How the fashion industry will change in 2020

fashion industry

This year 2020, there is a weird frequency going on. With all that is going on, I always think when will we catch a break? The dynamics of our interactions have changed with the social distancing directives. I know I speak for many people when I say that we are exhausted emotionally, financially, and psychologically. It is difficult to remain hopeful during such times with all this uncertainty. But this is the only way we can survive; by keeping our heads up. Understanding this, you have to work twice as hard for your sanity. I am constantly looking for activities that can keep me engaged and distracted. Well, let’s talk about the fashion industry. Being in the digital era, you cannot ignore what happens in the fashion world. I find it such a fluid sector that is continuously evolving. A trend you adore today can quickly be replaced with another in no time.  Keep reading to find how the fashion industry will change in the year 2020.

Over the last few years, we have seen so much change in the fashion world. The last decade has seen the presence of many creative designers who have changed the face of fashion. Kanye West, for instance (forget about his recent rant) has changed fashion as we know it. The Yeezy designs have surprisingly been embraced. I mean, this is what I am talking about fashion could mean different things to different people. Do you sometimes look at someone on the streets and wonder what they have on? Well, sometimes that’s what’s trending and may not necessarily appeal to you. Back to this pandemic, the changes are evident. Look at the education system: taking online classes has become the new norm. The essay writing services have made the transition easier for many students. Also, research paper writing has become easier for students as they study from home. With industries closed, many businesses are under pressure to deliver still and boost their earnings. 

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Pandemic or not, the fashion industry was bound to change. With technological advancements, this sector has integrated tech skills in its operations. Also, aspects like the demand for quality products and geographic dynamics will make all the difference. So here are some of the ways the fashion industry will change in 2020. 

  • Fashion Tech

As I mentioned, technology is slowly taking over the fashion sector. Being in an era where the population appreciates technological trends, leveraging it in fashion was the next big thing. How has this been done, you might wonder? Well, the initiation of online fashion boutique businesses has been able to reach more people. An online presence exposes the organization to opportunities that would have been difficult to attain. I mean, your audience and clientele consist of many people around the world. There are digital printing technology and mobile e-commerce websites that are changing the game. Soon artificial intelligence will make the fashion industry more exciting. 

  • Social media is a great marketing channel.

We cannot underestimate the power of social media in this day and age. Many people spend most of their time on social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat have become avenues that enhance business operations. As businesses move their operations online, the fashion industry is also taking this route. Anifa Muvuemba, a Congolese designer, is already maximizing the power of social media. Using her Instagram live, she previewed her latest collection for her brand Hanifa. What was mind-blowing is that she did this using a mouth dropping 3D runway presentation. I promise I am not exaggerating, but it was a beautiful presentation, especially because she went out of her way. So leveraging on social media will see you grow your brand. 

  • Convenience will make all the difference.
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With how much technology has changed our business, consumers are obsessed with convenience and prompt services. 2020 should see more brands going local. Having areas where customers can easily access your services is a marketing strategy. It is all about creating a good relationship with your clientele. Fashion retailers will work on their presence in the neighborhoods. With the focus on convenience, personalization, and excellent customer experience, the future is definitely bright. 

  • Going Green

For the longest time, the discussions in the industry have been around achieving sustainability. Suggestions have been presented. But little action has been taken by many of the organizations. In 2020, the discussions are changing. Now different sectors are being held accountable for their role in creating a sustainable environment. Adidas, for instance, has introduced 100% recyclable shoes. The performance sportswear is a first-generation “Futurecraft Loop” with material made exclusively from ocean plastic. In 2019 alone, Adidas projected 11 million pairs of shoes with Ocean Plastic via Parley. By 2024, the company intends only to use recycled polyester in all the products. Collaborating with individuals like Willow Smith will appeal to the younger audience. 

For those who want to venture into the field, learn all you can about it. Then come up with something unique yet versatile that will make the statement you want. Trends will come and go. As a creative, know how to remain relevant in whichever industry you choose.

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