How to Become a Professional Gamer?

Professional Gamer

About Esports

Esports is the shortened version of electronic sports. These are video games usually played between two or more players and the players are more usually called professional gamer. The games put one team against another with the teams comprising one, two or more players each. The competing teams usually have their showdown in a sports arena watched by hundreds or even thousands of  paying fans. Modern technology now  allows these games to be viewed online by millions of devoted viewers around the world. Esports has become something of a household name. Visit playgrid for a full list of esports games, top players and tournaments. 

Professional Electronic Sports Background 

Esports as a game has been played for less than 50years but it has seen such an unsurpassed jump in viewership numbers. It is watched live and viewed online by more people than most traditional sports. 

  • For a video game to be called an esports, it must essentially satisfy two preconditions. Firstly, it must be competitive and secondly, the teams locking horns must be competing for a prize. If the game fails to satisfy these two criteria it does not warrant being called an esport, it is a mere video game. 
  • For esport, the stakes have gone up. Gamers now compete for huge sums of money. 
  • Professional leagues have sprouted up and of course professional players have been born. 
  • Most are young males who are earning good money competing against each other. Many youngsters dream about becoming real professionals and becoming rich and famous: which raises the question, how does one become or turn into a professional? The truth is that it is not easy to become one. It is something that any aspiring professional has to bear in mind. 

There are several things aspiring esports professional gamers have to do if they are to stand a chance of making it. Let’s consider some of them below one by one. 

  1. Practice Hard

    That’s a definite prerequisite for any gamer wishing to make the grade as a professional. Those who have made it to the highest levels testify to this. Esports idol, Eli Gallagher for example, puts in a minimum of eight to ten hours a day of game practice. It’s the only way to learn the moves. How to plan, strategize and execute? By doing it over and over again, it becomes second nature.

2. Network with Like Minded Gamers

You can bet your last dollar that there are lots of esports people with the same aspirations as yours. people who dream about attaining professional status. These are the people to get to know, to play with, talk, and share your dreams with and encourage each other during the inevitable setbacks you will encounter. 

3. Choose One Game to Specialise In

Just like in any traditional sport, specialise. Muhammadi Ali specialised in boxing, Michael Jordan in basketball. Do likewise. Select one game and put your whole focus, effort and concentration on that one game.

4. Lots of Esports Gamers 

The game you choose must be a game that you enjoy playing. It sometimes happens that you are good at and have the talent for two or three esports games. Pick the one you enjoy the most, and leave the others well alone. That one game that you enjoy the most is the one you are going to be the best at and excel in. 

Your Passport to Professional Status 

5.  Watch the Pros in Action

Let’s point out here that making it as a professional esports gamer is not easy. However, there are those who have already made it to the top ahead of you. 

  • Any gamer aspiring to also making it to the top would do well to study and learn from them. 
  • Watch them in action, how they plot and strategize. 
  • Study their game, play and tactics and apply the lessons you learn to your own game. 
  • Twitch has an online esports directory which helps one to tune to the top players tournaments and learn from the pros. 

6. Read Up on Pros Bios

This should come naturally if you are really passionate about the game. Your chosen genre has its stars and legends. 

  • Study their biographies
  • How they started, who and what motivated and encouraged them to succeed. 
  • What hurdles and challenges they faced and how they overcame these and triumphed

You will have many lessons to learn from this and also get motivated yourself.

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