Again, it is time to meet the Dragonkin Zorgoth along with Galvez. They both are behind the door. Morgoth tells Lithkeren and the player that in previous experiments, dragons were planning to fight back against humanity. In the meantime, Galvek attacks and kills Lithkeren. But, Bob the Cat and you easily escape the scenario. 

#Step 9: Dragon Slayer Walkthrough: Allies

Since the dragon force is much stronger now than before, all the human kingdoms in the game require to fight together. So, you will have to interest them in fighting with you. Here are the location and names of kingdoms: 

  • Varrock castle 
  • Ardougne, 
  • Falador, and 
  • Rellekka to arms.

In Varrock castle, join the meeting where each kingdom king plans to invade Angel as dragons are residing there. 

#Step 10: Finally, defeat the dragon

At this last step, the final fight will take place in Rellekka. So, head towards it where you can help and join the invasion fleet planned by kings. Next, The fleet will depart. As a result, the Dragonkin will prepare and order a dragon army to defeat the forthcoming fleet. The fight will be big, and so there are multiple events for you to join in, for example, building a ship and so on.

On the other hand, Galvek and Zorgoth also feel threatened, so they begin combat with you. In the battle, Bob The Cat dies as well as the guards present. In order to combat face-to-face with Galvok, first, you have to encounter the metallic dragons. Keep going!

Dragon Slayer 2

Image credit: OSRS Old School Run Escape Wiki

Please note that the final fight is not going to be easy. Henceforth, keep all the Dragon Slayer 2 weapons in hand. Galvek’s one last attempt to kill you will cause death to Zorgoth as the fire directs towards him mistakenly. 

Now that Zorgoth and Galvek are dead, you can go back to the Myths’ Guild, where you began the game. 

At the end of the quest, you will win: 

  • Five Points for Quest
  • Smithing Experience (25 thousand)
  • Mining Experience (18 thousand)
  • Agility Experience (15 thousand)
  • Thieving Experience (15 thousand)
  • Free Entry to the Myths’ Guild
  • Ability/Skills/Items to create dragon plate bodies
  • And last but not least, skill to create Ava’s Assembler


So, are you ready to complete the journey of Dragon Slayer 2? With this brief guide on Dragon Slayer 2, we hope that you reach your destination in time. However, if any additional challenges come in between, face them without fear because the game is unpredictable. One wrong move can lead you on a new journey. So, stay one step ahead. For more in Dragon Slayer 2 video game series, keep us in your bookmark! Thank you. 

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