The Differences between RAW Classic and RAW BLACK Classic Cones: Which One Suits Your Smoking Style?



RAW is a brand synonymous with quality and natural materials in the world of rolling papers and pre-rolled cones. Among their wide range of products, the RAW Classic and RAW BLACK Classic Cones stand out as two popular options for smokers with varying preferences. To help you decide which cone is the perfect fit for your smoking style, we’ve broken down the key differences between these two distinct RAW offerings.

RAW Classic Cones: The Original Standard

RAW Classic Cones are the foundation upon which the RAW brand built its reputation. These cones feature all-natural, unbleached paper with no added chemicals or adulterants. The gumline is crafted from natural Acacia tree sap, providing an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical-based gumlines.

Available in Single Size, 1-1/4 Size, 98 Special, King Size, and Peacemaker, RAW Classic Cones cater to a wide range of smoking preferences. This product is ideal for regular smokers who appreciate a natural, high-quality cone without breaking the bank.

RAW BLACK Classic Cones: The Connoisseur’s Choice

For those seeking an elevated smoking experience, the RAW BLACK Classic Cones are an excellent choice. These cones maintain the same natural qualities as the original Classic, but with an important distinction: the paper used in the BLACK Classic Cones is the thinnest RAW has ever produced. This ultra-thin paper, measured in grams per square meter (GSM), is designed to provide a smoother smoking experience and to “truly taste your terps.”

Due to the precision and innovation required in their manufacturing process, RAW BLACK Classic Cones are more expensive than their Classic counterparts. These premium cones are only available in King Size and 1-1/4 Size, catering to true aficionados who are willing to pay extra for an unparalleled smoking experience.

Classic vs. BLACK Classic: Which One Is Right for You?

When choosing between RAW Classic and RAW BLACK Classic Cones, consider the following factors:

Paper Thickness: If you prefer an ultra-thin paper for a smoother smoking experience and to taste the true flavor of your terpenes, the RAW BLACK Classic Cones are your best bet. For a standard, high-quality smoking experience, the RAW Classic Cones will suffice.

Budget: The RAW BLACK Classic Cones come at a higher price point due to the precision in manufacturing. If you’re a casual smoker or budget-conscious, the RAW Classic Cones offer a more affordable option.

Size Variety: RAW Classic Cones are available in a wider range of sizes, making them more versatile for various smoking preferences. RAW BLACK Classic Cones are available in only two popular sizes, tailored to the needs of connoisseurs.


Both RAW Classic and RAW BLACK Classic Cones deliver exceptional smoking experiences, with the primary differences lying in paper thickness, price, and size availability. By considering your preferences for paper thickness, budget, and size variety, you can make an informed decision about which RAW cone best suits your smoking style and personal taste.

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