New Slots to try this July

New Slots to try

The world of online slots is constantly evolving, and it does so at an incredibly fast pace. Every month, dozens of new titles are released by high-quality slot producers. This is why it ‘s hard for most slots fans to keep up with new games. On top of that, the number of games released is so high that it’s nearly impossible to have the necessary time and money to try them all.

The number of new slots released every month is growing exponentially, confirm the team of slots experts running site Trying and reviewing all those new games is a full-time job for them, even tho they admit that  running such a site is a lot of  fun. They confirm that among so many new games there are some that catch the attention of both experts and newbies. Those games usually have a mix of ingredients that is just so pleasing and smart that gets to create a unique experience. Among those special online slots, we are going to talk about three of them which made their way to the top this July.

  • Beef Lightning Megaways: this is a slot by Big time Gaming, one of the most hip slots providers globally. These are the guys who invented Megaways™, a slot engine which is having a huge success among players, thanks to its fast-paced action and the high win potential guaranteed by 117.649 possible win ways. Their latest release is Beef Lightning Megaways, a unique slot thanks to its strange theme.. meat making. You shouldn’t worry, the whole business is taken in the most friendly way, with happy cows, green fields and benevolent farmers. BTG always produces slots that are up to the highest standards. This one  is special because of its auction feature, which carries a huge win potential.
  • xWays Hoarder xSplit: developed by Nolimit City, this game is a crazy race to get… toilet paper! That0s not true, there is much more to it than that. Provider Nolimit City loves post-nuclear, apocalyptic scenarios, and here they propose one of the most complex ones we have seen in a while. The background of this slot is a deranged city, the narrative of the game shows four survivors fighting for the last bits of comfort they can find. On top of the intriguing background and narrative, this game has a lot more to offer. Firstly, top-notch design and perfect user experience from all devices. On top of that, the game offers xWays and xSplit, two technologies that increase exponentially players chances of hitting a win.
  • Starburst XXXtreme: everyone who ever played slots in their lives know Starburst, one of the most popular games in the (brief) history of online slots. This July NetEnt has released a follow up to their most popular game ever. The game looks pretty much the same, you will find the familiar stars and wilds, the usual intergalactic theme and the same old 20 paylines. What’s new? This game offers a new special feature that guarantees features dropping on the reels, thus creating the grounds for hitting big wins. This is the XXXtreme spins feature, and players can activate it (or de-activate it) during each and every spin. There are two possibilities, when it comes to activating the feature, one that costs 10x the stake and one that will cost players 95x the stake. Thais is why experts recommend to give a try to the new feature while keeping an eye on budget. This is because the special feature does not guarantee a win, and it’s easy to get carried away
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According to many experts, these are  the three online slots to look for this July. Obviously there  are many more interesting titles to look for, most of which people can find  in specialised websites, run by experts who try and  review new online slots on a regular basis.

It is also striking how the quality of these games is constantly increasing over time. Just a few years back online slot were pretty rudimental games, hosted by simple websites, developed by video game fans. Nowadays the situation has completely changes, and online slots have completely overtaken land-based ones, creating a brand new market. Competition is very high, and the many creative studios releasing these games are constantly improving their output. Now online games run on the latest technology, have top-notch design and animation, and offer very complex special features. The overall gaming experience is one of the highest quality, and thanks to the speedy evolution of technologies there are constantly new features appearing on players screens. Let’s wait and see what new innovative special features online slots have in store for us in the next few months!



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