What Is a PNG File Used For?

What Is a PNG File

Let’s be honest; the internet is a confusing place. Unless you come from a computer science background, there’s a lot of things you see on a regular basis that doesn’t make any sense. For example, why are there so many different types of image files online? You’ll see some websites using jpg files, some using jpeg files, and then you’ll notice a png file. Let’s see what is a PGN file used for.

Why so many? And are they actually different from one another? Yes, they are different. You can use images in png file format in much the same way as regular image files, such as jpg, but also have some unique characteristics that make them stand out.

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What Makes PNG Files Different?

You can take a photo on your camera, upload it to your computer, edit it, and then save it as various different types of image files. More often than not, you’re going to choose either jpg or png.

In this instance, choosing either will result in basically the same file. They will both look like the image you took and can be used on social media, on websites, and pretty much anywhere that an image file can be accepted.

However, the way that the files are compressed is different. With jpg files, the main goal is efficiency. So when you export photos as jpg files, you are going to lose some quality, resulting in a smaller file size. Smaller files are easier to send or upload, and they take up less space on your computer and on websites.

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When you compress png files, you won’t lose any quality. The image will look a bit crisper, particularly when zoomed in. However, you’ll have a larger file.

On top of this, png files can be saved with transparent backgrounds. So if you design a graphic, such as an icon or a logo, and remove the background, a png file won’t add a background automatically as jpg files do.

So if you need to add a logo to a website, for instance, you’ll want it to be a png file.

Create and Compress PNG File

So what is a png file used for? If you are a photographer or designer, you’ll likely use png files for your photos and images so that quality isn’t lost as it moves across the internet.

Or, if you need to add graphics with transparent backgrounds to websites or design work, you’ll want png files. JPG files add backgrounds automatically and shouldn’t be used in many cases.

When you are saving your photos or graphics in your design software, you’ll have the option to save or export your files as png files. Or, if you already have jpg files, it’s easy to convert jpg to png.

You can use an online png file converter, or use the software you probably already have such as Adobe. 

PNG Files are Everywhere

If you do any sort of work online that involves images, you are going to need to understand the benefits of a png file sooner or later. From web design to blogging, graphic design, and photography, there are going to be many cases where a png file will be better than a jpg file.

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