Choosing a motorcycle helmet – types and materials

Choosing a motorcycle helmet

In order to ensure the required level of safety, each motorcyclist must take care of his own equipment. Choosing a motorcycle helmet is the most important element. The simplest form of this head protection is an open helmet. It is worn on the top of the head and secured with special harnesses or chin straps. This is the most affordable way to protect your head.

The cross-type helmet is designed to protect the entire head, the chin is also included in the protection area. Unlike an open helmet, it does not have a visor that can be replaced by special glasses. Such a helmet has a sturdy construction, but it is of little use for daily riding. Here is a guide for choosing a motorcycle helmet.

Today motorists increasingly prefer the so-called integral. This is a type of helmet that completely covers the entire head. In order to ensure good quality, the product has a visor in the eye area that can be lowered or raised. For this, special tempered glass is used. It is a helmet that gives the rider maximum protection and comfort. The high cost of the product is due to the special equipment that helps eliminate the fogging effect.

Using a transformer helmet, you can perfectly adapt to existing conditions. Outwardly, this type of motorcycle equipment looks like an integral, but it is much more complicated. The entire lower part of the model can be opened or removed with the visor. A rather complex design affects the cost of the product, but it provides additional protection and comfort while riding a motorcycle. This equipment is suitable for everyone who wants to feel complete freedom and successfully use the vehicle in any weather.

An extremely useful and indispensable accessory for the driver is the comforter, also often called the balaclava. It has a direct impact on providing a comfortable travel experience by warming the head, neck area, helping to retain sweat, and protecting the eyes from hair. In addition, this part ensures that hygiene requirements are maintained at all times. The liner is easy to wash, it can be well dried and ventilated.

All helmets are made from several types of modern materials, including all types of plastic and composite. Thanks to the use of a composite, an extremely strong product can be obtained, which has a higher cost. Materials play a decisive role in the safety of the rider. One of the most durable materials with high transparency is polycarbonate. It withstands temperature extremes well, showing resistance to mechanical stress. The impact resistance of polycarbonate is 250 times that of glass. The material is also resistant to various active media. You can also checkout various YouTube channels how to attach a camera to a motorcycle helmet if you want to modify them according to your choice.

Fiberglass is also used in the production of helmets. This fiberglass, which is bonded with synthetic resin, is characterized not only by its high strength, but also by its lightness.

Carbon is a fairly common material created by weaving carbon strands. It features high strength, rigidity and low weight. Carbon threads are very difficult to break, fabrics are woven from them, and weaving is created in the form of a mat, herringbone. To give additional strength, fabrics are laid in layers, changing the direction of weaving. Epoxy resins are used to anchor the layers.

High practical characteristics are possessed by such a material as Kevlar, which in terms of strength is five times superior to steel. In fact, this material is called para-aramid, it was developed by American scientists, and its practical application began in the early 70s of the last century. Kevlar-based composites are highly durable. A helmet made of this material is capable of withstanding high-power impacts and weighs only 1450 grams.

Choosing a motorcycle helmet must be approached thoughtfully and pragmatically, taking into account many nuances. First of all, you need to pay attention to the material that is able to provide reliable protection in any unforeseen conditions. Determine the correct size so as not to feel discomfort while riding, the helmet should not squeeze your head. A very important criterion is the weight of the product; you should also pay attention to the quality of the finish. It is best to give preference to those helmets that are streamlined and not complicated by the presence of protruding parts. Using these tips, you can purchase high quality equipment that will reliably protect your head in the event of an accident, fall or collision.

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