How to slide in Madden 21 and Other Amazing Tips!

How to slide in Madden 21

About Madden 21

Do you want to know how to slide in Madden 21 and other incredible tips so that you can enhance your gameplay? If yes, then you are at the very right spot! Here we are going to share some yet su[er effective tips for all the madden lovers out there! We know that the NFL Madden series by the gaming giants EA sports are tough overall. Unlike all the other sports-oriented video games, Madden 21 is based heavily on the realistic science of football. Before we get into the tips of this game, let us know a bit more about the game “Madden 21” by the remarkable makers; EA sports. 

Action and Accuracy! 

Madden 21, just like all the other preceding installments, is a fast and action-packed game. What is new here is that the makers have made sure that they keep it as real as possible. From the realistic avatars of the actual players to the high use of physics, Madden 21 has it all sorted! If, by any chance, you are into sports or you play football in real life as well, then you will fall in love with this game instantly. However, due to the real-life physics and tough teams, just like real football, it is also a bit tough to play. By tough, we do not mean that you will not play it or have any issues with the controls. Madden 21 is a bit tough because it throws you a new challenge in every minute of its gameplay. Let us ponder over some tips below that will help you win matches against all the tough teams in the league.

How to Slide in Madden 21?

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Let us start the list of tips/tricks of Madden 21 by knowing how to slide in it. If you are aware of the actual football game, then you must be aware of the important slide. In order to reach the finish line of touch down or dodge the opponents, one has to quickly slide in! That is why while playing Madden 21, you need to know how to slide right from the very beginning. To do so, you need to hit R2/RT and L2/LT at the very same time. Then just tap the tackle button instead of holding on to it. With this small yet crucial tip in your hands, you can play Madden 21 just like the pro and use this slide skill to win any tough match! 

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Keep the Position in Check! 

Another great feature of this game is that you can also change or edit the position of the players in your team. We suggest that once you have tried playing Madded 21 in a normal way, then it’s time to change things up a bit. You might see that against some teams, you are not able to crack the positions. This is because sometimes, in any Madden game, you need to go ahead and give a personalized touch to the positions. By doing so, you can see where your strong players are placed, and hence, you can make your team’s defense or offense very strong! 

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Gear Up the Defense!

A lot of rookie players do while playing Madden 21 because they don’t focus enough on the defense of their team. By only working on the attack of their NFL team, the players make a big mistake! This is because if you are to play with a team that has a strong attack position, then you will not be able to save any touchdowns! Just by working on your offense in Madden 21, you can hardly do any good for your team. Hence, if you really want to sustain and remain in the champions league for a long time, then make sure that you adjust/work the defense of your team well enough. 

Play More Leagues! 

Another great way to enhance or work on your skillset in Madden 21 is to play a lot of leagues with your home team. By playing a lot of games and matches, you can easily work on your strength and work on your weakness too. Also, if you play more matches in more leagues, the overall skill set of your team will also increase. So, if you want to lead the table in Madden 21, then you should know how to slide and other outstanding tips. 

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Keep the Training Going On!

If you don’t know already, in almost all the sports video games by EA sports, they have a training mode as well. A lot of gamers think that by going through the training mode or by practicing, they are just wasting their time. However, in reality, that is just not true. The training mode in Madden 21 or any other real sports game by EA sports is a great way to upgrade your skills and also to know more about the controls. Moreover, by going through the training mode, you can practice moves that can come in handy while playing a match in any league. Skills like how to slide or how to tackle can be easily learned via this mode.

Make your own Star! 

 Yes, you read that right! In the career mode or general match mode, you can make your very own player! You can name him anything, and you can even adjust his attributes! So, if you want to make your own self in the game, then this is a great way to keep things fun in Madden 21! Moreover, if you want to make a player based on someone else too, then also you can do it! 

Conclusion to How to slide in Madden 21 and Other Important Tips!

Here is the end to an amazing list of tips/tricks that you must keep in your mind while you play the superb game of Madded 21. After using these tips for a while, we are sure that new gameplay will take your team to the next level! Moreover, make sure that you share these Madden 21 tips/tricks with your gaming buddies as well! If you follow these points for the EA sports game, then your team will soon be leading the scoreboard of every league that you play! 

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