8 best offline android games you can play & enjoy this year

8 best offline android games you can play and enjoy fully this year

Online games are graving a lot of places in our modern life. Kids to adults- now everyone prefers to play online games. But do you know you can get the same excitement offline? Yes, you can play exciting games offline too. Parents do not let their children play online games always. Or maybe the internet is not available in a particular area. But that does not mean one cannot play games on his/her best offline android games.

There are a lot of people who just do not want to be online all the time. Or they want to play games but do not want to be online. For them, today, we will discuss the best offline android games. Offline games are also true sources of enjoyment. And you do not even have to pay for the internet.

People are tending towards offline games – the best offline android games. 

Yes, this is an actual fact. When the world is getting online, a lot of people are trying to be offline. When we remain online, we get a lot of messages, push notifications, pop up, emails, and so many things. But sometimes we need to relax and just do a single thing instead of being versatile. It is also essential for our mental peace. But the scope is getting slimmer day by day.

Playing offline games can be a great way to enjoy your leisure without focusing on too many things. While you are offline, you will get fewer messages or less interruption. So, let’s know the best offline android games that you can play in 2020.

Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

Oh! I have to run only! This is the common first impression when people hear the game name. But believe me, this game is more than that and quite exciting. According to users, this game is purely exciting, and they cannot put it down soon. Its graphics and music will take you to another world.

When we think about a runner game, most of us believe that the game will excite us. It is not a myth. Most of the runner games out there do this to the human brain. But Runner: Alto’s Odyssey is different. It is just the opposite. The game story, graphics, and goals are soothing and give calming game time.

Here a player slides down sand dunes, jump to collect points, skips obstacles, and do backflips. And all these are super relaxing. Yet you may feel that it’s nothing new. But we can claim that it is super entertaining without any doubt.

Download Runner: Alto’s Odyssey

Chess: Really Bad Chess

It is the next best game in our best offline android games’ list. When you want to keep your mind free from any tension, you can play this one. You will learn to think from a different angle and practice patience. Really Bad Chess is a pure offline game without the traditional feel of Chess.

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Here you cannot apply the classic Chess rules. You have to do it in a new way. And that’s the pleasure of playing this chess game. It comes with AI support so that you can play alone and enjoy your own-time better.

Download Really Bad Chess

Puzzle: Mazes and more

Solving a puzzle is a great game. In this way, we learn to keep patience and think wisely. Mazes and more is our next best offline android game. It is a simple as well as a relaxing game. It comes with some fantastic twists.

If you turn on the dark mode, you will see the maze at the start. The appeal is pleasing. Everything goes black, and you will only get a spotlight. There you have to make your own way to exit. Isn’t it mysterious as well as exciting? Apart from the dark mode, there are a lot of modes such as the ice floor, white floor, and so on. Apart from this, you will get self-explanatory time trial mode and traps mode.

Download Mazes and more

8 best offline games for android - DailyScrawl

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Platform: Once Upon a Tower – best offline android games 

When it comes to saying about the best offline android games 2020, we never forget to mention it. This is a fantastic offline game with an impressive game story. According to users, it is a game of arranging elements upside down. This game is going to hurt women-haters a lot. Here the prince dies, and the princess becomes the Shero! She will defeat monsters and overcome all the obstacles and win.

No, I am not going to give you a spoiler. But here, the lead game character is a female. She will conquer everything. If you want to see women win, you can play this. This game is relaxing as well as inspirational. The player has to collect coins and win all the game levels.

Download Platform: Once Upon a Tower

Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast

You know that if you want to stay offline, Zuma is not going to work. But the good news is that some of its knock-offs are effective when you are offline. Among all those, Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast is liked by a lot of people.

According to some users, the graphics are not that smooth. But that is acceptable to a large number of offline gamers. Its gameplay is super exciting as well as funny. While playing this game, you can tap anywhere on the phone screen to shoot. I will keep the entire game secret so that you can explore something new after installing it!

But I can claim that it will easily fit into the list of the best offline android games. It is lengthy yet small and completely free. What’s more, we can expect an offline game in 2020!

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Download Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast

Brainy: Quizoid

You know that there are a lot of quiz games. But most of those are online games. And that’s why Quizoid is becoming popular among the offline players. Here you will face the same questions and answer pattern. I mean, an item will come with multiple answers. You have to tap the right answer.

Here you can set various play modes. I mean, you can target to answer all the questions right. Or you can explore how many questions you can answer within a specific time frame.

This offline game comes with more than seven thousand trivia questions. The questions cover 17 popular categories such as science, sports, history, and so on. Besides its various mode, people also play it to increase the knowledge base.

Download Quizoid

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games, You Must Play in 2020

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Action: Tank Hero- Laser Wars – best offline android games 

It is the not appreciated gem in the crowd. You will see that most of the blogs on the same topic have skipped this one. I do not know why so! But this game is a pure source of enjoyment as well as excitement. It is also free to play offline action game.

Tank Hero- Laser Wars is just about destroying the enemy tanks, survive, and win a level. It seems very simple, yet it packed with fun moves. With the help of a top-down shooter and virtual joystick, you can control your tank easily.

There are some people who do not want to play easy games. For them, this is the right offline game. Here every level is tougher than the previous level. So, it’s all about new challenges and new excitements. Don’t wait more just play it to get more fun while you are offline!

Download Tank Hero- Laser Wars

Shooter: Smash Hit

You may have heard this game term. It is one of the addictive games for android. Even you will find this game on the best offline android games Reddit list. Here, as a player, you need to throw glass objects to smash your target into pieces.

You will get bonuses here to play better and fast. This game is all about winning the levels and getting prepared for the next level. It is true that it is addictive but does not unnecessarily excite a user. During the game time, you have to move slowly and steadily. So, you can say it’s a kind of patience practice.

If you are searching for a game that is easy to play, addictive, free, and relaxing, this one can be the best choice for you.

Download Smash Hit

These are the eight best offline android games that you can play in 2020. Without any doubt, these games are a pure source of fun and excitement. These games will take a little space on your android device. These are free and easily available.

You should build a player mindset. All these are just games and do not connect with the real world. Win and lose are the parts of the game. And they do not judge your quality or merit. So, you should take these casually and only for fun. There is nothing serious in a game and you should not even take games seriously.

That’s all for today! See you in the next blog!

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