Essential Tips for Dressing Twin Girls


How Should I Dress My Twin Girls?

When it comes to dressing twins, there are certain things parents of single babies don’t have to contend with. First off you have to buy double the amount of clothes. You also have to know where to find quality outfits and stylish girls cardigans. This article will be helpful if you are hunting for ideas on how to dress your twin girls.

Buy A Few Matching Outfits 

Understandably, there are parents opposed to matching twin outfits. But having a couple of identical outfits doesn’t hurt. You can dress them in matching outfits for special occasions or for photos. Dressing them the same for the first year is okay. You can try other options as time goes by. But some parents choose to dress the twins in identical outfits until they start having different styles when they grow.

As much as buying clothes in pairs is fun and easy, encourage the twins to feel like individuals. When they start liking different colours and outfits, it might be time to step away from the matching outfits. When you decide to match outfits, keep one item different, so it’s easy to differentiate the girls, especially when they are identical.

Coordinate Rather Than Matching 

If matching is not your thing, then coordinate the twin’s outfits. You can get the same outfits but in different colours or clothes with complementary messages. Most parents opt for coordinating because it’s practical, and you get the most out of your money. If you get girls cardigans with different designs, you can pair them with an endless number of outfits.

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The aim is to keep the girls stylish while avoiding overspending. Instead of shopping for each girl separately, get coordinating outfits you can interchange between them from time to time. Having enough pairs of jeans, jumpers, coloured pants, and dresses will help you build a versatile twin wardrobe. Coordinating outfits rather than matching also works when you want people to tell the twins apart.

Let Them Have A Say 

Even a two-year-old might know the colour they like. You will get away with choosing outfits for the kids for the first few months. But as soon as they have an opinion, allow them to have a say in what they wear. Taking them shopping with you can be a great way to help you learn how the kids want to dress.

Of course, you must regulate what they choose, or they will be all over the place. The girls need to realize their individuality. Time will come when they will appreciate the fact that they can double their wardrobe option by having a twin.

Consider Accessories 

Not all parents remember accessories when it comes to their young ones. But you should consider getting a few accessories when you are out shopping. Get bows, actual hats, or socks that go with different looks. Accessories will spice up their wardrobe. Changing the hat or bow can have a dramatic effect on the outfit.

This gives you room to be more playful when dressing the kids. Accessories like hats are stylish and keep the girls warm during cold weather. Shoes are essential parts of an everyday look. Pay a little more attention to the shoe collection you buy the twins.

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Final Thoughts 

Dressing twin girls can be a walk in the park only when you know what to look for when shopping. This mini style guide for dressing twin girls will show you where to start. Going for matching outfits all the time is not the way to go. Find ways to spice up their wardrobe and make it more versatile.

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