Why Longevity of Classic Games is Unrivalled

Why Longevity of Classic Games is Unrivalled

The desire to play games is in the DNA of every human-being on Earth, with attributes from social skills to hunting abilities honed whilst engaging in games and role play. Why longevity of classic games is unrivaled.

However, over the ages there have been many games that have not stood the test of time, waning in popularity before being resigned to the history books.

There are, though, some longevity of classic games of the past that have more than made their mark in the present, and whose popularity shows little sign of waning as the world roars into the meat of the 21st century.

This article is all about what imbues these classic games with such powers of longevity, so that developers of new consoles and games can go about taking notes on how to infuse their new titles with the same magic.

Chess perhaps has the best longevity of classic games of any game ever invented

Key to Success is a Game That is Easy to Pick Up but Tough to Master

Balancing a new game’s difficulty and complexity is one of the biggest challenges that faces any contemporary games developer, with so many factors to consider so that players do not get overly frustrated, but also do not grow bored.

However, when a game has been fine-tuned by multiple ancient civilizations and gaming communities over the years, what players tend to find is that this tricky balance comes naturally.

This can be seen in the way that popular board games and card games require their players to know certain basic rules and norms, but then leave it up to those same players to devise their own strategies and tactics when the action really heats up.

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This means that a chess player should always know how each piece on the board can move, that a Texas Hold’em player should be aware of how to use the traditional gradings for poker hands, and a dominoes player should instinctively realize when and where each tile can be deposited.

What this has the effect of doing is to start all players off on a level playing field, with only skill and knowledge then determining who wins the game’s spoils.

Playing dominoes

Playing dominoes to a high standard is so much harder than it looks, but that is what gives the game its lasting appeal

Keep Access to a Game Free as Much as Possible

You can create the greatest game ever made, but if the means to play it are unrealistic for the majority of people then you can kiss goodbye the idea of it ever capturing the imagination of the masses.

The beauty of so many classic games is that they can be played by virtually anybody, with buttons or stones being just as good as draughts pieces and packs of cards often being made freely available as promotional items.

Of course, the internet suddenly gave people an even greater opportunity to play such games free of charge, with many available at sites that only ask for money in exchange for training programs or other special product packages.

The recent resurgence of free-to-play games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone shows that making a game of any genre free has the potential to turn it into a global brand, with plenty more new games sure to follow suit in the months and years ahead.

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Building a Community Feel to the Game

It is bemoaned among contemporary online gamers that a certain level of toxicity always leaks into the forums and lobbies of battle royale and RPG games.

However, that could not be further from the truth when it comes to classic games, with many large offline and online communities forming around streaming sites like Twitch, where popular figures in a game can beginning building bonds between their fans and followers.

There is no doubt that feeling a part of a community of like-minded gamers – who all want to compete but not fall out in the process – is one of the most important things any new game’s developers and publishers should aim to do, as it is this togetherness that will ultimately see the game passed down through the generations.


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