Old Minecraft Youtubers: 8 Top People Every Minecraft Player Needs To Know!

old minecraft youtubers

There won’t be a single gamer who doesn’t know about Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the very famous games, and gamers and non-gamers love to play it. The hype of this game is extreme and people compete against each other as well. There are many new YouTubers and old YouTubers who love to play Minecraft. And then again, there are many audiences who love to watch the games of the old Minecraft YouTubers. There are many old and veteran Minecraft YouTubers whose gameplay is still followed and millions watch it as well. In this blog, we will be talking about such YouTubers.

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Old Minecraft Youtubers

Minecraft has been famous since its release and many YouTubers around the world made videos on their games. Minecraft helped them garner followers and even made some famous. Let’s learn about some of the old Minecraft YouTubers in this blog.

Old Minecraft Youtubers
1. LDShadowLady

LDShadowLady is a very famous gamer as well as a YouTuber. She was born in the United Kingdom, where her mother was a nurse and her father a doctor. The family situation was not very good and to escape the harsh reality LDShadowLady started playing games. She used to play many games, but her favorite game was Minecraft. Minecraft helped her in reaching her success as well. For her Minecraft was love and she is considered as one of the old Minecraft YouTubers. She started gaming in the year 2010 and she gained a huge community and her own followers.

Old Minecraft Youtubers 1
2. Popular MMOs

If someone is searching for epic Minecraft content, then they should watch the content of Popular MMOs. His actual name is Patrick Brown and he is also known by the name ‘Pat’. He is very popular and he is known for his famous streaming as well. His gameplay is followed and watched by many people around the world. He also focuses on the challenges. His good gameplay has helped him get many followers, especially for his Minecraft gameplay. He has followers of all ages. Even today he has more than 16 million followers on YouTube and he is considered one of the old Minecraft YouTubers.

3. StampyLongHead

He also goes by the name Joseph Garret and his internet name is Stampylonghead. He is also known as Stampy by many of his followers and fans. He is a British YouTuber and he reached his success after he started making content on Minecraft. His gameplay was loved by people of all ages and that helped him garner a huge number of followers as well. He also created an edutainment series that educated the children and he designed that in Minecraft. He started playing Minecraft in the year 2012 and got famous soon after. He also won the BAFTA Children’s Award in the year of 2014.

Old Minecraft Youtubers 3
4. Bajan Canadian

He can be considered as one of the famous Youtubers of all time and his gameplay with Minecraft has been extremely famous. His full name is Mitchell Donald Ralph Hughes, and his internet name is Bajan Canadian. His gameplay is entertaining and that helps him garner followers all over the world. He has over 5 million subscribers which has made him one of the most famous content players. He even collaborated with many other Minecraft Youtubers and created content with them as well.

Old Minecraft Youtubers 4

5. Dan TDM

The real name of Dan TDM is Daniel Robert Middleton and he is a very famous British YouTuber. He is also one of the old Minecraft youtubers. He makes videos of Minecraft and they are extremely engaging garnering followers from all around the world. In the year of 2015, he was listed as one of the most famous YouTubers. His gaming also helped him get Guinness World Records and his gaming also helped him become one of the highest-paid YouTubers. He is also known for writing many children’s books as well. They were read and became famous as well. He was also involved in charity work and he was an inspiration for many young people.

Old Minecraft Youtubers 5
6. Captain Sparklez

He is also known by the name Jordan Maron and he is a very famous American Youtuber. His success started mainly after he started making Minecraft videos. He is one of the old Minecraft YouTubers. Apart from making Minecraft videos, he also started making various videos on Call of Duty and many others as well. He started developing a fanbase of his gameplay and slowly he was able to create a huge fanbase. He even made Minecraft-themed songs that helped him gain a lot of followers around the world as well.

Old Minecraft Youtubers 6
7. VintageBeef

This person is very famous for his Minecraft content on YouTube. He was able to garner a lot of followers around the world because of his engaging and interesting content. He goes by the name Daniel in real life, but his internet name is VintageBeef. He gave his followers a huge variety of content as well which helped people in engaging themselves all the time. His personality was very good as it attracted people.

8. iBallisticSquid

His real name is David Spencer and he is a very famous British YouTuber and a Twitch streamer as well. He is known for his gameplay videos and his success started when he started making videos on Minecraft. He is very humorous and that helped him garner many followers as well. His approach to Minecraft and its gameplay has helped him gain followers and helped him become famous as well. He is known to play many other games as well like Roblox and Among Us. Furthermore, he even partnered up a lot of times with his Minecraft friends including the famous StampyLongHead.

Conclusive Insights

I hope you like our blog and find it relevant to the search that you have made. these youtubers mentioned above are some of the old Minecraft Youtubers. They have gained their fanbase by going through hardships in their life. Some played games to escape reality and now here they are.



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