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India, a place for tourists. India has 29 amazing states. Each and every state have some specialty. Everyone should explore India. It is a land of customs and traditions. And in India, every festival is celebrated with all the joy and energy. You can book your trips with the SAS Tour And Travel Company In Delhi. You can do adventure, you can visit historical sites, or modern tourist sites and many other amazing places and you can book cheap hotels in Delhi with them.

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Things You Must Do Before Booking A Hotel:-

  • Do Compare Prices:-
    You should always compare the prices of different hotel rooms. No matter whether it is a budget hotel or a luxury hotel. You should always check the prices as every hotel has different policies, packages. So, it is possible that price can differ from hotel to hotel.
  • After comparing, you should bargain:-
    You should book cheap hotels in Delhi. When you compare the prices of different hotels you will get to know the actual prices of the hotel rooms. Now, you can bargain with them to reduce the amount they are charging from you for a hotel room.
  • Hygiene:-
    You can take a look at the hygiene of the hotel. It means you can check the cleanliness of the hotel. As nowadays hygiene is very important for all of us because proper hygiene will prevent us from various infections.
  • Check Hotel Staff:-
    You will need comfortable and good environment during your trip. So, if the hotel staff will be good and friendly, you will enjoy your stay there.
  • Check Policies:-
    You should always check the terms and conditions or policies of the hotel in which you are going to stay. Because every hotel has different terms and conditions or policies.
  • Check Reviews:-
    You should always check reviews of a hotel you are planning to book cheap hotels in Delhi. With the help of reviews, you will get to know more about the hotel. You can make your mind about a hotel after reading the reviews. I suggest you that you should read 5-6 reviews at least. So that you can get a rough idea about the hotel. And after that, you can book your hotel rooms accordingly. You should always avoid booking a hotel without reading the reviews.
  • Check Free Meal:-
    You should check for a free meal. Because when you are on a trip you spend a lot but 1 meal for free helps you to save a large amount. And this 1 free meal attract many customers. There are many hotels in which 1 meal is free for there customers. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. To get this information you need to contact the respective hotel. You can book cheap hotels in Delhi as many cheap hotels provide you 1 meal free.
  • Check Cancellation Policy:-
    It’s important to check the cancellation policies before booking a cheap hotel in Delhi. If you booked your hotel a few weeks before your trip and then suddenly something happens and you have to change your plan then it is a loss for you. Because some hotel has no refund policies, free cancellation policy, 24 hours cancellation policy, 72-hour cancellation policy, and some have a fixed charge on cancellation. So it is important that you take a look at the circumstances.
  • Check Location:-
    You should always check the location of the hotel before booking a hotel room. You should not book a hotel which is apart from the main market or the main area. You should always book a hotel which is in a central location because it will save your time and effort. And it will be safe for you.
  • Check Payment Process:-
    You should always check the payment process. This is very important as every hotel has different rules and regulations. In some hotels, you can use a debit card, credit card but in some hotels, you have to pay through cash only. And some use net banking also. And some hotels take advance payment from you. so you have to check the payment procedure before booking your hotel rooms.
  • Check Hotel Check-in Check-out Time:-
    You should ask the hotel about the check-in and check-out time. If they allow early check-in or late check-out. In some hotels, they allow early check-in only when the room is ready with them. And some hotels also allow late check-out when they have space. So, you should check the details of a hotel in which you are planning to book a room.
  • Check For Security:-
    You should always check for security purposes. Before booking a hotel you should check whether 24-hour security is there or not. Guards are appointed or not, CCTV cameras are there or not, etc. and you have to be confirmed that the hotel’s location is safe after that only you should book your hotel rooms.


Book cheap hotels in Delhi with SAS Tour & Travels. You will get the best services with them. You will enjoy your trip without any worries if you book budget hotels to luxury hotels with them. They have many amazing offers available with them at affordable prices.

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