5 Recent Updates Every Valorant Player Should Know

Valorant game Players

Riot has come with the latest Valorant patch notes 1.14. Therefore, with the new patch came a stack of new additions in the competitive shooting game. What makes the patch so welcomed to the Valorant community is it meets what players asked to get. Valorant game players were asking for few changes in the past months, including changes to the new “Icebox” map. The previous “Icebox” map had raised lots of repeated complaints, and now it has been upgraded to a new look. Play the game with Battlelog and open the scope for winning big in the first-person shooting game with ease.

Here are the recent updates the new patch offers to Valorant game players:

Valorant Patch 1.14 Comes With Sage Buffs

Finally, Sage has received a little bit buff in Valorant’s new patch. Previously, her Barrier Orb was fortified, but it will no longer lose health with time from now on. The Barrier deteriorates when it is about to expire.

There’s a new advancement about using the Barrier Orb. Sage won’t be able to use the Orb before the end of the Buy Phase. It is a well-thought change from Riot Games. The change prevented Omen players from exploiting the Barrier for teleporting.

Icebox Map Changes In Valorant’s Patch 1.14

The new version of the “Icebox” map has simplified A site. Therefore, some of the prominent vertical areas have reduced in height than before. By reducing the height of the A Belt area, the update connected the area with a ramp down the platform. So, it helps to put the upper A Belt area in line and the rest of the verticality inside the site. As the height becomes less, acquiring targets at the top will need less vertical crosshair movement.

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There’s an addition of a see-through gate that Valorant game Players won’t be able to pass from the ground level. Pathing has become more predictable from the attackers that approach the site while defenders retake the site.

The “A” side has a sloped wall to make the movement convenient. Also, instead of having a double stack of Radianite crates inside the site, there is a smaller object. Therefore, attackers can approach the site with more safety, and defenders can retake the site quicker.

The yellow container in the “Icebox” map has reduced height, making the top of the container visible from various angles. It reduces crosshair displacement to a greater degree when you aim at opponents who are at the top of the container.

Snowball, New Game Mode Arrives In The New Patch

Are you ready to enjoy Snowball Fight with your friends and foes? Recently the limited mode has gone live on 15th December, and it will be lasting for two weeks. After all, it’s Christmas time, and we all should be celebrating even in the game. When you play a match in the limited Snowball Fight mode, you receive a themed Gun Buddy at a later date.

In this mode, the snowball launcher is the only weapon of choice for you. It’s the custom version of the Molotov launcher of Brimstone. Once you trigger the launcher, it will shoot snowballs and no bullets, making the game more fun and less competitive. You won’t be at a loss for snowballs during the match.

Who won’t love a gift that keeps on giving? Besides receiving gifts, you will get power-ups. Around every map, there are gifts left here and there for you to pick it up. Sometimes, you may get fortunate to come across a portal that pours out gifts. Once you open each gift by shooting with a snowball, you get a power-up. At a time, you will be able to receive one of the power-ups only. Why not share the remaining power-ups with your teammates? In case you die, someone else can get your power-ups.

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You will be receiving four types of gifts from each wrapped gift box: Rapid Fire, Skates, Ricochet, and Growball. With Skate power, you can skate through the map quickly and in style. Why not jump higher! Rapid firepower lets you fire at your opponent and gifts even faster. Do some crazy snowball trick shots with Ricochet, off the ground, and even walls. With the Growball upgrades, you will be able to make bigger snowballs that can travel further.

Various Competitive Updates

So, what’s about the competitive updates? These updates in Valorant include Act Rank badge re-enabling on in-game player cards. Act Ranks and Match History are also split out into different sections in the game’s Career page. However, everyone can see their friends’ Act Rank progress and Match History. Also, various performance issues, like hitches, are now fixed along with death performance optimizations. Therefore, the community has got lots of competitive updates that they wished to get earlier.

In-game Store Updates

From Valorant’s in-game store, Valorant game players buy all of their weapon skins of various styles. And now the new patch of Valorant has introduced the “Night Market” for the players. The Valorant game Players will have six chances to receive random weapon skins (Deluxe, Select, or Premium) at a discounted value. From 10th December, the night market has opened for access.

All these updates will definitely enhance your gaming experience. Stay connected to know more about Valorant Game Players.

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