RuneScape Clan Guide: Why Should You Join A Clan?

RuneScape Clan Guide: Why Should You Join A Clan?

Are you thinking about joining a RuneScape clan? Then you should read the RuneScape Clan Guide first. However, RuneScape clans have been involved in the game for years. By joining these clans, you will get a better chance to get more RuneScape gold points. However, there was not a lot of support for these clans in the early days. Hench, the developers didn’t use to suggest them for winning points.

As we mentioned before, clans have been around since the beginning of RuneScape. These clans have been challenging others to see who is the strongest. Joining a clan can be very helpful for winning more gold points. In this guidance, we will cover the types of RuneScape clans, potential benefits you can get by joining a clan. So, let’s find out what’s there in the RuneScape Clan Guide.

What Is A RuneScape Clan?

Well, before digging deeper, we should know the basics of a RuneScape clan. Basically, a clan is a group of friends who play together. These players join a clan to complete multiple tasks, which are way more difficult for a single player. The goal of a clan depends on the players. You will find players are working together to make some osrs gold points. You can also create your own clan. You need at least five players to create a RuneScape clan. However, you can add many more members to accommodate.

Jagex was one of the first companies that introduced their own clan support in 2007. They introduced Clan Chat for the players. It helped players to communicate with each other better. Jagex also provided some events like Clan Camps and Jagex Clan Cup later. These events have become major parts of the RuneScape game. Later, many companies have introduced their own clans. 

Types Of RuneScape Clans

We know there are many clans available for RuneScape. However, all of them are not suitable for you. Each RuneScape clan requires a potential player. To find your ideal clan, we are giving some examples of RuneScape clans. Read this to win more valuable RuneScape gold points. However, joining a clan totally depends on what kind of you want to play. Let’s find out.

PvP Clans

PvP clan stands for the player-versus-player element of the game. This type of clan mainly includes warring clans. Mainly, the focus of a PvP clan is inside the Wilderness. However, this does not exclude other forms of PvP clans. Clan wars usually take place in the Wilderness and Clan Wars Arena.

The PKing trip is one of the oldest events in the clan world. In this event, a clan enters Wilderness intending to kill other players for winning osrs gold. Clan wars are one of the most common factors in PvP clans. There are two types of popular clan wars, PK Run-In and Knock-Out. Your clan needs to defeat every member of the enemy clan in Knock-Out. However, the enemy can return in the PK Run-In event.  

PvM Clans

This clan is the second most popular clan in this game. PvM clan stands for Player VS Monster, which is very popular in RuneScape. If you want to avoid fighting against other players, you can join a PvM clan. This PvM clan specializes in a variety of bosses ranging from low level to endgame enemies. Joining this clan can be very profitable too as you will get the chance to win more points. 

However, this PvM clan requires some considering factors. So, you need to have particular gear, skill,s and abilities to join this clan. PvM wars between clans are held to determine the strength. 

Skilling Clans

The third most popular clan of RuneScape is the Skilling clan. In this clan, players usually focus on training different skills. These skills include mining, fishing, cooking, crafting, smithing, woodcutting, fire making, and dungeoneering for the free-to-play players. However, skilling clan members also focus on other skills including construction, farming, thieving, fletching, and herblore. 

Just like the previous clans, the skilling clan also has a competition called Skill War. A Skill War between two clans is a gaining skill experience. The clan with the most skilling experience is declared as the winner. 

Minigame Clans

Finally, you know the types of clans in RuneScape. However, there is another clan named Minigame clan. These clans are a group of players who team up to play minigames like Soul Wars, and Clan Wars.

These are the most popular clans to earn Runescape gold. However, you can join other clans like Role-Playing, Activity, Community, and Quest. 

Benefits Of Joining RuneScape Clans

Joining a RuneScape clan is totally depends on you. However, you will only be able to join a single clan at a time. You may need to join each of them to know which one is suitable for you. The benefits of joining a clan are countless. Besides earning gold points, you will get additional experiences, learn new skills, and socialize with other players. You will be able to gain the most valuable experience by joining a RuneScape Clan.


Joining RuneScape clans can be very effective. There are many of them for you to join. We have covered nearly everything you need to know about RuneScape Clan Guide. It’s your time to choose a suitable clan.

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