How Can You Add More Style to Your Best Hat? Four Chic Accessories to Opt-in For

Your Best Hat

Do you have a mini hat collection? The chances are that you want to expand this collection. However, sporting a hat is just like wearing new clothes. And after sporting these hats for a few times, you might get bored with the way it looks. Hence, it’s good to be on the lookout for adding accessories that will enhance the look of your dress and hat. 

However, in this article, we will focus on accessorizing your hat. Today, you don’t have to let your fedora or the classic cowboy hat look, all the same, every time. You have access to different accessories like feathers and decorative chains that you can add to your hat to give it a different look. 

And the best part about adding accessories to your hat is that it’s experimental and not permanent. It means you change the accessories as and when you want to and play by your mood. So, when it’s about accessorizing your hats, the options are many. Are you wondering how to go about it? If yes, this article has you all covered. Here are choices that you can opt-in for:

1. Brooches and pin

You can dust the brooches and search your parent’s collection. Else, you can make your own collection as well. Originally, the brooches got invented to hold the clothes together to fit better. The brooch is a versatile and fun accessory and need not be restricted to any single body part. It means, you can use it for your hats as well. When you add a brooch or pin to the hat, it will provide an edge to your personality. A few tips to adhere to when you are opting in for brooches and pins are:

  • A unique and intricate brooch will make it look distinctive. 
  • You can add the brooch to the band or the trim if you have a Fedora. You shouldn’t attach it to a straw or felt hat directly. No one wants to hurt the hat shape as you force the brooch to stay and make holes on it when you change its look. If the felt hat appears hard, it can break the pin. 
  • Pins and brooches get noticed more when there is a contrasting background. 

If you have a bright-colored hat, it will look good with a dark-shaded brooch. Usually, gold, silver, and diamante brooches work best with dark-hued attires. You can experiment with any unusual-looking or statement brooch and then add others to the style cluster. 

2. Horsehair hat bands

If you stay on the ranch, an accessory inspired by the western style rules will act as a great fashion statement and will have a stunning visual effect on it. Hence, the choices are many from fashionable sterling silver varieties to braided horsehair brands. If you want you can also opt-in for a rattlesnake hat band as that looks a class apart and will give an edge to your personality. The two ways in which you can place the band on the hat are:

  • Freestyle – Here the tassels can hang from the back of the hat brim. 
  • Traditional style – You wear the tassels, and knots are attached on the left side. 

You can choose any style that you want to and that makes you comfortable. 

3. Headbands

Today, most hat lovers know the way to upgrade them using a think fabric belt that belongs to a dress, a handkerchief and a very thin lace. But the elastic headbands are one of the fun accessories to use on it. When you wear it as a headband, it can have a very different impact on it. For instance, if you have a headband with animal prints, it can transform your comfortable one into a classy statement piece. Several types of headbands can help you look like Audrey Hepburn. You don’t need to follow any rules here. Style it the way you want to. 

4. Scarves

It’s a versatile accessory that you possess in the closet and got plenty of them as gifts. You might not be using them frequently as well. Today, you have the choice to use it as your hat accessory. And how must you go ahead with it? All you need to do is tie the headscarf on the hat base, which adds character to the it. You can experiment with the scarf colors and patterns and it with the hat texture. You should experiment and check which option is the best. For instance, if you have a taupe hat, you can choose a solid color scarf or a patterned one that will add a bit of accent to the attire and make your hat look stunning. 

These are some of the best options for accessorizing your hat and make it appear as it has never been before. Choose the one you like based on your choice and what complements your personality. 

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