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21st century – Internet – perhaps the biggest boon, or maybe the biggest bane! You? A parent to a growing teenager who has just started discovering some very fascinating things online! Well, this itself scares you! What if he goes in the wrong direction? Maybe you just saw him play online games, but that could be a start to something that is not convincing. In that case – why dont you try searching out some strategic online games? Maybe Candy Rain 4? You could very well add some mahjong or puzzles to the list! 

Do you wish to know a little more before making a decision? Well, this post will provide you with just that! Here is a list of the top 5 online games you can check out. These are not random sets of games; rather, they are tried and tested and, therefore, better suited to the demands of the fertile mind. So, why don’t you figure them out? Perhaps you can try playing the game with them as well! 

The top 5 online games to check 

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#1 – Candy Rain 4 

Kids love candies – adults restrict candies for kids! However, this game- Candy rain 4, periodically rains candies! As a player, you will have to regroup the hued elements that are there on the field in a vertical or horizontal manner, and the auxiliary bonuses will help you garner more points! 

Additionally, ample manipulation and replacement opportunities are available to the player to make changes to level up the game standards. Solve the puzzle – win the game – see how the land shares its riches with you! 

This is perfect to be played both on PC and mobile browsers. 

Why this? Compared to its contemporaries – this game is extremely competitive in nature. The players are to drop candies at specific time limits and ensure that those are dropped at the correct places. 

What’s more – you need key aspects to win this game, such as – attentiveness, ingenuity, and dexterity. Now, if you follow carefully, these are some of the primary aspects that help develop the brain and bring in cognitive attentiveness in your child. The massive entertainment level is always a plus! Wouldn’t you as a parent want that? 

Here are some other games that you must check out – 

#2 – Mahjong 

China doesn’t seem to be in favor these days, but you cannot miss the mind games that traditional Mahjong provides. With 144 tiles stacked atop others, this is played by matching the tiles – moving one beside the other. With multiple levels to finish this game and 36 characters to deal with – this game can be played in a single format (or the traditional 4-people format). 

#Just so that you know – Mahjong means ‘little sparrows’. 

Why this? The reasons are – it is a strategy game/ its emphasis is on the recognition of the pattern of the player/ the processing speed is the key to the win. 

Wouldn’t you like it if your child used his or her mental ability to determine these movements? Multiple surveys conducted on gaming have proven that this is one of the best games to better the cognitive process in teenagers. 

Also, traditionally – this is one of the Chinese games that elders and youngsters simultaneously play against each other. Be the friend to your child, then! 

#3 – Solitaire 

This is a game that has, since eternity, helped people entertain themselves. However, don’t mistake this for being just a pastime! This game requires an immense skill set and provides you the opportunity to improve on yourself as the variation of the game constantly and consistently demands more of you! So whether you are playing stockpile or you are going in for some new move – in either way – you will have to be very careful of the 

Why this? Simply because – this game of skill teaches you patience and helps you strategize under restricted circumstances. If you look at the varieties associated with this card game – you will find out yourself that – if you want to win this game, then you will have to learn how to employ the correct set of moves at the correct time. 

As you and your teenage son/ daughter play this game together – you will require to compete with each other and come up with match-winning moves. Albeit, in the middle of it – you will get to bond with each other as well. 

#4 – Puzzles 

There is no limit to the types available – neither is there a limit to the manner of approaching this! Whether it is a word game or sudoku or a cryptic crossword, and even in it is a jigsaw puzzle – you approach it in multiple ways and solve it with the best game plan that you can come up with. 

Why this? Well, because it helps you bond, it helps you compete but comprehend as well, it helps you to think more, and it helps you to develop blueprints that can be used in multiple domains consistently! Learn to use your mind from here and use it in your regular life. 

#5 – Hidden Objects 

Have you not grown up enjoying the game of  – hide and seek? If you find that treasure trove hunting game online – would you not want it? That’s exactly what this game will give you. The treasure is hidden, and you use your set game plan and blueprint to lay hands on the treasure. 

Why this? It is one of those games that people of every age enjoy. Additionally, this helps develop the ‘thinking’ and ‘planning’ ability of the brain and thereby better the internal development process. 

Wrapping up with your choice 

So, what would you choose? As a suggestion – it is better that you choose all of them and play alternatively. Also, it is no wonder the Candy Rain 4 is easily the best of the lot to choose from if you go by ratings. Each of these games sharpens the mind and brings on immense positive entertainment. Also, it is a great way to bond with your teenager. There are plenty of online websites that have these games free of cost. You can check the details from them. Hope you and your teen have a good time strategizing! 

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