10 High-Profit Games To Try in 2023


With more people on their smartphones enjoying the highest-grossing video games, there are tons of great videos to check out. These #1 games have gross revenue of $100 million or higher. 

Surprisingly, a few of the top 10 High biggest video games have made over $1 Billion. For example, Tencent’s biggest video game is Honor of King which launched in 2015 and grossed over $13 billion! 

From slots and casino games to war and skill games, we will explore the best mobile games in the world from gaming giants like Tencent (and a few we think you should check out!)

Top 10 High-Profit GameTop 10 High-Profit Games In The World

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Honor Of Kings 

Revenue: $13,384,000,000

With 100 million users daily, Honor of Kings, also known as Arena of Valor, offers the most competitive experience online. Ranked 6.2/10, the action game is for players 10+. 

As likely the highest-grossing game in history (even over Call of Duty), the game was released in 2015. Immerse yourself in the battlefield of this Tencent / TiMi Studio Group game, a multiplayer online battle area game or MOBA. 

Leading gaming companies to explore include Roblox, Epic Games, Western Digital, and Over Wolf. 

Monster Strike

Revenue: $9,912,000,000

A Japanese Mobil game from publisher Mixi and developer XFLAG, Monster Strike combines strategies and puzzles in a cooperative multiplayer game format. 

Launched in 2013 and available for iOS and Android platforms, the game is a cross between 

Metal Walker from Capcom (Yoshiki Okamoto was the designer) and Pokemon, the genre for this game is a strategy and physics/RPG.

Puzzle & Dragons 

Revenue: $8,578,340,000

Brought to you by GungHo Online Entertainment, Puzzle & Dragons received a 2012 release date. Known as an addictive freemium game (think Candy Crush), it is top grossing with iOS fans and had 54 million downloads (Japan).

With a 4.3/5 rating, the rated everyone 10+ video game includes a puzzle theme, strategy elements, and role-playing, and falls under the RPG/Puzzle category.

PUBG Mobile 

Revenue: $7,933,000,000

When it comes to battle and war games, Player Unkown Battle Ground Mobile dominates. 

Ranked 4.3/5, it had 43.8 million downloads. The video game is rated 12+, free for players, and includes a release date of 2018. 

Voted the best mobile shooting game, the goal is to survive an epic 100-player battle. The Battle Royale genre has Tencent Games/ Krafton as its publisher.

Pokémon Go 

Revenue: $7,760,000,000

A phenomenal and interactive game that steadily gained popularity across the globe, Pokemon Go is a fan favorite among young adults. With a 4.3/5 rating, the age rating is everyone. The gaming sensation has over 1 billion downloads. 

With a 2016 release date and voted Best Mobile Game, the genre is augmented reality (AR), and its publisher is The Pokémon Company/ Niantic.

For other genres, check out top-grossing casino card games like Blackjack, poker, Texas 

Hold’em, or Buffalo Wild slots. You can also find 10 dollar deposit casino games with live dealer games, and specialty games (keno, bingo).

Clash Of Clans 

Revenue: $7,700,000,000

Another free game with a big following, Clash of Clans, had a 2012 release date. The strategy game has Supercell (Tencent) as its publisher.

Other similarly styled games include Age of Empires Series, They Are Billions, and Ancestors Legacy.

Candy Crush Saga 

Revenue: $7,150,000,000

Launched in 2012, Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular puzzle games players can enjoy socially. Published by King Activision Blizzard, its genres are puzzle and strategy.

Similar games include Book of Life, Cookie Jam, Wizard of OZ, and Gardenscapes.

Fate/Grand Order 

Revenue: $5,533,800,000

Falling in the RPG genre category, Fate/Grand Order had a 2015 launch date. The Japanese video game is from publisher Aniplex ( Sony Music Entertainment Japan).

Players might also explore Ayakashi, Shadowverse, and Legend of Cryptids.

Fantasy Westward Journey 

Revenue: $4,700,000,000

Released in 2015, FWJ is a Chinese game from the publisher NetEase. It falls under the genre of MMORPG.

Players in this genre also search for Dungeon Fighter Online and Ring of Elysium. 

Garena Free Fire

Revenue: $4,330,000,000

Another popular game in the Battle Royale genre, Garena Free Fire, was launched in 2017 by publisher Garena.

Other Battle Royale games include Fortnite and Lost Light. Also, try action games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty.

Game On!

With puzzle games, RPG, Battle Royale, and other gaming genres in the lineup, the world’s most profitable games do not disappoint. Look for fan favorites like Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans, or Fortnite, And try a few new titles with similar themes when you are ready to crush the competition!


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