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Omega Watches timepieces have been popular for more than a hundred years—the watchmakers in history for being the first to receive some outstanding awards in the world. Starting from a small watchmaker shop, they grew their company into one of the most respectable watchmakers.

Omega watches created exceptional watches. They maintained the quality of their timepieces over time, and they also improved the movements and parts they use for their clocks. They truly value the watches they make every day for everyone.

Things to know about the Omega watchmaker company

Even though Omega watches are known for making history, it was the first watch to enter space. It was the official timekeeper for the Olympics games in Los Angeles, California. Still, there are things you still need to know about Omega watches.

Mikhail Gorbachev, the former President of Soviet, wore one of the Omega Constellation collections. It was a timepiece from 1982 named Manhattan; it was a gold and steel timepiece, and it was the first Constellation collection that had the claw holding the sapphire crystal.

One of the most reputable supermodels of history, Cindy Crawford was the longest ambassador Omega watchmakers have. She also claims that she is a nerd. She is the ambassador of Omega watchmakers for twenty years.

The Omega watchmakers became well-known to the global military during World War II because their timepieces offer excellent precision, with great water-resistant properties. Lastly, exceptional durability became famous at that time.

In the year 1969, the president, namely Nixon, turned down the gift for him: the first-ever gold Speedmaster Professional Deluxe. Because he considers the timepiece as a precious item, that is why the news about him rejecting it became famous.

In 1984 and 1990, the Omega watchmakers decided to create a watch for the founder Louis Brandit. The two timepieces were a tribute to the founder, known as special collections.

The Omega Watches De Ville collection

The public first saw the Ladymatic Co-Axial Chronometer 34mm this timepiece in 1955. After releasing this timepiece, it automatically became popular with women. Six decades after, this timepiece remains to be eye-catching. 

This timepiece uses an 18K Sedna gold for its bracelet and the 34mm case. The Ladymatic Co-Axial Chronometer 34mm also features an alpha shaped hand that is polished, and the eleven indexes of this Model have diamonds.

Hour Vision Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph 42mm every timepiece that is part of the De Ville Collection features a classic yet unique design. This timepiece also features a two-zone blue dial and features Roman numeral hour indexes.

The dial of this timepiece also has a small seconds subdial. It also has a sixty-minute and twelve-hour counter visible in one dial for reading the elapsed time. In the 42mm 18k red gold case is the mounted bezel and the strap used for this timepiece is a color blue leather. 

Trésor Co-Axial Master Chronometer 40mm is well known for its classic thin case. It was in 1949 when this Model was released. This Model was a tribute to the one hundred twenty-five years of the Omega watchmakers. 

The Model has a case covered with 18K yellow gold, and it also has a dial that has a feature of rare red enamel, and this color connects to the iconic brand color of Omega. It also has a domed hand and index covered with 18K yellow gold. 

This model’s case also features an 18K yellow gold medallion for their anniversary and red enamel-covered it. The watch uses burgundy leather as a bracelet, and it uses the Omega Master Chronometer Calibre 8929. It is the first manual-winding Master Chronometer movement.

The Omega Watches constellation collection

The Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 36mm utilizes the Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Caliber 8800. The Omega logo, the hands, Constellation star, and its files likewise have 18k Sedna gold. 

Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 41mm highlights the notable half-moons, and the conspicuous hook is working on its side. This watch is hardened steel, and it incorporates a dark fired bezel, and it’s Roman numerals are in Liquidmetal. It additionally includes a rhodium-dark dial embellished in silk. 

The Constellation Co-Axial Master Chronometer 36mm, similar to the two models in the rundown, likewise includes a half-moon and paws on the case and remembering for its mono-rang lash. 

This Model is tempered steel and has a distance of 36mm, and it additionally has 18K Sedna gold on top of it. The bezel has a roman numeral engraved in it. It also has a dial that is sun-brushed earthy colored. Its date window is additionally at the 6 o’clock position.


Omega watches have tons of collection varieties with different timepieces per collection. Every collection they have is unique and undoubtedly durable and can last for decades if the watch’s owner values them.

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