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Stardew Valley is a title that has been with us for some years, being part of the gamers’ community. It has multiple downloads on different platforms, like mobile phones, PC, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Therefore, so far, its success has been impressive. Now, if you are here, it is because you have probably heard this fun farm simulation game on different occasions. That is why here you dedicate a section to you with every detail of the game. Where you involve all the relevant aspects that will help you stand out and better understand video games, some time ago, games related to agriculture and livestock were gaining currency, including, of course, on mobile is stardew valley cross platform.

This is the case, for example, with the Farming Simulator, a simulator that was migrated to iOS and Android on a PC a few years later. After being acclaimed PC and Nintendo Switch, the turn of the agricultural RPG is stardew valley cross-platform of Concerned Ape, and ChucklefishGames just appeared in iOS. The title is compatible with both iPhone and iPad, includes all the content present in Windows version 1.3 (except multiplayer mode), and has a fascinating 16-bit pixelated atmosphere for about 50 hours.

What is multiplayer in Stardew Valley?

There are differences in in-game modes, whether single-player or multiplayer. The guest player cannot enter the saved file without converting it to multiplayer mode. To select the Cooperative option in the main menu, start the Cooperative Farm from 0. Then the host, thus starting a new game that you can invite to other players. You can also choose how many cabins you will have on your farm. In other words, this is stardew valley cross platform number depends on the number of players participating in this game.

How to play on the Playstation, Xbox or Switch in Stardew Valley?

It all depends on the platform you are playing. You may need to have a subscription service. It was not required for PC. If you’re using the console, you’ll need a PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold, or Nintendo Switch Online account. There are two ways to start a Stardew Valley multiplayer game, depending on whether you’re starting from scratch on a new farm or converting an existing single player game to multiplayer. In any case, anyone who starts a multiplayer farm will act as a host for the game, and that farm will only be available online.

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When you have a farm already installed, you only have to invite other players in the same way as in any game with multiplayer mode. Taking into account the need to own copies of the game.

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is stardew valley cross platform – What to invite players for a game already started individually in Stardew Valley?

If you want players to join a game that has already started, you must first create a new cabin. All you have to do is talk to carpenter Robin, who provides the services of cabin construction or demolition. The cost is 100g each, and this process is a little more economical. It is also possible to transfer fromyour farm to another player so that this becomes the owner. At this time, it’s not possible without major changes to the game.

The farm is saved on the owner’s computer and console only when you invite it. You only give them temporary access to the world. Thus, these guests are called peasants by the game. There are players on the farm, but the owner can control access at any time.

Local multiplayer in Stardew Valley

This feature is only available on Nintendo Switch. No updates are planned for the rest of the platforms, and the screens aren’t split, so you’ll need a separate Nintendo Switch and a copy of the game. When you select Coordinated Mode in the main menu, you can establish a connection by selecting local communication instead of online.

There is no cross multiplayer game in this game. Only for PC players, Steam and GOG have this option. The split-screen hasn’t been mentioned so far, but some players are using mods to make it possible despite this. It covers everything that helps you understand how to play multiplayer on your PlayStation, Xbox or Switch in this way on your PC.

Tips for Visiting the Mines in Stardew Valley

With some general tips that will be useful to you. Some look very obvious, but if you’re just getting started, you’re likely to have overlooked them, and you’re wasting your precious time every time you go to the mine.

is stardew valley cross platform – Visit the mines on lucky days.

If you are playing is stardew valley cross-platform for a while or reading the guide with tips to start playing, you will know that luck is very important in the game.

Check the television, and if you are on a day of maximum luck, do not hesitate to visit the mines.

If you are luckier, it is easier than:

  • Let’s discover the staircase before descending before level.
  • Let’s find minerals more frequently and that these are of higher quality.
  • If it is not your day of maximum luck or it is a neutral day, it is also good that you visit them.
  • Build chests and place them inside the entrance

In the mines, you will find many objects, and you are also going to have to be equipped with various.

That is why it is very important that you can reach a chest by climbing the stairs. In this way, you can collect extra food that you have stored. Or keep objects that do not fit on top of you and immediately continue chipping stones and looking for objects. There is nothing more irritating than having to rummage through your backpack items and decide which is the least valuable to have to throw it away. Avoid it at all costs by building chests.

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Take food to the mine.

Mines consume a lot of energy-destroying stones. You will lose many monsters that fight health. Whenever you visit the mines, remember to bring some food.

If you are starting and don’t want to spend on food. They recommend making a country bar with the following species:

  • Acorn
  • Maple
  • Pineapple

But if you are a little more advanced, the best object to regain energy if you visit the mines is cheese. To make it, you will need:

  • Get the cheese from the cows
  • Process it in the cheese press
  • Eliminate the enemies you meet
  • monsters mines stardew valley

Running away from enemies can be tempting. They recommend that you take out as many monsters as possible.

This second is very important. Because what you are interested in is to keep down the level from at least 5 to 5 so that you can come back from there next time.

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is stardew valley cross platform – Find red quartz to melt it.

Red quartz looks valuable to the naked eye, but if you sell it from your chest at night, you’ll only get 100 gold. If you melt the red quartz in the furnace, you will get three units of refined quartz.

You can find the fiery quartz starting from the 80th floor. If you are looking for this resource, do not use bombs because they can destroy it. You will also need it for a mission on the bulletin board or creating the slime press.

Use the hoe on the mine floor.

This is something that many people have not thought of or have not stopped to think about. But you can farm a lot of resources if you use the hoe on the mine floor.

If you have already improved it at Clint’s Smithy, you can hoe on various sections of the ground and find many objects such as:

  • Clay
  • Minerals
  • Geodes
  • Artifacts to donate to the Gunther museum
  • Cave carrots

So if you look very energetic, don’t forget to hoe inside the mines from time to time.

Get ready to fight monsters in the best way.

You have already commented previously that you are very interested in eliminating the monsters that meet. but now they give you two fundamental tips if you want to be successful in combat:

  • Buy a good weapon: You can find weapons in the mine like the Pirate Saber when you reach the 50th floor, but they recommend that you visit the Adventurer’s Guild and buy the Templar Sword for 4000 gold coins as soon as possible.
  • Block the monsters’ attacks: In addition to hitting the enemies, you can also block their attacks to counterattack later. This will help us not to lose health unnecessarily when you go into combat.

is stardew valley cross platform – Collect all the mushrooms you can

When you reach 25,000 gold coins, Demetrius will appear in your home and ask you what you want to put into the cave on the farm. Choosing a bat will bear fruit, but you will not have access to some of the mushroom types that exist in the game.

Eat often and don’t die, or you will lose items.

Suppose you are farming in the Pelican Town mines. You have to keep your energy and health in check at all times. If you pass out, you will lose several items from your backpack at random.

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