Imagining a Horror Poker Game

Horror Poker Game

When you think about it, poker video games cover a lot of ground. There are games that are designed to serve as realistic simulations of pro poker circuits. There are more stripped-down, arcade-style experience. Some poker games are vaguely cartoonish with their implementation of graphics and avatars. And these days, some of the best poker experiences even exist within bigger video games like Rockstar’s ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ or ‘GTA V.’ Among all of these poker sub-genres and styles though, there really isn’t example of a game with horror elements.

Historically, there hasn’t been much intersection between horror and poker. When it comes to the big screen, the only notable example of a poker-related horror film is 2014’s ‘Poker Night’ — a movie praised for its stylistic ambitions but largely dismissed for everything else.

But perhaps, with enough creativity, we can bring together the worlds of horror and poker. And in fact we can think of several reasons why a horror-infused poker video game Online Cricket Betting Id could work quite well.

Poker Itself is Simple

Fundamentally, poker games are actually really simple. If a beginner to poker knows when the cards are dealt, how and when to place bets and how different hands rank against one another they should be able to stay in the game, and improve as they go. And because the basics are so straightforward, there’s a lot of potential to add extra elements to any given poker game to engage players beyond the tables.

Some developers have done this by building in vague career simulations and things of the like, and in some cases there are even themes (like poker at Vegas tournaments, or poke in the Old West). So the simple question is, why not horror elements? The simplicity of basic poker play can fit into most any scenario, whether that means players are made to compete with villains and monsters, players need to win games to survive some sort of creepy gauntlet, or whatever else someone might dream up.

Unique Settings Are Needed

This point ties into the one above, but we want to stress the potential for new settings in poker games. While there are plenty of poker games that embrace casino aesthetics, or employ specific settings like the Old West, there’s enormous untapped potential in horror in this regard.

Really, when you think about horror gaming in general it’s atmosphere as much as gameplay that makes players’ skin crawl. And a poker game can take place anywhere: a crumbling shed at the edge of a graveyard, a spooky Victorian manor, a dystopian arena with mortal stakes…. Again, it’s simply a matter of what a creative team might dream up, but frankly any of these settings would be thrilling.

Narrative Has Been Underserved

While there are poker games that have embraced various settings and general styles, as well as some simulation features, there aren’t many that have embraced full narrative gameplay. We’ve come close with one or two games that give players the option of playing out careers in cards, but even in these cases there isn’t a sense of plot or lifestyle.

A well-made horror game could be the first to truly turn poker gaming Cricket ID into a narrative experience. Players could navigate spooky or dangerous environments and play poker games for specific purposes — to win prizes or earn a passage that would help them to progress to new stages, perhaps. This general concept could be tweaked in any number of ways, but fundamentally, poker as a means of progression through a horror environment is enticing.

VR Potential is Exciting

We’ve already seen poker in virtual reality, and the truth is some of it has been developed pretty well. It’s a satisfying game in VR, and one with immense potential to expand. Primarily, we imagine this expansion will come in the form of tournament play, simulated environments representing real-life casinos, and ways of communication with other players in virtual space. But suffice it to say the idea of exploring some of the horror concepts discussed above in VR is exciting also.

And thanks to the competitive element of poker, adding a multiplayer option too poker horror games would make it an entertaining option for professional gamers. Add up these factors and ideas, and the appeal is clear. It’s about time for someone to develop the brilliant horror poker game we’ve never realized we wanted.

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