How to play mutilate a doll 2 game

mutilate a doll 2

Do what comes to mind. Break arms, legs, throw from a height, throw under the car, in general, try to play to get the maximum number of injuries. You get points for this. By the way, the game mutilate a doll 2 has provided you with a good variety of items that you can use to damage the rag hero. Here’s an anti-stress toy.

You can easily control the crazy puppet’s movement in the air, but it isn’t easy to control the direction it is heading towards it. You will find a series of stages that will help you adapt and understand the game’s puzzles. But as the stages progress, you need a lot of good focus to complete the 50 game levels. It is sure that you will finish all these stages successfully because you deserve to be the winner and the champion of this free doll game.

Get ready for the exclusive ragdoll adventure game. This game clarifies the objective of keeping with the white line without falling with the sandbox floor. Find the right moment to jump into the water space safely without falling or hitting the ground. Destroy and destroy all the boxes connected to the line. Please wait for the right moment and do it. The winner will overcome all difficulties and win your enemy time. You must stay away from mutilating a doll because you must keep the ragdoll safe from any damage or shock. Play smart and choose the easy way to win.

In this description, and for the whole ragdoll simulation, it will provide you with a set of detailed and clear rules to help you understand the correct way to play and a set of simple explanations for everyone who has difficulty understanding this addictive game.

Play Mutilate A Doll 2 - Mutilate A Doll 2 game

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Game Features:

– The Ragdoll game is interesting, easy, and suitable for kids.

– More than 50 unique, funny, fun, and full of surprise themes.

– The ragdoll movements, consistent and beautiful.

– Boxes, balloons, barriers, weapons, and other action surprises.

– You can make the ragdoll get into the water with ease. Just think outside the box.

– The quality of 2D graphics is excellent and clear.

– You can open all achievements.

– Various innovative ways to save rag stick man from killing, smashing, hitting, or just exploding.

– Save ragdoll character and mutilate a doll.

– Sound effects made the player play in real mode.

– The physical simulation is consistent with the crazy character’s personality.

– Ragdoll of realistic physics.

– Single-player and endless madness of 2D mayhem and sensational gameplay.

– Realistic AI and smooth controls.

Purpose of the game

As with the first game, the goal of mutilate a doll 2 is to damage and “kill” the dolls using the wide variety of items in the game. There are more options in this game than the original; however, the purpose remains the same, and it is still described as a stress reliever game. mutilate a doll 2 does not have an official ending, and players can play for as long as they want.

How to play

mutilate a doll 2 mods is an easy game to learn and play; At the most basic level, the player only needs to generate rag dolls and items or weapons to use on them. Controls for developing items and customizing the area can be found on the outside of the game screen; they are hidden in tabs that can be closed and opened at will to clear the screen.

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Steps to play this game :

  • You will notice that the ragdoll is supported by a white line so that it does not fall to the bottom on the floor of the litter box. Here you must help him to reach the blue water space successfully and safely.
  • For the stage where you will find the ragdoll holding a balloon, you must at this level to avoid hitting with weapons so as not to fall to the floor of the sandbox.
  • You must damage and mutilate all the yellow boxes, but you must concentrate well to put the rag dolls in the right place.
  • The timer helps you finish the mission in no time, so fight against time to win. just keep in mind that you must discard mutilate a doll because you must keep your character safe.
  • Maybe the rag doll will fall to the floor of the litter box, but don’t be afraid, you can try again and again to be successful. Unlock new crazy ragdoll cheats and levels to enjoy animated ragdoll ragdoll actions.

Game controls

The game controls are very similar to the first game and are also fully controlled with mouse and keyboard; in this game, the mouse has many commands. Objects are generated in the world by selecting them from a drop-down list and dragging them to the screen; The firearms in this game can be fired with the right click on the mouse button only if the weapon is picked.

There is also a way to modify the environment to give the game a different background, and some of these have a different effect on the generated items. Each environment can be further customized to adjust gravity and other options.

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Most of the keyboard keys no longer affect the game; however, the player can press the one key on the numeric keypad to generate a rag doll, and the space bar will put the game in flat mode.

mutilate a doll 2 – Special tricks

The features of this game over 300 items that can be generated in the world and the variety of options allows the player to mutilate the wrists in any way they choose. However, there are no real special cheats for the game. Some pirated versions change the game’s design and slightly modify the content but do not do anything significant.

mutilate a doll 2 – Tips and tricks

  • In the library you can choose your favorite items, the latest weapons, melee weapons and many other cool stuff.
  • You can pause / resume / resume on the game screen.
  • You can customize the rag doll and choose different weapons to spoil her way.
  • In this game you can choose and customize the environment such as gravity, wind, temperature and background.
  • Beginners can better understand many of the game’s mechanics by reading the tutorials or watching the tutorial videos below.
  • If you feel your game is a bit slow, cleaning up your cache is also a great idea that can help speed up your game.
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mutilate a doll 2 – Main tasks and management

The game provides the opportunity to prove yourself in the role of a doctor, who has a large room at his disposal but contains many tools for torture. They all try to create the most comfortable conditions to carry out their experiments. The task of each player is to torture the doll until it is destroyed. The most ingenious forms will surprise those who decide to play.

In mutilate a doll 2 y8, everyone can use additional features that will add variety to the process. In a special menu, the necessary effects are presented, the special keys also enter to help. You can modify the menu according to, just like the settings themselves. Since the developers do not sleep and try to surprise fans by mutilating the doll, new mechanisms and possibilities appear.

mutilate a doll 2 – Why is it worth playing?

To start playing, you only need a browser, and you can lose everything with a mouse click on the cross. No messages, payment, or registration required. Everything is available for free. You have to want to use the game. Having appreciated all the advantages, you will be happy to start playing it.

mutilate a doll 2 unblocked has already proven to be very popular, and it’s no wonder. One-click and the game are launched, you will not leave it because this is the only way to immerse yourself in a fantastic world. The idea is so good that the appearance of a new piece will only delight players.

Mutilate a Doll 2 has already proven to be very popular and it’s no wonder. One click and the game is launched, you will not leave it, because this is the only way to immerse yourself in a fantastic world. The idea is so good that the appearance of a new piece will only delight players. If you have already tried the second part, feel free to move on to the third, which turned out to be even more exciting and varied.

Mutilate a Doll 2 is a game that everyone needs to let off steam after a hard day at work. The new part is more fun and will be appreciated by both beginners and experienced players.


Q: What is mutilate doll?

A: Mutilate Doll is a series of online games that allow you to create and destroy ragdolls using various items, weapons, and tools.

Q: How to play mutilate doll?

A: You can play mutilate dolls by visiting the websites or apps that offer these games, such as Kongregate, Miniplay, or Play Games. You can then use the menus and buttons to spawn and manipulate the ragdolls and the items.

Q: Why play mutilate doll?

A: You may play mutilate doll to have fun, relieve stress, or unleash creativity. Mutilate doll games can offer a sandbox experience where you can experiment with different scenarios and effects.

Q: Is the mutilating doll safe and appropriate?

A: A mutilated doll is safe and appropriate if you play with it responsibly and ethically. You should not use mutilated dolls to harm yourself or others or to express violent or hateful feelings. You should also be aware of the potential risks of online gaming, such as malware, viruses, or phishing.

Q: What are some examples of mutilate doll games?

A: Some examples of mutilate doll games are Mutilate-a-Doll, Mutilate-a-Doll 2, and Mutilate-a Doll 3D. These games offer various features and functions, such as physics simulation, item customization, and user-generated content.


Although Mutilate a Doll 2 will delight level creators, those without a powerful imagination will also be able to enjoy it. Thus, the only requirement is to be a lover of absurd situations, not exempt from blood and violence.

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