The Society season 2: Netflix release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

The Society season 2

The Society spoilers follow.

Netflix YA drama The Society left fans crying out for more following that compelling season finale which finally confirmed what had happened to the teenagers of West Ham (and it wasn’t taking over the Olympic Stadium – for US readers, that’s a ‘soccer’ joke).

While they were trapped in an alternate reality that looked and felt exactly like their home town, their parents, younger siblings and everyone else were in another reality, the “correct” one, so to speak.

But while one part of the mystery has been solved, there’s another big question that needs answering: will the town’s youngsters ever manage to find their way home, or will they be stuck there forever?

The Society, Netflix

The show is set to return, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, and this is what the cast had to say in the official announcement: “To the citizens of New Ham, we have some big news, really big, like bigger than the time that Gordie figured we’re in a parallel universe.

“Are you ready? We’re making season two of The Society. Do you know what this means? More pie. More fugitive. More memes. More answers. About Charlie. And Becca’s baby daddy. And Grizz’s hair. It will be worth the wait.”

Fingers crossed we get all of those answers, and more.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The Society season 2 release date: When will it air on Netflix?

Production on The Society season two kicked off in 2019, and it was announced back on April 2 (via Deadline) that we can expect it in “late 2020” – not the news we wanted to hear given that so many of us are currently spending a lot more time at home.

The Society, Netflix

The Society season 2 trailer: When can I watch it?

Trailers usually land in the month leading up to the premiere, so once we know that we’ll have a better idea.

Expect a lot more of the same.

The Society season 1 trailer
by Digital Spy GB

The Society season 2 cast: Who’s returning?

The following will all be back for round two:

  • Allie (Kathryn Newton)
  • Will (Jacques Colimon)
  • Campbell (Toby Wallace)
  • Becca (Gideon Adlon)
  • Sam (Sean Berdy)
  • Harry (Alex Fitzalan)
  • Kelly (Kristine Froseth)
  • Helena (Natasha Liu Bordizzo)
  • Elle (Olivia DeJonge)
  • Gordie (José Julián)
  • Bean (Salena Qureshi)
  • Luke (Alex MacNicoll)
  • Grizz (Jack Mulhern)
  • Clark (Spencer House)
  • Jason (Emilio Garcia-Sanchez)
  • Lexie (Grace Victoria Cox)

Olivia Nikkanen, who plays Gwen, has also been upped to a series regular, so expect to see a lot more of her in the second chapter.

This is her official character description: “In high school, Gwen was the girl you didn’t want on your bad side. Not quite Queen Bee, but certainly a member of the royal court.

“In New Ham, her social status is more precarious. Though Gwen is prone to fits of anxiety that leave her vulnerable and isolated, her wit, humour, and hidden talents will help redefine her role in the new world.”

olivia nikkanen at a screening of the society in may 2019

We would also expect Chaske Spencer to once again feature as Mr Pfeiffer. He was one of the bus drivers who drove the kids off for their school trip, and he was seen arguing with Harry’s mum Karen (Anastasia Barzee) and both Sam and Campbell’s dad Doug (Paul Anthony Stewart), at the beginning of the show.

Fans of the series have shared their suspicions about him – but what is his role in all of this?

Showrunner Chris Keyser also returned to head up season two.

The Society, Netflix

Two people who probably won’t be returning are Allie’s older sister Cassandra (Rachel Keller) after she was shot dead, and Dewey (Seth Meriwether), who was executed by shooting after he was found guilty of murdering Cassandra.

But would we bet all of our money on them not coming back? Probably not. The existence of an alternate reality means anything could happen.

The Society

The Society season 2 plot: What will happen?

In the first season, we found out, thanks to Gordie and Bean’s research, that the reality they were living in wasn’t their own but a parallel universe. At the end of the first instalment, they were still very much trapped there and had yet to figure out how to get home.

Meanwhile, the final scene took the audience back to the regular West Ham, which remained as it was, only without all of the town’s teenagers.

There was a plaque on the wall which read ‘We remember them’, and all of the names of the missing teenagers were inscribed upon it. But it’s not clear if they understood what had happened to their children, or what steps they were taking to get to the bottom of it.

The Society, Netflix

In season two that key narrative strand will naturally develop. But whether the teenagers can find a way to get back home is entirely up in the air, as well as what the ramifications of that will be.

There are still numerous questions relating to their disappearance, such as how they were transported to that alternate reality in the first place, and if there are any more twists left in store.

The expedition led by Grizz, in which he and a small group of students went off in search of land where they could grow food, was a success. They managed to find an area where they could cultivate crops and, in Grizz’s words, “survive in this place”.

They also came across some turkeys and discovered that fishing was possible, which means that when the food in the local stores eventually runs out, there’s a chance that they won’t starve to death.

The Society

But that moment of joy was undercut by the fact that Campbell, Harry and Lexie have usurped control of the town, while Allie and Will have been ousted. With that trio now in charge, things are bound to get a whole lot uglier, particularly if Campbell gets his own way.

Fans will no doubt be intrigued to see where that leaves Elle now that he knows she tried to poison him, not to mention the future of Grizz and Sam’s relationship, and the fact that Becca is now a mother.

“I was really mad by the finale,” Kathryn Newton (Allie) told ET. “Obviously I wanted Allie to be in power, but you know I learned a lot from Allie… I mean the way she’s all knowing all of a sudden. She’s gonna let them come to her, I think. That’s what I think!”

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“I feel like she can’t trust anyone… maybe Grizz? I love Grizz! I feel like Grizz and her – they’re gonna come up with something,” Newton continued. “He’s still team Allie, I feel like.”

Jack Mulhern (Grizz) agrees. “I don’t think he quickly believes whatever has been sold to him about what is going on,” he said. “I think that in his heart of hearts he kind of knows what’s going on and that’ll be a point of conflict in the future, if there is a future. You know?”

But will he fight for Allie in season two? “Hell yeah! Yes! All hail Khaleesi!”

Jacques Colimon (Will) also supports Grizz. “I think Grizz is good,” Colimon said.

“Here’s the thing though, all of them need to be together in order to survive. You die alone you survive together… Will is pragmatist, Allie is a leader, Grizz is an explorer, he’s very resourceful and so all of them together need to measure their own strengths and then utilise each other as a team in order to survive, which is really just how the world works, right?”

Natasha Liu Bordizzo


Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena) thinks her character could help our heroes in season two.

“She always has a plan. Helena always has a plan, yes,” she said.

But she’ll need to work out her differences with Luke, who went along with the coup, first. “They have a lot to work out because they leave on a very tough cliffhanger,” she said.

“I think Luke and Helena are kind of like the married couple of the show even though that’s not what they are. They act that way. So I think they are the most stable couple through the entire show and they represent what’s against all this teen drama. You know? They represent something more stable that the adults can kind of sympathise with a little bit more.”

The Society

There’s also the mystery surrounding the father of Becca’s baby.

Chatting to Cosmopolitan UK, Grace Victoria Cox, who plays Lexi, said that she had no idea who it was: “I have no clue! I don’t know, so I’m just as excited to figure it out as everyone else.”

She added: “I would love to see Lexie trying to rule New Ham and because of Campbell and the guard and Harry, it just going terribly and all of the chaos that they would get into I think that would be really fun to act and for people to watch.

the society, grave victoria cox, netflix, season 1
Showrunner Keyser chatted to Metro about his vision for the future of the series: “Ali brought in the question of what happens to your political position regardless of the other world, and whether people believed or didn’t believe that Ali and Casandra working were actually doing the right thing, or whether they were autocrats in their own right. But they didn’t take revenge on their enemies. Now we’re getting to the part where people are beginning to actually punish people who disagree with them and that’s a real risk.

“What will happen, we don’t know… I promise you that if this goes on long enough, these will not be the final answers to how power is exercised. It’s a fluid thing.”

How long the series will continue for, however, remains to be seen.

He added: “We don’t have it all worked out, but we have lots of ideas of where we want to go. We’re on our own personal cliffhanger right now.

“I think that it’s a large cast, no one comes in from the outside, those alliances and power sharing all shift and there are lots of places to go. In some ways the whole world is open to us, these kids are in their own world. I don’t just mean the politics of it, but the relationships, all of that stuff.

“We’re reliant on an audience demand but we’re ready to provide that. We also have an end in mind, we know where we want to go to.”

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