Live dealers change the experience in online casinos

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Until recently, the distinction was clear. The online casino has slots and some games like video poker or virtual board games. You had to get dressed for the real feeling with the croupier, get in your car, and go to the land-based casino. This changed with the introduction of live dealers in the online casino. This made the experience in online casinos more complete and worked reassuringly for those who did not trust the AI ​​croupier of the first casino software.

Live casino is very different from the typical Online Cricket Betting Id, and it is these differences that have made it stand out and gain in popularity. However, they were not always so popular. On the contrary, initially, few people chose to play live croupiers when logging in to their account. After all, live dealer games are nothing new. The first online casinos used live croupier tables from the mid-2000s, but few preferred them, and there were mainly two reasons. 

First, people were still accustomed to going to the land-based casino to play at croupier tables. Playing from home was something different. Players at the time were not looking for the experience in online casinos from a distance. They were looking for a different world of gambling, where the croupier had no place since he has already given his place to the new technology. The second reason was the most important. The internet connections of that time were indulgently unstable. The dealer let the ball spin around the roulette wheel, opposite the wheel, and then either the player’s streaming or a connection dropped. 

The quality upgrade of live

The leap in technology over the last fifteen years is fantastic, not just in the  Cricket ID  but in every aspect of life. Using live online casinos as an example, it is worth looking at how things were fifteen, maybe even ten years ago, compared to today. The poorly crafted hard-to-use sites of 2010 have absolutely nothing to do with today’s top providers’ technological achievements, such as Evolution and Playtech.

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From the dimly lit single cameras, we have reached a complete casino experience without sound most of the time and with a bad internet connection. The studios of the largest providers are made to resemble a real casino.

The rise of mobile gaming

When the first live croupier sites appeared, they were aimed exclusively at computers. And it makes sense, considering what our mobile phones were like back in 2005. The gradual removal of the keys and their replacement by smart touch screens revolutionized iGaming Today; with excellent streaming quality and incomparable graphics, the casino experience not only comes at home but also on the bus, in the park, or the airport lounge. And this has brought more people to the online casino. People who are not in the mood to play from home but on their way to and from work find an opportunity for a few quick blackjack hands or a few spins of the roulette wheel.

Possibility of chat with the croupier

If there is one thing that makes the live croupier game stand out from the virtual tables, is it can chat with the dealer. You write your question, and within seconds the croupier will answer you. Granted, it does not compare to the physical casino interaction, where even teasing between a dealer and a player is part of the ritual. Still, it is undoubtedly more interactive than you can achieve remotely. 

Live casino games have been slow to come into play, but now they are growing, gigantic, and the future belongs to them.

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