Everything about Pokemon crystal clear you should know

Everything about Pokemon crystal clear you should know

Pokemon Crystal is an improved version of Pokemon Gold and Silver, released in 2000 in Japan and elsewhere in 2001. The game has added some new features, such as a battle tower that allows players to participate in battles. It is also the first Pokemon game where you can choose a boy or girl character. Pokemon Crystal is an entertaining game that combines the best of gold and silver to make everything better! Whether you want to play this game regularly or need some nifty tricks to unlock many cool things, Pokemon Crystal cheats, and Pokemon Crystal tips will give you an experience in this amazing game. Pokemon Crystal Clear is a hack rom developed by Shock Slayer based on Pokémon Crystal.

The funny thing about this is its incredible development, and that Shock himself has broken every possible limit by creating this incredible hack.

Let’s put ourselves in a situation that they are talking about pokemon crystal clear. As the main console of the Game Boy, the limitations that there are incredible, and this same boy was able to create an open-world Pokémon game added to other incredible features.

It should bring much more fun. Today, if you decide to start the Nuzrock Challenge with Pokemon Crystal Clear, here you’re going to keep a small record of the most important events you’ll encounter in this adventure. Still, before you start, there’s some explanation. There is.

What is Pokemon Crystal Clear?

It is a patch created by Shock Slayer that turns the Pokemon Crystal of the Game Boy into an open-world game where you can go wherever you want when you want, in addition to many other changes and improvements. You do not know all the details, you will discover them, but these are the basics:

Redesigned maps so you can access everything in any order, without the need for MOs, special objects, or barriers that you can only jump in one direction. You will be putting examples as you find them.

It can be done in any sequence and the level of the trainer’s scales with the number of medals you’ve earned.

  • The level of wild Pokemon is maintained by zone.
  • You can go to the Pokemon league with eight medals, whether they are Kanto or Johto.
  • The map of Kanto is reconstructed to recover the green forest, the moon mount, the foam islands, or the Pokemon mansion from the original games.
  • They have added brand new zones, and OMs are still being used to access certain optional zones.
  • The flight takes you anywhere, even if you haven’t visited it, the magnetotail works from the beginning, and many boats can take you to any island.
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In addition, other small adjustments make the experience much more fun.

  • There is an NPC with which you can evolve Pokemon that only do it by the exchange.
  • It is possible to find all 251
  • Gym leaders can be challenged again.
  • It is possible to start in Johto or Kanto.
  • Expanded list of 28 starter Pokemon, including challenges like Unown or Smeargle
  • All MTs are for sale.
  • Custom sprites for all Pokemon

Nurse Joy does not speak and directly heals you by pressing A. When finished, you turn around only to avoid starting the healing again by mistake.

Best Pokemon Crystal Trick

 Big code collection

This is your most popular Pokemon Crystal Cheat. A great collection of codes such as summoning and fighting Pokemon, tweaking statistics, tweaking item slots, and more. These schoolgirls are worth a look, as there are too many to list here. It also includes comments from people who have tried the code over the years. Big code collection

 Master ball trick

Eliminate headaches from catching Pokemon with this master ball trick. With this code, you can get as many as you need. Master ball trick

 Article cheat

If you are looking for more than a master ball, you can use this code to define the items you need—article modifier code.

 Get all beginners

Start the game with Professor Elm’s three starters. This cheat only works at the beginning of the game. Get all the main dishes.

 Walk on the wall

Unless the code goes through the wall or walks everywhere works, the Pokemon cheat page will not be complete. This is what you can find on your site. Use this Pokemon Crystal trick to go through walls anywhere you like on the map.

Pokemon Crystal Tips

Therefore, if you want to try and play the game without cheating, you hope these tips will help you on your Pokemon Crystal journey.

  • Find a secret trainer.

Some trainers are not so easy to find in the game. Follow these instructions to reach them. If you go to the left side of the nursery, you will see that there is a lake. Use the surf to go south. Eventually, you will land. Continue south to meet three coaches. If you think everyone is a girl. When you fight the first one, you don’t have time to heal, so be prepared. If you win, you will get Stardust that can be sold at a high price. You can find more information and comments about these secret trainers here.

  • Mow the grass

You can use a Pokemon that knows MOW to get rid of grass in an area. Get a Pokemon that knows this movement and go into the grass that isn’t inside. You need to mow the grass.

  • Cloning in crystal

It’s possible to clone Pokemon with Crystal, but it can be a little tricky and different from cloning with Gold or Silver. Thankfully, there is this guide that will guide you through the steps to clone with Crystal.

How to catch Lapras

Laplace is one of the most difficult monsters to obtain in Pokemon Crystal. It’s not because it’s weird, but because you need to be in a certain place at a certain time. Lapras can be caught in Union Cave on Friday. First, fly to the town of azaleas. Then go to the right to the end. Then enter the cave. To increase. Turn left and walk to the end. Next, you will see a small pond. If you surf down, you’ll see a ladder. Climb the ladder, and you will see another small pond. Surf and go to the other side. Climb the ladder. Then you will come to a very large pond. Move down and turn left. As you walk, you will see the coach. She will fight you.

After fighting, she goes down a little and sees a medium-sized pond on the right. When you surf, you will see the blue Laplace. Laplace will be level 20, so prepare at least level 20-22 Pokemon. Put that Pokemon first. You must have at least two or three big balls. But now there is an interesting part. Don’t bother saving your game before you find it. There is only one Laplace on that Friday.

If you can’t, don’t worry. Laplace is not a rare Pokemon. Appears in the same place every Friday. Learn more: How to catch Laplace.

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Pokemon type pairing

There is a complete list of which types of Pokemon are effective against other types of Pokemon. They encourage you to visit the original entry on your site here.

Scroll down to see more Pokemon Crystal tips and tricks from Super Cheats visitors. There are also some Pokemon Crystal tutorials and over 1500 Pokemon Crystal questions to help you find very specific and detailed information about Pokemon Crystals.

New features of Pokemon Crystal Clear

  • Pokemon has changed. Some have changed slightly, others have changed significantly. Many poor or uninteresting Pokemon have been given new types, movements, evolutionary methods, and statistics. Try new teammates without thinking about the obvious. They may surprise you!
  • The movement has been rebalancing and rename. For example, the Present can do catastrophic damage, and Doubleslap always hits twice. HM is also a bit more powerful and diverse when typing.
  • You can use the translation memory as many times as you like
  • New movements such as Swarm, a powerful bug-type movement, have been added.
  • New items such as Alloy Stone, Legendary Stone, and Roe have been added. Many wild Pokemon now have items.
  • The roster of all trainers has been improving, giving diversity to gym leaders, particularly providing a more challenging and interesting experience.
  • All Pokemon are available in different ways. Each route has various Pokemon blessings that can be found, and new legendary battles are spreading throughout the Kanto and Johto regions.
  • No need to trade for evolution-Pokemon that previously evolved through trading are now evolving in other ways.

Type readjusted

  • Ice is much stronger in defence and resists water, grass, dragons, and itself. Glass now deals normal damage to flying and dragon types, and ghosts now do normal damage to steel types.
  • Ghosts are now special, and darks are physical. This seemed logical given how most Dark-type movements involved biting and punching and how ghosts were intangible.
  • Gender-based evolution added to Nidoran and Calibre
  • You can choose both Kanto and Johto starters from the beginning.
  • A new menu icon has been added.
  • Lavender Town has revived its RBY music, and the creation of a radio tower may have created something unfortunate.
  • On rare occasions, you may find very high levels of Pokemon in the Kanto region. Otherwise, you can create more interesting wild encounters that will be disappointing in the area.
  • Fixed some minor bugs, such as the cart’s custom pocket ball not working properly.
  • Your mom believes in you when you say you know how to use Pokegear (and otherwise little dialogue fixes)
  • Here are some tips for those who play. -Hosa is now a split evolution, and both he and the glaber need stones to evolve.


Q: What is Pokemon crystal clear?

A: Pokemon crystal clear is a fan-made open-world ROM hack of Pokemon Crystal, which allows you to explore both Johto and Kanto regions, choose from 24 starters, and customize your gameplay.

Q: How to play Pokemon crystal clear?

A: You can play Pokemon crystal clear by downloading the ROM file from the official website or other sources, and using an emulator, such as VisualBoyAdvance or My Boy, to run it on your device or computer.

Q: Is Pokemon crystal clear legal?

A: Pokemon crystal clear is not legal, as it violates the intellectual property rights and trademarks of Nintendo, the official creator and owner of the Pokemon games. You may also break the laws and regulations of your country or region by downloading or distributing Pokemon crystal clear.

Q: What are the features of Pokemon crystal clear?

A: Pokemon crystal clear has many features, such as multiple difficulty modes, full backtracking support, new areas and secrets, new abilities and items, new events and characters, and more.

Q: Where to find more information about Pokemon crystal clear?

A: You can find more information about Pokemon crystal clear on the official website, the unofficial subreddit, the Discord server, or the online guides and reviews.

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