Top international gaming conventions

Top international gaming conventions

Gaming conventions take place in several diverse locations all over the world. They have become big business and attract professionals from many sectors of the industry. There are also events for those who want to get a sneak peek at new reveals, meet fellow enthusiasts, and play demos for soon-to-be-released games. 

Which are the top gaming conventions? 

ICE London

To be held next at the international convention center ExCeL in London in April 2021, ICE is regarded by some as the home of the global gaming industry. Attending will be gaming professionals from all over the world of varying levels of seniority. It is seen as a significant opportunity for some serious networking to build business relationships in the world of casino gaming. There will be time for relaxation, of course, when possibly NJ no deposit bonus codes will be enjoyed by some delegates.  


E3, the commonly used name for the Electronic Entertainment Expo, takes place every year in Los Angeles, California, and has been going since 1995, and is probably the most significant international gaming convention of them all. The event keeps expanding with every passing year, with more than 60,000 attendees expected. The world’s biggest companies are also guaranteed to put in an appearance at E3, revealing all of their new products and games. 


Another major international gaming event is known as PAX. This event differs from the rest of the gaming convention industry by being more focused on independent, tabletop, and arcade games. PAX first began at the Penny Arcade Expo (hence the name) but has since expanded to become a worldwide event.

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The largest gaming convention to take place in Europe is Gamescom, a vast event that bears more than a passing similarity to E3. This convention is held on an annual basis in August in Cologne in Germany, with attendees receiving their own set of announcements and reveals. 


BlizzCon began five years ago in 2015 in Anaheim in California. Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for hosting this gaming convention, which centers on its most popular franchises, including DiabloHeroes of the StormHearthstoneStarCraft, and Warcraft. The event is also of note due to the inclusion of a concert that has featured bands such as Linkin Park, Metallica, and Muse, that is held during the closing ceremonies of the convention. 

Brasil Game Show

Brasil Game Show is the biggest event of its kind in the world, with around 300,000 people attending. The gaming convention provides opportunities for all attendees, including gamers, developers, kick-starters, and cosplayers. Game developers, especially industry newcomers, are encouraged to co-mingle by the expo, but there is also a wealth of entertainment on offer at the event.


With many game developers located in Asia, it is unsurprising that the region has its own gaming convention in the form of ChinaJoy. With attendees numbering at around 270,000, the event, which is also sometimes known as the China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, welcomes visitors from a minimum of 30 different nations. Every year, more than 3,500 games are showcased at the event. 


DreamHack is the name of another international gaming convention that features many worldwide events across the year. The event includes eSports and is guaranteed to have attendance from many major companies such as Facebook, Nintendo, Twitch, and Ubisoft. 

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Another highlight of video gaming conventions is the competitions. To ensure that competitors are at their best, it is a good idea for attendees to bring along some pro-gaming-style computer glasses to avoid having their experience spoiled by blue light.


The largest gaming convention in the UK is EGX, held in London. It has become the must-see gaming event of the year as far as Europeans are concerned, offering something for everyone in a similar manner to E3 and PAX. Fans get the opportunity to try out some of the newest games and the hands-on experience they crave, while those who like creative cosplays will also enjoy this event. This gaming convention brings together games from all kinds of genres. 


Although not massively internationally famous, 157,000 attendees still show up every year for this Russian gaming convention, which caters to all genres and games, like Gamescom and E3. Running since 2006, the Game Developers Conference of Russia hosts this event, which is one of the nation’s few events of its type and is the biggest.

The Tokyo Game Show

The Tokyo Game Show has been one of the world’s largest gaming conventions for over two decades now since the 1990s, with more than 200,000 people attending the event since 2011. The focus of the Tokyo Game Show is generally on Japanese game publishers, including the likes of Capcom, Namco Bandai Entertainment, and Square Enix.

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