Why politeness is an important virtue

an important virtue

Politeness is an important virtue that we all must learn. No matter what, we all remember the person who was polite to us. Politeness is about being nice to people and expressing how to feel towards them. This means knowing and at the same time respecting the feelings of other individuals.  Sometimes when we like a person, it may be because of politeness that went unnoticed. As humans, we may not always notice politeness. We are usually prone to notice rudeness. If someone has bad behavior, we are more prone to notice that.

Politeness is said to improve our relationships with others. When we talk nicely with others, we feel good about ourselves and others as well. It also helps in building respect for us and the other person. Whenever we are polite, we feel that it boosts our self-confidence and esteem. It is also said that it improves our communication skills and makes us better. 

Students who attend classes in the classroom are more impressed by the teachers who are polite to them. When they attend online classes, the effect of a good teacher is the same. The best app to teach online usually contains good and polite teachers. This is why one must remember to inculcate the values and virtues of politeness.

If a person is too direct in their words and actions they come out as rude people. When they speak they can come across as aggressive. This makes a person angry and puts them off. This is also true in official meetings, but also in many situations where people interact with other people.  Here are some of the ways a person can appear more polite. Polite people can also be called indirect and diplomatic in the job market.

Greeting people well

One must learn to say hello to people. Usually, when people meet each other they ignore by avoiding eye contact. This is not a good way to meet people at all. When a person wants to greet other people, they must attain eye contact with the other person. They must make sure to smile naturally. They must also remember to shake hands with each other. In case of danger of spreading viral diseases, one must avoid eye contact as much as possible. They must hug where appropriate and with the consent of other people. They must learn the art of saying hello as well. It is important to say hello, especially to the friends, and people who work with us. All the other people that see every day must be said hello to. One must always seem approachable and friendly. One must not ignore people just because they are having a bad time. They should be nice to others

One must take time to make some small talk at least with people they have known for quite some time. They must also try to do some small talk with people they don’t know. The questions that they can ask is about the weather. They may also ask other types of questions such as about the other person’s family. The other simple topic they can easily talk about is something that is going on in the news. One must try to make an effort to engage in light conversation. They should try showing an interest, but obviously, they must not overdo it. They must always try to remain friendly as well. They must try to be positive in their tone. They must pick up on the verbal language as well. They must also understand the nonverbal signs as well. These signals from the other person can make their life easy.


Polite people always stand out from rude people as it is an important virtue. Once during road rage, two people got extremely angry at each other. They got involved in a physical fight as well. The other person however decided to not fight by taking the road of politeness. The other person asked for forgiveness from the other person and this is how the matter got solved. This is why the quality of politeness is regarded as an important quality. It can easily boil down the heat and can solve matters. One must therefore remember to be polite for an important virtue. 

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