Retro fashion In The Modern World

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Fashion has come a long way, from bright pinks to mellow shades… We’ve seen everything! Our contemporary fashion is more of a mix of past tones. Fashion trends from the 70s are grossly popular! You shouldn’t be missing out on an opportunity like this and for a good reason. We’ll uncover all of these facts and give you the best possible outfit ideas. Businesses may also benefit from our discussion. 

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Everyday Look

Your everyday outfits don’t have to be exuberantly dressed. Instead, focus on low-effort easy to wear items, these are a must in your drawer. You can think of some basic t-shirts in a range of colors. Oversized and baggy stuff from the past is popular lately and you may wanna check it out. Apart from that, you need a good pair of jeans in multiple washes. Light washes are great for the street look which you may or may not want. Darker washes are essential for the winter season as they provide a lot of utility. From boots to sneakers, they’ll rock all of your looks! 

Simple accessories like a shoulder bag for females make all the difference. Your style should and must reflect your personality but taking hints from elsewhere is alright. Lots of fashion YouTubers and bloggers may help you out with that, so don’t worry. 

A good belt that is a bit funky can do wonders for you. Styling with your shirt tucked in becomes easier and overall it’s just a good investment. Fitted t-shirts are good too, don’t get us wrong but you’ll have to be careful how you style them. Cargo pants seem to be all over the internet and we think they’re not going anywhere. You can get yourself some great cargo pants for cheap and they look great, don’t they? These pants go great with most street outfits including baggy t-shirts and sneakers. 

Office And Work 

Sweaters from the 80s era are great for smart-work clothing, providing an individual with comfort and looks both! Stripes on your cozy warm clothing always give a welcoming vibe and now these are in style. You’re sure to rock the table wearing these on your first day to work. Instead of shelling hundreds of dollars, thrift for most of your sweaters. These could be a hard come by, especially with fall coming shortly. You can get cheaper sweaters as well but it’s generally advisable to invest in a good pair.

 Your choices should be left open so get as many as you can, in basic shades. Blacks and dark browns are essential, you need to have them in your wardrobe no matter what! These are crucial for your white collars and dark formal pants. Chinos could be used as well but we’ll advise for straight fall formal pants instead. These are also an invention of the retro era! 

Speaking of truly formal wear, it wouldn’t be done right without suits. You heard it right, you need a good suit. Stripes or solids, you should keep one in your arsenal. A good collection of ties with floral prints can add that little bit of flavor you may be craving. The whole look would be doubled if you wore a good pair of leather boots, namely loafers. Tussles or just braided, the design isn’t that relevant if the article is classic enough. If your shirt has no buttons on the arms then use quality cufflinks, something on a lighter note. All of these things can be found easily on the internet and even better in thrift shops. 

For The Ladies

Puffy hair and bright colors of the 70s are iconic and easily distinguishable, these set a hallmark for funky fashion. Females may be keen on such expressive trends and we are here to help. 

Makeup can be the first stepping stone for achieving a look like that. You can get semi-permanent eyelash extensions. So what are semi permanent lashes? A hassle-free solution for all your eyelash needs! Interested businesses may use our supply partner. Hairstyles from the past could do the trick as well and you may want to try them out.

 Other than that, we have colorful items of clothing. From tops that shine pink and bottoms with flared flames. Everything is cool and amazing in this trend! You’re comfy in all of it too because it’s baggy. Leather items with shiny flash to them are great, these go great with the bright tones of the 70s. You can get many of these items in thrift shops and save a big buck. Your fashion doesn’t have to be costly, as stated above. 


Fashion is something subjective that means different things to different people. It speaks stories and portrays ideas to them. Again, different from each person’s taste and unique to their kind. It’s something you could be inspired by but never something which you should try to imitate just for the sake of it. Learn to adapt your style and form something which you could be proud to call your own. On this note, let’s finish this article and advise everyone to not copy it. 


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