All You Need To Know About OSRS Agility Training

OSRS Agility Training

If you are an Oldschool Runescape player, you may know there are many skills available in this game. However, players spend many hours leveling up their skills and earn OSRS gold points. Each of these skills is valuable and serves different purposes. One of the most popular skills in OSRS is Agility. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about OSRS Agility training.

This skill is available for OSRS members. However, Agility gives players a huge number of shortcuts. Even Agility is a popular skill, it is also one of the most hated skill. 

Why Should You Train Agility?

You are probably thinking why Agility training is essential. Well, having a high Agility level can be very beneficial. The higher you level up on Agility training, the higher rate of energy restoration you get. For example, an Oldschool Runescape player can recover 1% run energy every 7 seconds. However, this can be recovered in half time with Agility skill.

What Is OSRS Agility Training?

What is Agility training in Oldschool Runescape? You may know Agility training can help you gain cheap RS gold. You will also get many shortcuts with OSRS Agility training. Your Agility training takes place in certain areas where there are many obstacles. In order to train Agility, you have to pass these obstacles. Then, the last obstacle will earn you the most XP. 

You will also gain a fair amount of experience by completing the entire Agility course. However, there are several courses throughout the game. However, we will suggest achieving a high level of Agility as early as possible.

Best Ways To Train Agility

There are many ways for Oldschool Runescape Agility training. Before we get to know the best ways of Agility training, you should know that there are certain numbers of training outfits available in this game. These outfits include Boots of Lightness, Graceful Outfit, Penance Gloves, and Spotted Cape.

As you are training Agility, you will face run energy issues. Other outfits will drain your energy pretty quickly. However, these special weight-reduced outfits can help you with the Agility training course. These clothes will also help you with finding obstacles. However, you will find the Graceful Outfit is the most helpful in OSRE Agility training.

Graceful Outfit

Graceful Outfit is probably the best clothing in OSRS Agility training. This outfit reduces the weight of the player for every piece of Graceful Armour earned. It will also boost the run energy restore rate. This outfit can increase your energy restoration by 30%. Graceful Outfit costs 260 Mark of Grace, which you will be able to earn by level 55. It would cost 3.6M RS gold at the current price. You can earn Marks of Grace through Rooftop Agility Courses. 

There are other factors considering Agility skill training. There are positions including Energy, Stamina, and Super Energy. They can help you throughout the course. You can use Agility boosts that can make the most gain of the higher level of this training course. 

You can also use Agility Quests that can help you with gaining a higher level in the training. There are almost 19 Agility Quests available in this course. However, you need to fulfill the requirements to complete them.

What Is Marks Of Grace?

Marks of Grace is basically a currency of the OSRS game. You will get Marks of Grace when you are completing Rooftop Agility Courses. They show up randomly while navigating the courses. You have to pick them up before they disappear in 10 minutes. The more obstacles you navigate, the more you will get the chance to win Marks of Grace. 

However, Marks of Grace yield reduces if your Agility training level is 20 or more. Currently, a Mark Of Grace is worth around 13,000gp in Amylase Crystals.

Best Method For Agility Training

There are many courses available for Agility training. However, out of all these courses, the Werewolf Agility course is the most popular one. This particular course offers you the most XP per hour. Werewolf Agility Course offers around 69,500 XP per hour. However, you need to complete the Creature of Fenkenstrain before taking part in this course. This course is very good since you can get the chance to win more Marks Of Grace. 


Agility is one of the most effective skills of Oldschool Runescape. It can create a lot of shortcuts within the OSRS course. Moreover, you can get the chance to win Marks of Grace by this Agility training. You can also use it as a secondary target while you are leveling up. However, you have to remember using suitable outfits when you are doing Agility skill training.

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