Drug Test Failure and Consequences Across Organizations

Drug Test Failure

Drug tests are very common in sports and the justice system. However, these days several companies are opting for drug tests for their hired and prospective employees. If a candidate fails, there would be consequences of such drug test failure. 

After taking the test, some disturbing thoughts do come to mind such as – what happens if you fail the test? Does it mean you lose that job opportunity? Is there any legal trouble involved? Can you take a retest? To get answers to all your questions, Too Slick is the right place. Here, you can find information about most of the drugs, their consequences, and related details. You can also read reviews of different products in the same category. 

Since we are discussing probation – after or even against other sentencing from conviction of criminal action requires an individual to be sober, in that very state where he/she was convicted and declared free from further participation in any criminal activity.  

Consequences of Failing A Drug Test

Failing a drug test could lead to many consequences. To dive deeper, here are some of the underlying reasons to get tested:

#1: Employment

The guidelines of your company decide what type of consequences could befall you. It also depends on your status – are you an employee or a prospect?

If the company conducts a drug test as a part of its hiring process, it would avoid any prospect who tests positive. This is mainly because most of the companies steer clear of drug users as it affects the company’s productivity. 

However, if it is a random drug test for all employees of an organization, consequences could range from a brief suspension to extreme termination. This, review the company’s policy related to drugs, as you could lose the job. 

#2: Options Available

If at the hiring stage, you fail the drug test, and you dare not lose this opportunity, request a retest. Of course, most companies may not agree, but you can always give it a shot. Moreover, if you are not doing it, you are losing this opportunity anyway.

In case if you have failed the drug test, as an employee of the company, the steps that your company takes against your result shall determine the best options. For instance, you may be suspended for a brief period; in such cases, prove your merit, productivity, and reliability to the employer after you return, and avoid using drugs. 

If your company decides to terminate you, it is already late. Nevertheless, companies do consider reliable employees with a good record of accomplishment. Such employees can plead for another chance. Employees can assure the organization that they want to retake a test and go for professional counseling as well as treatment on substance abuse. 

#3: Retest

If an organization considers giving a second chance to retest, it would be administered only after a few months to make sure the employee is sober and drugs are flushed from the system. 

In the same period, it is suggested to seek professional counseling and services to avoid the illegal use of drugs. Retest and pass, and you would be allowed to rejoin your work. However, failing the second test leads to termination without any second chance awarded. 

#4: Probation

If a person is on parole, it is mandatory to take the drug test. The consequences of failing this test could be dire. 

In these events, the office handling parole sends a report of violation to the judge who determines the necessary action. Fortunate are those who get a warning from the judge with the list of consequences that could befall if drug use continues during probation. However, if luck doesn’t favor you, parole is revoked, and you are sent to jail. 

Avoid banned and illegal drugs at the time of probation. Failing multiple drug tests increases the risk of parole getting revoked. 

#5: Military

For military personnel, a negative drug test report may not have dire consequences if intentional drug abuse is not evident. Without any evidence or proof, the case cannot be held against the personnel. 

However, in case tangible proof of drug abuse is provided and it is evident that the drug was used intentionally, there is a high risk of administrative charges. Administrative charges are of two types:

  1. Bad Conduct: For any enlisted officer, a court-martial is subject to such discharge, military officers found guilty of misconduct, and drug abuse falls under this category. Before discharge, the personnel may be restrained in a prison. It is a punishment for the act. Once the prison term is over, and the personnel is released, his services are terminated from the military or Armed Forces. 
  2. Dishonorable Discharge: Military officers are discharged under this category when they have shown reprehensible behavior. This type of behavior involves offenses that are criminal and shameful, such as murder, sexual assault, corruption, and desertion. Perpetrators of such acts are usually involved in illegible substances and drug abuse. Receiving this type of dishonorable discharge takes away all the benefits a military officer is entitled to have. The federal law of the USA even forbids this military personnel from owning their firearm. 

Military Officers Can Avoid Drug Test Failure – True or False

Drug testing military officers involve a comprehensive process to ensure accurate results. Illegal drug use is considered gross misconduct in the US armed forces having severe consequences. Thus, to prevent discharge from the force, military officers must stay away from drugs. 

However, officers of the armed forces can use unconventional methods and avoid failing in drug tests, despite using drugs. Such methods involve the use of natural detox, urine dilution, and synthetic urine.

Final Word

Failing a drug test can have dire consequences for employees and job seekers. Before you submit a job application to an organization, check the policy of drug usage. If the organization has zero tolerance to illegal drug use, and you are a drug user, postpone your application. Be sober before applying for the job. If you are employed, the employer might devise to conduct random tests. Hence, it is always advised to avoid illegal drugs. 


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